Everything sous vide!



Cheers. No Sunbeam.

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Thank you for sharing the recipe, i’ll try to prepare it soon. It looks good :heart_eyes:

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Looks great. I get the WB/CB thing, sometimes a couple of different light types makes it impossible to get it to look right.


So they have a Russell Hobbs one. Not a tonne of reviews but one that stuck out was a punter who’d been through two Sunbeams (ouch!) & was very much happier with the Russell Hobbs. Might be a goer :thinking:

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Hey, does anyone use an instant pot to do their sous vide cooking? I have read a couple of places that it can be done, without the SV device. Just wondering if anyone around here has tried that.

I went with the instant pot deal because I want to cut back on kitchen clutter and it does so many tasks and makes great broth in like 90 mins.

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Yet another option
On the high end of pricing

Compatible w Alexa, not sure if that’s an exclusive.

Globally cross compatible I believe
Great feature
Amazing technology!

“hey Alexa. Set the cook From the US to Australia. Cook the ribeye for juice for his OMAD “

“ok. Cook started “


Deal of the day

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Interesting. That’s always been the “one the chef’s use” model, but they’ve faded into the background since the Anova took off, really.


Hm, I’ll bet it’s a conspiracy. [spoiler]Damn[/spoiler], and I just bought one. I’m a part of the the conspiracy!

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I have the joule. I like it quite a lot! Ended up getting it off amazon for free, some reason they never charged me! Didn’t realize until way after the fact!

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From the recipes I’ve read, if you don’t have the Instant Pot Ultra, you can use the yoghurt setting with an Anova.

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:rotating_light: A price drop!
Now $74.99

Those that made a purchase recently. Online Chst w Amz. In the past, I have been able to get a price difference credit for other products
A huge YMMV
BE persistent :smile:

Good Luck

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Oh hoping I can make a LUX model work. I’ll need to do some more research I guess. Thanks for the reply appreciate it.

I’ll go over to the gadgets section and ask any further questions about Instant Pots, sorry for the high jacking.

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I see that Instant Pot brand has their own Sous Vide. Anyone try it, or should I just go to the popular Anova one? I understand I can use the Anova with Instant Pot etc, just wondering if much difference for a cyber Monday deals.

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Here in the church of sous vide, we take in any little lambs who have gone astray, and care for them.

And then eat them after 24 hours in the pot.

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Received my sous vide cooker today. Got this ready for my first try tomorrow! Wish me luck!

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I’d say try one first, but it’s way too easy to need that :slight_smile:

Seriously, it’s crazy simple. It’s like jumping off a cliff - sure it LOOKS intimidating, but once you’ve started it’s really really easy!


Great thread! I might actually take mine out of the package and try it now! Hubby bought it for me for mothers day and at the time I felt like I was gifted a vacuum cleaner!

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Just wow.

You are SO lucky we can’t ban people from threads.



LOL!!! I must say, Im still a little skeeved out about cooking in a ziplock bag. If you PROMISE the meat doesnt end up tasting like burned dog hair, I shall try😎