Excuse my pile of dead fairies

(When in doubt, keep your carbs under 20g) #202

I knew you wouldn’t disappoint!

@JackieBlue will approve. :smile:

(Monique ) #203

I hope your surgery goes very well! This thread has motivated me to start fasting. I just read obesity code for the second time and reading your posts got me going. Thank you:heart_eyes:

Editing to add…no idea why my emoji didn’t work.


You were missing a space between Thank you and :heart_eyes:.

Without space:

Thank you:heart_eyes:

With space:

Thank you :heart_eyes:

(Monique ) #205

Thank you!!!

(Jackie Blue) #206

Very nice! But how the hell can I put that into my spank bank without some grey hair on it?! That could be either of my 17 or 18 yo sons!

I need a pic of beefcake MEN, not mere fetuses! No offense to the young man in the pic- I could do laundry on those abs, but i’m Trying to fast here and I don’t need to be feeling like a dirty old lady or have my own swole sons think i’m Going to go all cougar on their buddies if they see me ogling this pic.

(Jackie Blue) #207

(Jackie Blue) #208

And if I can’t get Joe, Jason will do in a pinch! :slight_smile:

(Doug) #209


(Jane) #210


(Jackie Blue) #211

Lol! I’ll save this one for motivation when i’ve Fasted TOO much and it’s time to snaffle some bacon avocado cups!

(Laura) #212

There are rumors about Don Knotts and his, ahem, natural born talents.

I’m with you on Jason and Joe, Jackie.

Congrats on the success! Good luck with the surgery.


It’s almost the end of the 10th here, so good luck for today.
Hope you’re back on deck in no time, and if you do get to rest, that you enjoy it (don’t spend it all plotting world domination, or hatching dastardly plans for Christmas)


OK, sign me up! I need more laughter in my life!