Epic brand pork fat, is it supposed to smell like paint?

(Anna ) #1

I’ve been collecting my bacon fat drippings but it’s never enough and I like cooking with it so I bought a jar of Epic Pork Fat but I just can’t get over the strong paint smell and taste of this stuff. I’ve never had commercial fat, but it just tastes bad, I’m guessing it’s rancid?

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:nauseated_face::nauseated_face::face_vomiting: Lard is not supposed to taste snd smell like paint! Yuck! :cowboy_hat_face:

(Anna ) #3

I said paint LOL

How can you tell if something is rancid?

With your nose. Rancid foods have the same look and texture as when they were purchased, but their smell and taste have changed. The odour is akin to wet cardboard, oil paint, wood varnish or play dough.

(Rebecca ) #4

What is the use by date? Of course, if the taste and smell are bad I would certainly return it.


Slightly off topic, but I heard a podcast of a guy who lived in the Alaskan wilderness and when his elk fat smelt a bit rancid, he heated it and cooled it again and the smell was gone. Not saying you should do the same but I thought it was an interesting bit of info.

btw, the way I collect maximum amount of bacon fat is by cooking my bacon in an air fryer. The bacon cooks crisp and even and all the fat drains away and pools at the bottom ready for straining and storing.

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