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1400 is not enough calories. That can and will slow your metabolism. You have a lot to keep up with so don’t short yourself on fuel! I am 5’5" and work full-time and only have 3 kids. I eat on average 2,000 calories a day in 2 meals but also have feasting days where I eat much more. I rarely fast for a full day. My body just doesn’t respond well to fasting and that’s really ok with me. I am maintaining at 130 lbs. Seriously if all else fails in your N=1 keto experiments, look up your TDEE and eat at least that. CICO does not apply to keto! Cut out the artificial sweeteners for a while too (Maybe after the holidays) and see if that helps! Embrace and celebrate the NSV’s. Acknowledge that it takes many years for our bodies to heal and be proud of the fact that you are taking steps to make it happen.

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This is just an example of what I was able to gather from the info you gave. At just 1411 calories a day you are asking your body to magically supply over 600 of your needed calories to sustain you. Instead of utilizing the fat you want gone, it may be causing your body to go into self-preservation mode. Adding fasting on top of that could just cause it to hoard even more! You may just need to heal your metabolism before seeing any scale movement and that requires eating enough so that your body will come out of the self-preservation mode. I realize this is very contrary to what nearly everyone else is saying on the thread but it does have some evidence to back it.

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It might since she is doing OMAD instead of the 36+ hour fasting that has been recommended.

Ultimately she needs to take into consideration the advice offered here and figure out what works for her. Not losing any weight on keto for 3 months - what she is doing now doesn’t seem to be working and time to start tweaking.

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She could also be eating keto-friendly foods that are raising her blood sugar and therefore keeping her ketones lower. Reminds me of an Obesity Code podcast where this lady had to test her blood sugar for every kind of food she ate to figure out what she had to avoid. She didn’t lose weight for a very long time because she was unknowingly keeping her insulin elevated.

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This is a good point, Clara, and one we all need to be mindful of, but at this point trying a 24 hr or 48 hr fast isn’t going to hurt @JackieBlue any. It’s all part of the experimentation to find out what’s going to work and what won’t.

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For sure! I was just hoping to add different perspective in the whole calorie and fasting talk. I have done one 36 hr fast and for some reason gained 5 lbs and felt absolutely terrible. I found I just do better eating one or two meals a day and not restricting calories. This being after quite a bit of experimenting. She just may have a longer journey in finding out what version or combination of keto and fasting works for her.

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I could never eat this amount of calories and lose weight. Probably not even maintain! Same height and weight but 43 yo active female.
My only point being it’s just not “one size fits all” , even the keto calculator. She is not necessarily eating too little food. To say 1400 calories isnt enough as though its fact is inaccurate. and it will not slow her metabolism. cico does apply to keto :slight_smile: it’s not the whole story, but it applies.

I think you are doing the OP a disservice by encouraging her not to fast. maybe encouraging her to try it as an n=1 is a better approach. afterall if it doesnt work out… ya just eat something.

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I simply don’t see fasting as a cure all or answer to everyone’s problems. I know many ketoers do but at some point we simply need to nourish our bodies with food that it needs and in the quantities it needs. Like I said above, I am just adding to the discussion and offering a different perspective. If all else fails, she can give it a try or simply just choose to ignore me. Either way I really don’t give a damn except that she ultimately finds better health. :wink: KCKO :v:

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I don’t know if anyone is recommending it as a cure all, but I’m starting to believe there are definite benefits to regular fasting. (And when I talk about fasting, my mind is thinking no more than 48 hours.)

I started the ketogenic diet with a two week fast (I still can’t believe it), but mainly did OMAD the rest of the time. I’ve done 1, 2 maybe 3 day fasts since then, but really just stuck to OMAD.

Recently I’ve plateaued and couldn’t get passed it, so I decided to try fasting again. With a little trial and error, I quickly figured out a way I could regularly fit a 48 hour fast into my week. I’ve done that for about three weeks now.

I managed to drop a few more pounds, but more importantly I feel better overall, like my body is cleansed somehow. I don’t feel deprived or malnourished in anyway, and when I eat, I eat til I’m full and satisfied.

Maybe not a cure all, but I do believe it’s beneficial.

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Definitely beneficial. I have no doubt the science behind it is solid. My husband can fast for days and not be affected badly.

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@jennytoy1 I am curious of what your thoughts are on this thread. (Will attach link) There are also many others where people (not just men) have raised their daily calories over 2,000 and even eaten 3,000 consistantly and have lost weight after a long plateu. 3 to 12 months stall.

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my opinion on the link is irrelevant. I cannot lose weight at that level of calories. It doesnt work for me. I have read lots of anecdotal stories on people experiencing the same thing…hence the multitudes of people that feel calories do matter. That’s why it’s such a debate I imagine.

If you, or even the OP, does some experimenting and finds they can lose weight at that higher level of calories…great! My concern was the factual way you presented your opinion to the OP as if this “1400 calories isnt enough food” was some sort of fact or some scientific number.

I really just dont understand what the link has to do with…well, anything.

edited to change a period to a comma :slight_smile:

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I won’t bother you again. My apologies.

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It’s also possible my situation is different in that I have lost 94 pounds. Perhaps someone who hasnt already lost a significant amount of weight just never reaches the point I am at, where continued weight loss and/or maintainence occurs at a lower caloric level.

Still… assuming someone eating 1400 calories is eating too little and their metabolism will slow is just…inaccurate. sorry.

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nothing to apologize for. just conversation :slight_smile: and “food for thought”.

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Hmm. Maybe I should explain my intentions a bit better. I was attempting conversation and food for thought but you found it a “disservice.” :wink: The original poster has as much weight to lose as I did and have easily kept off for 19 months eating at a slight surplus. I was merely sharing my experience with her in the hopes it would help her dilemma. The link had excellent points as to why eating at TDEE or above (especially before fasting of any kind) is a valid option to consider.

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ok, I give up :slight_smile:

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@ctviggen Are you close to goal weight or on maintenance? If you want to fast for autophagy benefits, you may need to eat some fat to give your body the calories it needs but can’t access. If you go beyond the caloric threshold that your fat stores can release, you must eat fat to compensate. Cold extremities are a signal your body is taking protective measures to save energy for your brain & core. Either eat fat, or fast a shorter period.

This calculator (with comments by @richard) would help you determine if that is indeed what’s happening.

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This explains so well why I have such a hard time with extended fasting! I know the link was not directed toward me but thank you!