Exogenous Ketones in Marathon Running


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My understanding is that exogenous ketone SALTS don’t work and can cause significant gastric upset. Many companies sell these and ‘raspberry ketones’ which also don’t work and can, in fact, be dangerous. It’s ketone ESTERS you want, and those are cost-prohibitive for most and taste like turpentine, BUT they are VERY effective.

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I think I commented maybe on your original post.:thinking:. Not sure. New here. No science backs exogenous ketone SALTS; they’re awful on the gut too. The science is all about the ketone ESTERS. HVMN is one company that makes and sells. There’s one other one too. But Keto Gain and Keto OS, Pruvit, sand all of that is a waste of money.

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What has caused you to switch to Honey Stingers during the last 6 miles? What affect did you experience in doing so? I still have loads of questions regarding Keto for endurance performance, but am trying to see what I can find before asking too many questions. Thanks!

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@jayerdahl So any more updates on the EK experience? This thread was an interesting read.

I’ve been keto on and off of about a year and a half and training for a marathon in April and 87km road ultra in June.

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I guess it is time for another update - it’s been too long.

I finished my 24 hour race in June, finishing a little over 4 marathons in the process. Fueling was amazing - I was able to keep going strong throughout, and felt great. I mixed Generation UCan with EKs and had some Nuun for electrolytes.

I did feel great - of course, I also stepped on a rock at mile 90 and fractured my first metatarsal in my right foot. I felt so great that I just kept going for another 16.5 miles - perhaps not my brightest move, but I DID get 4th place! :wink:

I was in a boot for 6 weeks, so started swimming when aqua running hurt too much. I knew I couldn’t run until August, and no marathons until October, so I decided to try to train for an Ironman to stay focused. EKs were a BIG part of my fueling strategy, driving me through training, and eventually through a 13 hour finish in a rainy, cold Ironman in Louisville.

I’m prepping for another 24 hour race in June, as well as Ironmans in July and September. I follow a 16/8 fasting protocol, and do fasted workouts in the morning. Before my weight lifting I use EKs for that extra burst, and will use EKs again when I get to my longer training runs and cycling.

The only thing I could never stomach were EKs before the long swims. Just didn’t sit right. I have a 5 mile swimming event in June, so I may need to work on that.

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Thank you for the update! Sorry about the injury but congrats on your performance.