Exogenous Ketones in Marathon Running


(Jay Erdahl) #41

5k update:

Sorry that this came so late - busy week at work.

First off, it was a sub-zero degree farenheit 5k, and that definitely was a factor in this.

I met my goal of sub 22 minutes - 21:53, which was good for 3rd among 71 in my age group and a top 100 finish overall.

I was feeling a bit under the weather on Friday, so I ate three meals - all keto. I was 14 hours fasted before the race, and I mixed the EK with 12 ounces of water, drinking it 30 minutes before the start of the race.

The good was that I didn’t have the uncomfortable feeling of water sloshing in my stomach that I’ve had in earlier experiments. I really did not notice any increase of energy, but it’s been 2 months since my last 5k, and it was below zero degrees, and I was feeling a bit under the weather. I also didn’t feel LOW in energy, so maybe that was the EKs. Hard to tell.

Next experiment: I have a 15-20 mile long run on Sunday. I’ll be fueling for this one, and am going to mix one serving of EKs between (3) UCan/Coconut Oil gels, taken before the run, at the 1 hour and at the 2 hour mark.

(Jay Erdahl) #42

Long run update:

Not a good result. I mixed (1) EK packet with (3) scoops UCan and 3T Coconut oil with a bit of water to make (3) gels.

Had one gel before the run - it tasted as bad as the other EK gels, but with a lot more volume from the UCan. It was bad enough that I didn’t eat the other EK gels, just ran on body fat for the 18 mile run, as I was 15 hours fasted before the run.

My next test: try to alternate the EK gel with UCan gels in another long run.

(Heidi Cuthbertson (Standen) ) #43

really interesting to read about your experiments. look forward to the results of your next test.

(Ben Joe Markland) #44

Thanks, I will check out the UCAN, learning more about how it works.

Run was good, Took EK 30 min before and ran well, then at the 3.5 mark I took a water bottle full. When I hit the 5 mile mark I ran my fastest overall mile and didn’t realize it until my headphones told me my pace was a solid minute faster than I normally run (and no I wasn’t going down hill). I logged my fastest overall 10k time beating my previous times by 3 minutes, When I hit 7 miles I felt I could have easily gone 8 (which I am planning to do this weekend). First major test on a long run was a tremendous success for me.

(Jay Erdahl) #45

Great to hear it! I’ll have to try out your EK next.



Thank you jayerdahl for all your reports and updates. Very informative and can’t wait to read more of your updates.

(Ben Joe Markland) #47

Well ordered some Generation UCAN Super Starch as well as their hydration packets for just to try. I am thinking of doing the EK just as a pre-workout to get me through the first 45 minutes, I have my first 9 miler this weekend and hope to give it a test.

(Jay Erdahl) #48

@BenJoe_Markland - Excellent! Hope it works out well! Please let us know how you do and how it feels…

(Ben Joe Markland) #49

10 miler tomorrow. I’m out of EK it is still on its way. I am an expat so shipping is murder. But I did get the UCAN hydration and superstarch plan to use them both tomorrow.

(Ben Joe Markland) #50

@jayerdahl and others, 10 miler went well. I was slow overall but did this my design since my hamstring was a little sore from a previous run. But I used the UCAN hydration and superstarch. TOok the starch at the 5 mile mark, I made I had a little extra then would fit in my water bottle so I had that as part of my pre-work out. Overall felt good, then I sipped the hydration ever 2 miles or so. I finished the 10 miles strong. This weekend is my half marathon and plan to do the same process.


Hi @jayerdahl, didn’t find any update beyond this :slight_smile: please do share what finally worked in the long run ?

(Jay Erdahl) #52

@TheMagneto - thank you for the reminder - I’ll post something. LOVE the handle, btw!

(Jay Erdahl) #53

April check-in, and a summary of my findings so far. I’ve seen a nice improvement in the short- to middle-distance running - anywhere from 4- to 10-miles, including hilly courses. I’ve switched to PerfectKeto because it tastes better and @BenJoe_Markland recommended it.

The long distance experiment is incomplete, as I have yet to get the right mix that my body can stomach during the longer runs. I do 20+ miles about twice a week, and in the month of March I’ve been on a muscle-gain protocol, eating three meals a day (all keto, though pushing the outer boundaries of protein) and over 3,000 calories while running over 80 miles a week and working out with my physical training multiple times each week. Honestly, with 3,000 calories of fuel bouncing around in my stomach I’ll admit to not eating much, if anything, during my long runs…

In April I’m back to an alternating 18- and 24-hour IF cycle, with lots fewer calories - honestly, only counting macros - eating 80g of protein, less than 20g of carbs and fat to satiation. Looking to trim about 10 pounds before my 100 miler on June 2. I’ll be experimenting with Perfect Keto a lot more in the next few weeks, and will post my results.

Incidentally, I’m a member of a LOT of FB Keto groups (too many, to be honest) and I’m SHOCKED at the lack of openness around the potential value of Exogenous Ketones. I’ve started to simply link to this forum while mentioning that there is documented success with EKs in athletic performance. Glad you all are so open to this “…sort of dietary hacking.”


@jayerdahl haha thanks… I did try some wierd combination in the weekend for my 22 miler. Don’t think it helped… So would be really interested in your finding.

(PrimalRhino) #55

Great info here. I’m new into the keto lifestyle and still experimenting with what works for me. I participate in endurance events that last 12-24+ hours with 20-50+ miles all while carrying a load of 35+lbs in a pack. This Friday 4/6 will be my first event in keto.

Me next couple events are in June and July and plan to start training with some exogenous ketones for those.

(Jay Erdahl) #56

@Rhino - welcome to keto! It truly does make training easier. Your event sounds really interesting - does it have a name? We’d all appreciate it if you could share your keto results here. I’ll be trying a EK-only 20 mile run on Sunday…

(PrimalRhino) #57

I started with Spartan races in 2014, and after a couple years of running all the local races in SoCal I’ve realized that I’m still not a big fan of running and the obstacle part of the races wasn’t as exciting as the first several races. In 2015 I started GORUCK, the event that’s coming up.

GORUCK is all about making people better. It’s military inspired team building endurance event. I’ve done about 15 events ranging from 6 hour to 3-events back to back to back, staring with a 24hour - a couple hour rest, 12h couple hour rest and 6 hour. I wasn’t following a keto diet at the time or even heard of it but looking back now, I’m sure I was in Ketosis for part of day 2. Part of the challenge, at the start of the 24 hour GORUCK Heavy, they take your food that you brought to carry in your pack. And I’m sure the few hundred calories I consume between events were burned up quick.

(PrimalRhino) #58

Quick update, just finished GORUCK Tough a 12 hour/20ish miles as a fat burner, with a 35# rucksack, lots of extra weight, sand bags, kettlebells, 4x4 ties, and other odd weights. Right off the bat they took the little food I brought. Total mind game. Started with a fast pace and all the weights. I was feeling great all night. Lots of PT, push ups, flutter kicks, burpees, jumping jacks, most with a full pack. Still feeling great throughout the night without snacks. About 5:00am this morning the offer was 8 volunteers needed for a task to get our food back. So up I went up. The challenge was to eat a duck balut egg. Looked and smelled horrible, but it was an egg. So I ate it. Then washed it down with an FBOMB. Then more PT and more miles.

As some of the other 50 people in the challenge were talking amongst then self’s about no food all night, ( heard things like I’m going to pass out or die) I was doing great all night. And even though every event I’ve done has been different, this time Physically, I was definitely thriving not surviving.


@jayerdahl I was wondering how you carry the perfect keto for the last 6 miles of a marathon. If it is powdered form then I guess you also have to carry water with you ? Same with Ucan, if it is to be taken mid race, I guess you have to run with at least 2 , 12 oz bottle full of Ucan mixed water / perfect keto mixed water ?

(Jay Erdahl) #60

For the last 6 miles of a marathon I’ve been switching over to glucose - Honey Stingers.