Episode 145: Jimmy & Christine Moore

(Jeanne Wagner) #21

I posted a link to Nutritional Therapy. It wasn’t specific to the matter of pressure points. You can research that on the internet to find out more I’m sure. But think of it like a degree program. Do you go find a university’s website, look aorund and say, hey there’s not much information here, this university doesn’t teach much? When obviously, if you want the training, you have to go through it.


If the validity of a university’s program could easily be verified by looking up the credentials of the professors and submitting syllabus requests. Also you could look into their regional accredidation. So it’s not really the same thing?

I’m not questionig the school itself, but the practice in general. Is it based in science? The burden of proof lies with the one making the claim that it works.

Like I have already said, I have personal interest in it and I’m actually hoping it’s not pseudoscience.

(John) #23

I know chiros work for some people but they arent medicine doctors. You should always see a real doctor for problems you may have first.

(John) #24

I use to enjoy Jimmy Moore show but I just couldn’t take it anymore. It got to be like listening to one big commercial. I tried to listen to this episode but I probly only got 3/4 through. I have wondered ever since he canceled his appearance at ketofeast last year what really happened. Im sure we will never know but maybe the dudes just wanted to keep the peace on a mending friendship. Thats only a guess as to why they didnt call out to show them the science.

(outlawpirate) #25

Lol! More mushrooms for me.