Epic Products on Sale at Whole Foods!


I just scored some Epic brand duck fat for less than $7 at Whole Foods with their sale and my Prime member discount! I also picked up their chili lime pork rinds that were also pretty tasty as tortilla chip replacements with my Chipotle burrito bowl this weekend. It seems like most of their products are on sale for 35% off, and Prime members get an additional 10% off sale items.


They make some delicious jerky…some flavors are a little carby, but yum :yum:

(Jill Carpenter aka space coast spinster) #3

Careful with those epic pork rinds. They may have trace sugar in them.
I spent a couple of days combing over different brands of pork rinds and the flavor ones like to slip sugar in😵

I was looking at the keto friendly shelf at my Publix last week. I wanted to toss everything on the floor when I started reading ingredients. :rofl:

(Jane- Old Inky Crone) #4

I was getting those pork rinds until my husband noticed that they advertise “lower fat”. Not really a Keto food to us if it has reduced fat!


Never had their jerky! I’m not a big jerky fan, though. Do the flavors use sugar? I always thought jerky was just dried meat (I admit I am not knowledgeable…)

Oh really? The chili lime flavor I got didn’t mention sugar at all, but like @JaneyMae said, I did find them to be a little too low fat for me, so I don’t plan to buy again. They were good chip replacements, though!




Some flavors do contain sugar, like the salmon one with maple sugar has 5 carbs with 4 grams of sugar, but the Venison Salt & Pepper one has 1 carb no sugar. Some flavors are a bit more obvious with added stuff like cranberries in them.


US as far as I know.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #9

The duck fat has my interest, thanks @curlybri. :cowboy_hat_face:


I’m super excited to use it! My store also had bison tallow and a bunch of drinking bone broth.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #11

I just got an Instant Pot, I know you’re stuck without a kitchen, it might suit you nicely. Minimal clean up and quick meat cooking. They make awesome broths, stocks and soups too. $59 on Amazon.


Thank you – how thoughtful! I actually moved to a friend’s house temporarily, so I now have full kitchen capabilities! I did get an IP a little over a year ago because I didn’t have a kitchen then either, and it was definitely the BEST thing I could’ve purchased. I used it and my toaster oven for literally everything. In the place I was before my friend’s house, she wouldn’t even let me use that :roll_eyes:. I use it to make broth now, which is why I didn’t pick any up at Whole Foods, but I definitely couldn’t pass up that duck fat!


This is getting sad…I think fasting is making me mentally slow lol, I read the post about the Instant Pot, then read your post and couldn’t figure out what an IP was for a good 4-5 minutes… It finally dawned on me in the recipe thread :upside_down_face:


There are far too many abbreviations in this world. Sorry for contributing to the problem!


What are the benefits of duck fat? It seems to be popular. What’s good to cook with it?


Not at all :grin: I was just laughing at myself for missing the obvious lol.


I’m not sure honestly! I assumed I could cook with it as normal. I collect bacon fat and use it for pan frying and sautéing everything, so I assumed I could use it the same way.


I am in Australia and cannot buy an Instant Pot here, let alone what you are talking about in your sales in the OP!

Please guys, tell us where you are when you post stuff like this.

I am not psychic and you are on the internet…this is an international forum…it is not very clear where you are and it is …frustrating… (speaking purely for myself here).

Perhaps I am the only person on this forum that finds these kinds of posts confusing and frustrating. If so, I apologize.

(Bob M) #19

They are baked, not fried. They are about 1/3 fat by calories. Personally, I prefer higher protein than higher fat.

(Bob M) #20

I cook with all animal fats, and duck fat is a good one to use.