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I love data, and I personally weigh every morning to get those data points. If you do this, you cannot let yourself freak or get down about random weight fluctuations! If you can manage that, it can be incredibly useful for learning the ins and outs of your personal weight loss.

Here are some of the things I have learned:

  1. I lose better when I do not restrict calories.
  2. Anything more than a trace amount of sweeteners typically prevents me from losing.
  3. My body does better with more vegetables vs less.
  4. If I have too much cheese in one day, I will temporarily gain.
  5. When I follow the same eating pattern for more than a few days, weight loss slows and then stops.
  6. Fasting at least 1x48 a week gives me the most consistent results for weight loss over time.

I really recommend that you don’t change everything all at once, but try one change at a time and gather data to see what works and what doesn’t.

Finally, I’ve heard and read that some women don’t lose anything the first few months on keto, and it is hypothesized that the body is prioritizing healing and hormone balancing ahead of fat loss.

Best of luck to you!

(Amanda Jakositz) #105

I love your honest post! I have felt that way so many times. I also really appreciate everything everyone has thrown into this , but here is another thing to think about. So you first said:

and then you said:

To me that is not good sleep (some people who dream “alot” are waking in REM and thus not getting solid sleep) and since sleep is very important to wt loss, this might be one area to look at.

I wish you the best!

(Raj Seth) #106

Hey - @PaulL that’s my line!!

(Tammy L McIntire) #107

I am intrigued about the bacon and eggs for 3 days? There are virtually no carbs there- is that the point?

(Bob M) #108

I’m still obese (by BMI). I’ve been doing fasting for 3.5 years, so one would assume I have access to my fat.

This was my last set of DEXA scans:

I had 70 pounds of fat on me in June. I’ve gained muscle by now, but I’m not sure about fat. The scale is useless for this.

I honestly think it was overdoing fasting and lowering my BMR. The only other thing it might be would be not enough iodine, but I eat quite a bit of liver.

I used that calculator and got zero.

(Jackie Blue) #109

Thank you so much for this wonderfully thorough and enlightening response! I appreciate very much the time you took to write it. It makes perfect sense to me, loathe as I am to agree that this might take longer for me.

I was actually lucky and stalwart enough never to have a C-section and the resulting tailspin of the entire homeostatic world of my body. I was induced with my first son at 35 wks and my resulting labor was precipitous and he was born just as they were rushing to prep me for a c/sec b/c he was going into distress. I kept asking the Dr. if diet or anything at all could prevent this from happening with future pregnancies and he insisted that birth was the only cure. Fast forward to me researching and finding out about the Brewer’s diet (protein based) and the rest of my babies were born at home -and one of them was a footling breech! So, no more damage to my systems other than what a pre-eclamptic pregnancy takes from a mother - x5.

Since beginning fasting, I am only getting up to pee about twice a night now. I do drink a LOT of water, but I thought I was also eating a Lot more salt. BY better sleep, I mean that I do not wake up many times a night due to arthritis pain anymore and do not take hours to fall asleep due to same anymore. I also don’t wake up feeling like the rest of my family gave me a blanket party in the night! I would LOVE not to be up so many times to pee, but it’s a price I have ben paying happily for the anti- inflammatory benefit I’ve gained. Maybe I need to tweak those things a bit more. I also use lemon juice and salt during fasting and drink bone brother for hunger cues. The hot flashes seem to be less frequent now, too.

I am a fearless sun worshipper and am doing most of the supplements you mention already. I am taking the rest of your suggestions very much to heart - again thank you for sharing your hard-won wisdom!

(Jackie Blue) #110

I DO appreciate all the replies and even conflicting advice. I am saving this shit up like gold in an airtight vault and I will do each and every single one of them before I give up.
I’m starting to have the tiniest glimmer of hope that might not be necessary, however - b/c guess what???
I only have 3 hrs left in my 2nd alternating 24 hr fast day and I just weighed in at 159!!! I have been going between 160 and 162 for the last 3 months on keto, after the initial 5 lbs of water weight I lost during keto flu. I am balanced right on the fine line of Actually Losing Weight and It’s Just My Imagination !! This is the most progress I’ve made in 3 months, so I’m very excited!!
Today’s fasting was SO much easier. I am doing 5pm yesterday to 5pm today. I still had to fast through after dinner snacking and even a movie at the theater, but somehow looking forward to breaking my fast at dinner time makes it easier. I’ve only had water and the juice of 1 lemon and I feel fantastic. Almost manic, a bit. I could eat, but I’m not ravenous. If it keeps getting easier as I go, I will probably even be able to get back in the kitchen and make dinner for the kids during a fast. Don’t worry, I’m not making them fast with me - they are old enough that they have taken over in the kitchen while I fast!)
Thank you all again for supporting and educating me on my fledgling fasting flight (say it fast 10 times!), I will keep you posted!


She is excellent, isn’t she! I ALWAYS love @SlowBurnMary’s advice. :heart:


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If your body responds so differently, we may be in the same weird metabolic family, you and I. I might get blown up for this, but this is what has helped me… I am a lot of muscle under all this fat lol. I find I chronically err on side of underfeeding myself and that causes me to stall. When I increase fats and make sure my eletrolytes are in a good place (higher than we ever realize we truly need from my POV), I also found out that i need a few extra carbs. (waiting for lightening or stones to be hurled my way). Under 20, I stall. 40-44 is my sweet spot. That’s my N=1… things to think about :slight_smile: Hope to hear you find what dials you in and helps move you along soon!

(Carl Keller) #113

I just want to offer my 2 pesos about fasting. I have never experienced an organic energy buzz until I tried fasting. During the 2nd day, I have had amazing energy and motivation and to say that my metabolism had fallen would be a gross misstatement.

And 2nd, I’m a 177 pound male and I run on anywhere between 1200-1800 calories a day without slowing my metabolism because my body uses my fat to supplement any deficit. I have more energy than I have had since the 1990’s so for me, it’s not just about calories in.


You’re very welcome! Am so glad you found the Brewer Diet years back and got to experience lower risks with physiological birth and cosy neonatal bonding. That’s definitely in your favor to have had less hormonal derailing than many other postpartum women.

Glad you’re getting better sleep - angstrom magnesium may be amazing for you if you’re not taking the angstrom kind yet. Some folks swear by apple cider vinegar as well. While losing water weight, it’s normal to pee at night - but more like only once or twice - not seven times! Yep, tweak those things some more - and am so glad you’re already supplementing with sunlight and supplements. You’re well on your way JackieBlue!!!


Awww… thank you for your kind words!

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(Paul) #117

You asked about blood tests regarding insulin resistance…

Here is information on such a blood test, from FxWellness.com (which allows you to order your own tests) :


The homeostatic model assessment (HOMA) is a mathematical model that is used to quantify your levels of insulin resistance (IR). The HOMA-IR calculation takes both glucose and insulin levels into account. Under normal conditions, insulin signals cells to transport glucose from the blood into the cell. Chronically elevated blood glucose causes the pancreas to overproduce insulin leading to high blood levels of insulin. High insulin in the blood results when cells no longer respond to insulin in the same way; a state referred to as insulin resistance. HOMA-IR looks to quantify insulin resistance numerically. A higher HOMA-IR score means that you are more insulin resistant. Chronic insulin resistance may mean you have metabolic syndrome and may lead to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and possibly stroke.


I don’t swear quite as much as you (and I’m Aussie), but I fucking loved your post! that’s all.
I’m in the camp of - you are metabolically healing, then the weight loss will come.
keto on! and keep us updated. then get the guys to have you on the podcast - can’t [spoiler]fucking[/spoiler] wait for that one!


Are you kidding? That would be just one big bleep sound!

“Hey Jackie, welcome to the show.”

“Thanks guys, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, keto, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep,bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, my weight, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep.”

(Eleonora Fois) #120

Intermittent fasting should be a way out trying to delay eating any type of food and only drink black coffee or black tea, up to 3-5 days. This should block the plateau and you would loose weight but you need Gp support and drink electrolyte’ drinks with no sugar especially Potassium it is extremely important but also all the other electrolytes…good luck

(Michael King) #121

Hi ClaraJTeixeira,
What does KCKO mean?

(What The Fast?!) #122

GIRL, this is me, to a “T”. I have been doing keto for almost 2 years now and I have bobbed up and down the same 5lbs the whole time. You’ll find a slew of (probably less entertaining) posts all over this forum screaming about all your frustrations. The difference for me is - I feel the same now as I did pre-keto (in that I felt great before as well). There have been a couple improved factors but nothing life-changing.

THIS, YES. I have started SO many people on keto and the weight melts off them like the bacon grease from a proper keto omelet. I am so happy for them, yet I also want to strangle them with their now too-loose belts. I just spent a week on vacation with some friends who I started on keto - they both decided to drop keto for the week and just eat ALL the carbs. They texted me last night that they both maintained their weight and dropped back into ketosis like nothing as soon as they got home. I am so [spoiler]FUCKING[/spoiler] happy for them… :zipper_mouth_face:

Yes, this too. I fast and lose weight (barely) and then those pounds miraculously show back up with a few new friends a few days later. I fasted for 5 out of 7 days before vacation. I lost 5lbs, which are back with a vengeance after my vacation (even though I ate keto and worked out EVERY day, plus did ALL the physical activity all week long while my friends relaxed with cocktails and carbs by the pool).

This is encouraging.

Except when it doesn’t.

@atomicspacebunny - your posts are always helpful, even though most of them are over my head. I also have the MTHFR gene, but I do take methylated B vitamins. I’ll have to look at all my food to see if I’m eating something that’s got too much folate/folic acid.

GIRL, YES. I get so frustrated when people say this [spoiler]shit[/spoiler]. It’s like…congrats - you’re a better person than me and keto has been a magic pill for you. Well, guess what - it isn’t for everyone and it’s [spoiler]
fucking[/spoiler] frustrating.

I’ve heard him mention this. I would really like to set up an appointment with him, TBH. I’m a hyper-responder as well. But…regular dieting didn’t work for me either, and at least now I get to eat bacon.

Lastly, @JackieBlue - if you haven’t, get your hormones tested. I got mine done and it turns out my body just isn’t producing progesterone or testosterone…like, barely at all. My doc put me on bio-identicals and I’m praying for a change in the near future here (been on them for 6 weeks).

I didn’t read all the posts, but let me know if you learned anything that you’re going to apply and keep me in the loop!

(CharleyD) #123

Big point here that @SlowBurnMary and @AmandaJ brought up that I’d like to expand upon, if you’re hydrating this much, either cut back or get it all drunk a couple hours before bed. Sleep and de-stressing is rather important to burning fat too.

By waking up that often, or not getting continuous deep sleep, you are keeping your cortisol levels up and stressing your body. For the same reason that it’s well nigh impossible for a sugar burner to not gain weight when given oral steroids, provoking that stress hormone chronically will make it hard for you to lose.