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Lots has already been floated in this thread, but I am not sure if I saw (gotta be honest I only skimmed the other posts) that it has only been three months.

I had about a three month stall in the middle of my 35 lbs weight loss. I didn’t even start keto to lose weight initially, but its been an added bonus.

I upped my calories after 35 lbs because I don’t really want to lose more, just lose more fat and gain muscle. At 2000 calories I lose weight, at 2300 I maintain, so calories can be a factor, and each person is different.

The way more important thing, is that you feel better. When you feel better you will be more active, the more active you are, the more you will burn fat and gain muscle.

Keep at it and good luck.

(Jackie Blue) #185

I’m at 41 hrs of water-only fasting and it’s time to call it. I can tell I didn’t do a great job with staying hydrated and electrolyted up. I had one episode of racing heart last night and this morning I have a ‘tight head’ - the closest I get to headaches. I did drink tons of water, (about 10 liters yesterday!) but I also was very active and walked about 6 miles in the steep hills, didn’t sit down all day AND have been having night sweats since starting fasting. I drank one bottle of salty water, but I gotta be honest - that shit was like drinking spit or watery pee! It felt very wrong to be drinking something salty with no flavor! I now know something about the tolerances of ppl who recommend this, that I have no business knowing! (yes, mouth in the gutter, mind in the gutter - sorry-not-sorry and you know you need the distraction if you’re fasting!)

I want to get my electrolytes back up, but all I have here is Gatorade Zero and I am trying to avoid the artificial sweeteners this week, what else can I do for electrolytes? Is pickle juice good?

Now, here’s my next question(s):
I just weighed and I am an unprecedented (on Keto) 157.50. Before I get excited about that:
~ is that truly fat loss / fat burning? It could just be water loss/dehydration, couldn’t it?
If i was still eating carbs and I managed a 41 hr fast,
~would I have been burning fat then, too?
Let’s say I was completely and perfectly hydrated and did this on a Keto diet and then did it on a carb diet,
~ what’s the difference?
~On carbs, what is my body burning for fuel during a 41 hr fast?
~Wouldn’t it burn fat if it had nothing else, too?

I’ve seen several ppl say they gained the weight right back after fasting, but if this could have jump started me out of a plateau and I’m going to optimize my fat burning now,
~what’s your best tip on keeping this momentum going?
~Am I going to have to keep fasting for 36 hr windows beyond this next week?
~Could this 2 week intermittently fasting have been enough to start the process, if I keep my fat intake reduced?
Thanks to all for the support and tweaking advice during this not-so-fast fast!

Ps -I have a new acronym for editing:
RAD: Redundant As Fuck


I believe it’s typical to lose 0.5lb of fat per day of fasting. You should expect some weight regain. But, since you’ve been stalled so long, it’s possible you’ll hold on to a bigger loss.

If you’d been a carb burner before your fast, your body would have to deplete glycogen stores before accessing fat, so your fat loss would be less.

To keep your momentum, feast today, return to normal eating tomorrow, and start another fast as soon as you feel you can handle it.

Best of luck! I’d say let’s be friends, but I don’t want to get shanked. :wink:

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I love pickle juice and drink it every time I do a long fast. I keep my bottles of pickles after the pickles are gone for this reason.

I just eat salt. I try to put it under my tongue, but I end up just eating it.

If I were you, I’d do a Whole 30 (in addition to fasting), no sugar, no dairy, etc. I’d throw out anything with see oils in it. The cleaner you eat, the better.

(Daisy) #188

Same. By the handful. Usually a big dash of lite salt and a big dash of pink salt mixed together and down the hatch. If I get a headache, thanks to @Monurse, I’ll add in a big dash of table salt. Works in a jiffy!

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Calories are still calories. What you don’t burn will store for later. Do you know what your basal metabolic rate is? How many calories above that are you eating? Do you have a regular exercise program and if so, what heart rate are you maintaining for that period of time?

Nothing is ever as easy as we want it to be. Keto is more than just losing weight- it’s a health-minded approach to living. Keto can be very effective for losing weight, but I’d thats your primary initial goal, be mindful of quantities. I’m 46yo, 5’6” 142lbs. I started at 178lbs. In 3 months I lost 30lbs in 2014. I’ve kept it off. During that time I kept my calories at my basal metabolic rate on the days I didn’t work out, and consumed in calories the calories I burned during a workout. I was diligent and disciplined in logging my food intake and I montitore my macros. I have been fat adapted for 4 years now. I don’t always “keto” everyday. I like a donut and a craft beer, cake and pizza. But those are very occasional and I’m mindful of burning off those calories. I workout in the anaerobic zone and regularly have short periods at lactate threshold, especially when I need to burn off excess carbs I’ve consumed. I learned unhealthy habits over many years. Over the last 4, I’ve relearned better ones. It’s a process. Keep at it. Know your basal metabolic rate. Log your intake. Trust the process.

(What The Fast?!) #190

Before we run away together, I have to tell you…I have gone dairy-free, and it made no difference. I actually did 8 weeks of literally nothing but spinach, zucchini, pork, and turkey. I had a good intolerance test and just about every food showed up so I eliminated everything except 5 or 6 foods. It was not awesome and I didn’t lose a pound. I slowly added things back in and nothing seems to have changed.

I have also eliminated all sweeteners in the past and that didn’t seem to matter either.

I’m seeing the lady doc next week to retest my hormones after 2 months of bioidentical progesterone and testosterone. Oddly my thyroid is fine. Oh right - and shark week is officially 3 weeks late today (pretty sure that’s due to all the extended fasting I did this last month…or it could be the God of Menses taking its wrath out on me in the form of menopause. At this point, I’d believe almost anything.

Now that you’ve seen the mysterious method behind my quoting capabilities. I’m not sure you’ll still love me, tacos or otherwise. I think of some other forum magic to display and then I’ll earn your adoration again.

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Assuming, of course that the body doesn’t decide to use those extra calories by, for example, increasing the basal metabolic rate. Or that the adipose tissue doesn’t decide to act a bit more like brown fat and metabolize fatty acids in excess of requirement. Don’t fall prey to the idea that the body has no clue how to manage itself.


Am I the only one wondering if Jackie is ok? I’m hoping your surgery didn’t get rescheduled for this week - and you’re just busy getting organised :blush:

(Jackie Blue) #193

Awww, c’mon! I shank my friends way less, and only in non-critical areas!

(Jackie Blue) #194

I still love you. I lost a cpl more pounds, I love everybody! Shanking reprieve for all!

I hope your Dr. has some answers for you, and that you share them here. My progress and hormonal issues are still not at all what they should be, so I am
Sure I could learn from you.

(Jackie Blue) #195

Bondy, thank you for checking on me, that is so sweet! Surgery is still set for Monday - it was unexpected, but non-emergent.

I normally can only get online about 2-3 times in a week, I just never have time to sit down at the computer. I walk the younger kids to school each morning and home in the afternoon and have a million things to get done in b/t.

However, I plan to milk the surgery for all it’s worth and see if I can get the hubs and kids to wait on me for a bit, so I might be able to get on a lot more next week as I recover. If you guys all post nude or semi nude pics of Joe Manganiello, I will be on constantly!

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Just got off another 36 hr fast this morning and weighed in at 156.5. I’m down 6# in a week and a half. I think I can squeeze in one more 36 hr fast before the 2 week test is over. Then we see if the weight stays off!

The fasts are getting easier; I wasn’t even in a hurry to eat this morning when this one ended. I drank pickle juice this time and it was perfect - no dehydration at all!

(Jane) #197


Just don’t get on the scale when you get home from your surgery next week. They pump you full of IV fluids plus the inflammation from the surgery will cause your body to hang on to the fluids a few days. Give it a week at least!

Hope the surgery goes well for you.

(Kim Cook) #198

So sorry… I completely understand your frustration. I’m not losing anymore either. I’ve been at this a couple of years now. My SHAPE has changed tremendously, over time. Even though the scale isn’t moving, it takes some time for the fat melting to happen. Do yourself a favor and take measurements and photos. Refer back to them once a month. I promise you, things are changing inside! :slightly_smiling_face: …whatever you do and no matter what, keep the sense of humor! :stuck_out_tongue::rofl: You’re a riot! :grin:


You think we’ll do anything you ask, just because we’re entertained by your bombastic personality?


But with a twist!

Is it Joe or @Kris86? You may never know. :grinning:




That’s the goal!


And getting close.


I knew you wouldn’t disappoint!

@JackieBlue will approve. :smile:

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I hope your surgery goes very well! This thread has motivated me to start fasting. I just read obesity code for the second time and reading your posts got me going. Thank you:heart_eyes:

Editing to add…no idea why my emoji didn’t work.