Ethan's Ramadan Fasting Thread (Carnivore)


(Ethan) #1

This topic is meant to be a journal for my Ramadan fasting month in 2019. Every year, Muslims dry fast (no food or liquid) from Fajr prayer time (the beginning of sunrise–much earlier than actual sunrise) to the beginning Maghrib prayer time (sunset). While this fast is for religious reasons, this thread is not meant to be the place to discuss religion. I have no problem answering questions about my own personal religious practices and beliefs, but I wish this thread to be an account of my month of fasting and discussion thereof.

The Islamic calendar is lunar, so the month of Ramadan shifts relative to our solar calendar. Also, the Islamic day begins at sunset, which varies by latitude. So the first of fast will begin at Fajr time (approximately 4:43 am for me) on Monday, May 6. The last meal before the fast begins is called Sahoor, and the meal that breaks the fast is called Iftar. Each day, I will provide some basic information about the fast:

Wake-up time
Morning weight
Sahoor meal
Fast begin time
Fast end time
Iftar Meal
Thoughts, commends, or other items of interest

Last year was my first time fasting in years. Doctors told me that I could not fast due to type-2 diabetes. Keto has reversed the diabetes, but it also makes fasting easier. I did some writings last year, but was not able to keep up due to several unfortunate factors. First, I had surgery at the beginning of Ramadan to repair a lacerated tendon in my thumb (accident right before Ramadan). I fasted even on the day of surgery and missed only two days of fasting to be able to take medications for pain. However, it was too hard to type, and I was in a lot of pain for a while. I hope this Ramadan goes smoothly–I am actually carnivore now, btw.

While being keto keeps the hunger pangs in check and provides steady energy, the challenges come from the timing of food, drinking, and sleep. I cannot eat foods late or they do not stay down if I lay down. So I won’t eat heavy, large meals at night. Also, if I drink too much water, at night, I will be up all night using the bathroom. The final evening prayer is around 9:30 pm, and I will wake up around 3:30 am. that doesn’t give much time to sleep. Basically, I plan to eat light fish for my evening meal, drink water, and then use the bathroom until 9:30. I can then do my final evening prayer and go to bed. When I wake up, I will eat around a pound of meat with fat and try to drink as much as possible before the fast begins. If you have any questions or comments, please post them!

Day 0 (not yet Ramadan):
Evening meal: salmon and eggs with San Pellegrino water.

(Karim Wassef) #2

Ramadan kareem … wishing you the best!

(Ethan) #3

Time asleep: 9:50 pm
Wake-up time: 3:35 am
Morning weight: 204.6 lbs
Sahoor meal: Chick livers, hearts, and gizzards with eggs; marrow & oxtail bone broth; coffee; water
Fast begin time: 4:40 am
Fast end time: 8:08 pm
Iftar Meal: Sous vide chuck roast (ate a bit over a pound), bone broth, water, and herbal tea.

Day 1 was smooth! I had really forgotten how easy keto makes fasting. I usually do 5- to 7-day water fasts each month. I am used to not eating. Not drinking was a psychological challenge today, but not overly difficult. I kind of feel like being keto is cheating. Each day, all the other fasters are struggling as their body edges into ketosis, but is unable to use the ketones. My body starts in ketosis and runs smoothly all day.

Sleep is still hard. I woke up before my alarm at 3:35 am. I had woken up several times during the night a bit cold. Waking up that early makes work hard, since you’ve already been up so long when everybody else is just starting to become alert. If I could have had a cup of coffee, it would have been just fine. I dropped myself on off at school before care as they opened at 6:30 am. He cooperated so well getting ready in the morning. I got to work before 7:15 am and was able to get most things done that I needed, leaving around 3:45 pm. I didn’t take my daily 1.5-mile walk though, just did half that. When I got home, exhaustion hit, and I fell asleep. My wife was nice to take care of my son, but they were so loud right next to me that I didn’t nap well.

Let’s see how tomorrow goes!



(Ethan) #4

Thank you. Ramadan mubarak.

(Ethan) #5

Time asleep: 10:27 pm
Wake-up time: 4:00 am
Morning weight: 205 lbs
Sahoor meal: bone broth, chuck roast, eggs, coffee; water
Fast begin time: 4:35 am
Fast end time: 8:09 pm
Iftar Meal: Salmon, chicken skins, eggs, water, tea

Day 2 began rough, as I missed my 3:40 am alarm, but the backup alarm at 4:00 still got me to wake up. I rushed to eat, but had enough time. The rest of the day was pretty smooth. Work went well, PTA meeting at school, and no nap.



(Ethan) #6

Time asleep: 10:20 pm
Wake-up time: 3:32 am
Morning weight: 204.4 lbs
Sahoor meal: bone broth, eggs, flat iron steak, bone broth, coffee, water
Fast begin time: 4:30 am
Fast end time: 8:10 pm
Iftar Meal: New York strip steak, bone broth, water,

Day 3 started great. I woke up early–before my alarm–and got out on time. The best part of the morning was cracking the jumbo eggs and finding that 3 out of 4 of them had double yolks! I had a full day of work and then a doctor’s appointment. Back home, I grilled steak for my wife and then threw a couple on sous vide for me to sear rare! I ate one of the rare ones for Iftar. I didn’t take a naps so I am really tired. Off to bed as soon as I can!



(Ethan) #7

Day 4:

Time asleep: 9:52 pm
Wake-up time: 3:22 am
Morning weight: 203.9 lbs
Sahoor meal: bone broth, eggs, new york strip steak, coffee, water
Fast begin time: 4:25 am
Fast end time: 8:09 pm
Iftar Meal: New York strip steak, bone broth, water, tea, eggs

Day 4 began bright and early without my alarm needing to wake me up. However, I was quite tired and took a nap at around 7:00 am. Unfortunately, my son made a lot of noise all morning, so I didn’t get a good nap. I was tired enough that I had to take a nap later on in the day, too. Working from home was convenient to get more done without traffic taking up my time.



(Ethan) #8

Day 5:

Time asleep: 10:41 pm
Wake-up time: 3:31 am
Morning weight: 203.2 lbs
Sahoor meal: bone broth, eggs, new york strip steak, coffee, water
Fast begin time: 4:25 am
Fast end time: 8:10 pm
Iftar Meal: fish, ground beef (w/onion)

Day 5 was tougher due to less sleep. I actually didn’t feel tired until I got home after work, but then I slept for probably an hour or more. We went to a family member’s house for iftar, which meant I had less control over food. They made a lot of effort to meet our dietary restrictions (carnivore me, keto wife, and glut-free son); however, I have other restrictions that are hard to convey. For example, I am extremely sensitive to garlic. If I eat it, I get heartburn. If i eat enough of it–especially fresh garlic–my esophagal valve will pretty much relax and let anything up and out of the stomach for up to 14 hours. When you try to explain what carnivore is (fat vs. protein, no vegetables, etc.), it is hard enough across cultural and social barriers. Adding in the garlic item really confuses things. I ate fish, which I was quite good with salt and pepper, and then ground beef, which had a few onions (oh well), but had to avoid the chicken patties after I tasted the garlic in them. Overall, though, it worked out decently. I took some sodium bicarbonate to relieve the minor heartburn potential. We got back home very late though and had to get our son to sleep, which is why this is being posted late. I’ll have some different incites today, as something else seems to be happening.


No pictures–it’s a big awkward to take pictures of food somebody cooks as a special dietary request when you visit their house.

(Ethan) #9

Day 6:

Time asleep: 11:49 pm
Wake-up time: 3:39 am
Morning weight: 202.6 lbs
Sahoor meal: bone broth, eggs, lamb leg coffee, water
Fast begin time: 4:24 am
Fast end time: 8:12 pm
Iftar Meal: rainbow trout, turkey bacon, tea, bone broth, water

I took a long nap today. It was definitely needed. We got back so late from my wife’s uncle’s house last night that I barely slept. I was pleasantly surprised by the scale showing my weight going down. In fact, during the day I had a 202.3-lb reading, which matches my lowest ever since 2013! I need to have my custom-made pants and jeans tailored though. I am excited to see the scale continue to move as it did when I started carnivore. I found that I am just not struggling at all with the hunger. Meat is just the best, and fish at night is so gentle for my stomach. I was also able to get a SuperSlow workout routine in just a few minutes ago!




Ramadan Mubarak! I too am doing Keto during Ramadan! I’m semi new to keto. Was easier to get to ketosis prior to (medical) menopause. Now I must follow strict rules. I do not eat meat, just fish. But your meals look yummy still. I thought I was the only one eating eggs every day. So this is ok to do?


Just started reading your thread Ethan. I just want say thank you so much for doing this. There is not enough content on this topic. I will also start sharing what I have been eating/doing this Ramadan.

(Karim Wassef) #12

Why no meat?


My personal choice since 15yo.

(Karim Wassef) #14

How about lamb or goat ?

Eggs are excellent. Liver is also very nutrient dense - unless you count that as meat? How about chicken liver?

(Ethan) #15

Day 7:

Time asleep: 11:09 pm
Wake-up time: 3:25 am
Morning weight: 203.7 lbs
Midday weight: 202.1 lbs
Sahoor meal: bone broth, eggs, lamb leg coffee, tea, water
Fast begin time: 4:25 am
Fast end time: 8:13 pm
Iftar Meal: lamb leg, chicken liver, oxtail bone broth, tea, water

I took another long nap today. According to Pillow, it was good sleep, but I disagree. My morning weight was up significantly, which I think was due to water gain from working out. This happens often and takes a few mornings to subside–let’s take a look in a couple more days and see. The weight did come down to 202.1 during the day though. I played some monopoly with my son and also did some shoe shining for relaxation. I am definitely feeling the drain from sleep disruption.



(Ethan) #16

How about lamb or goat ?
Eggs are excellent. Liver is also very nutrient dense - unless you count that as meat? How about chicken liver?

I just posted my Day 7 meals; it had chicken liver and lamb. I like lamb, as it is very fatty. I also like liver–both beef and chicken. I eat about 2-3 lbs of liver a month perhaps.

(Ethan) #17

Eggs every day are great! There is no reason to avoid them. I eat up to 12 a day. You can tweak anything the diet to make it work for you. What kinds of fats do you eat?

I’m glad to bring up the topic. I agree; there have only been a few postings in the past about being keto in Ramadan, but those have been about temporary keto for the month only. There is not much information out there on what the Ramadan meals look like for somebody who always eats keto (carnivore in my case). I look forward to reading anything you do share on the topic!


Thank you! I love eggs. I think they are meaty lol. I just worry when I see the chl levels in them. But I do know better. A dr I follow on IG was so annoyed by a recent report saying we shouldn’t eat so many. He said to eat as many as we like! I currently have 3 cartons in my fridge.

Bec I’m constipated from so much protein I’ve been eating a head of Romain w/hard boiled egg (1) and a sautéed filet of flounder. I think by tonight’s 1/2 gallon of water, I should feel some relief. But I’d like to have flounder and eggs this evening. I mainly eat avocado eggs fish. Maybe a slice of cheese, also some berries for my sweet tooth but not every day.

(Karim Wassef) #19

Protein doesn’t cause constipation

Poor hydration and electrolyte deficiency will.

(Ethan) #20

Correct, but 6 weeks into the carnivore diet, I am barely using the bathroom, which is such a stark change from before–even on keto. It makes me think I am constipated, but I am not. I have no pain or gas or bloating, but I just don’t go to the bathroom; whereas before I had to 4-6 times a day.