Episode 145: Jimmy & Christine Moore

(Tom) #1

I have a soft spot for Jimmy Moore. It was through him that I found Jason Fung and the whole Keto world, and then of course the dudes, this forum, and delving more deeply into the science at Low Carb Downunder events.

However I’ve always found his presentation of the science to be pitched at the lowest common denominator - not suggesting that he doesn’t know the science, it’s how he presents it (and it works, it got me into it after all).

I was desperate for @carl or @richard to shout SHOW ME THE SCIENCE during the interview, especially during the bits about putting pressure on parts of the body to diagnose issues with the pancreas. I’m skeptical, and a study or two would have helped open my mind. I’m less skeptical about the gut bacteria, but even then the science was light on compared to the normal dudes standards.

Still an entertaining episode though, thanks!

(Bob M) #2

I very skeptical about gut bacteria. I tried resistant starch in many forms and probiotics for 5-6 months, and achieved only detriments. If there were benefits, I could not find them. The studies are also all over the map, some show a benefit, some do not.

I like Jimmy Moore, though he often has cognitive dissonance. For instance, he complains about people adding butter to their coffee, but at the same time adds butter to his steak. What’s the difference?

I did like The KetoHacking MD podcast, though.


I had the totally same reaction - throughout the Christine Moore bits, I was crying out: ‘show me the science’.

Still, I think that we are otherwise spoiled with the volume of science-backed content we otherwise get on other episodes of the podcast.

(Edith) #4

You should say something to the Dudes. They always have that part at the end of the show requesting comments and questions about the show. Maybe they can include some links to the sources used by Jimmy and Christine.


Yes! Need more science! So glad I wasn’t the only one thinking this.

(Jeanne Wagner) #6

Tommy I’m guessing you have never been to a chiropractor, because they do the same thing with the pressure points. Mine does it every single time I go in, and that a weekly basis. Chiropractors are kind of like the original functional medicine doctors. It’s quite effective.

(Jeanne Wagner) #7

The Nutritional Therapy Practicioner program is full of science. The book obviously won’t gloss over the science-y details too much, although Jimmy and Christine specifically state who their intended audience is with this book. It’s not for scientists. Jimmy specializes in making the difficult to understand, understandable. And there are references you can pursue if you want that nitty-gritty science. He helped bring that understandability to Christine’s book. They could go into all that deep science on a podcast, but remember the podcast is a limited amount of time and so some conventions have to be made. A lot of things were discussed about the book, this wasn’t one subject per se.

(Tom) #8

I made, and make, no comment on the procedure discussed only to say I’m skeptical. Skepticism is and should be a default position and @Carl, @richard, and their guests usually do a great job in explaining the science behind claims. By eating to keep ourselves in ketosis we’re doing something that goes against the mainstream and one of the attractions of the podcast is that the supporting science is explained which is reassuring. Yes it’s a podcast, but listen to some of the other episodes and the chat:science ratio is just right. I felt it was a little off in this one and some claims were made which I would have liked them to dig into a little.


Well, there is a lot about chiropractic treatment that is not backed up by scientific evidence either. There is some limited evidence for effective treatment of lower back pain.


I’m really interested in this topic but skeptical about the science. Is there anything to back up nutritional therapy you can point me to specifically?

(Carolus Holman) #11

This is the FIRST show that I have turned off midway-through.

(Bob M) #12

I stopped listening to the Stephen Phinney one, as in the first 15 minutes, he said two things I think are questionable or outright wrong.

(Edith) #13

If you don’t mind, could you say what you think those two things are?