Emotions on Keto


Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone else is struggling with emotions while on keto?

I thought this diet was supposed to have the opposite effect, but I’m miserable, and sad, and just plain angry! Everything irritates me. I’m also tired and feel “fed up” with everything and anything. I wan’t a bundle of joy to begin with, sooo… :smile:

(I’m in week 4, by the way.)


Still early days at week 4 - lots of stuff can be going on - keto flu, carb withdrawal, examining your relationship with food and so on. Key is to be gentle with yourself and avoid black and white thinking (e.g. ditching keto because of a percieved slip up etc). Hang in there because once you get fat adapted/ketone producing - certain you will find positive changes both in body and mind.

(Auden) #3

I’m female. I get super emotional whem I’m losing weight with keto. I think it’s bc hormones (I think estrogen) get released from the fat when I’m burning fat. I don’t have a source right now on that, maybe google. BUT the depression/anxiety get better on keto. I would make sure you are getting enough electrolytes bc I can feel really weird when I’m not. Also, going in and out of ketosis makes me anxious so I try to stay in ketosis (depleting the glycogen feels awful to me).

Lots of random thoughts here with no citations, but check out some keto resources on here and elsewhere. It should help.

(Ron) #4

Sugar consumption is an addiction and when you eliminate the sugar you will go through withdrawals. Stay strong and stay the course. It is totally worth it.:muscle::fist::ok_hand:


Not sure if you’re someone who likes to cook, but I find searching for new meals to try helpful, along with perusing these forums, speaking to folks and learning more about this WOE is quite helpful in keeping your head into it.

Or simply chatting with the folks here can be quite helpful. Just keep in mind why you’re doing this and try to keep thoughts positive. It does get easier, and quite enjoyable the further you stay with it.


Thank you for all the replies guys! I’ve read about the hormone release during fat loss, and it could be that, as the weight has been melting off me (I think I’m between 1 and 2 dress sizes down).

I’ve just been feeling awful in a very generalised manner, and don’t really know how to fix it. Do I just wait it out?
Eating is becoming increasingly difficult, as my appetite is pretty much non existent (something I never thought I’d experience!), and I’m struggling to eat much; I eat a little bit and my body just goes “no, had enough, don’t want anymore”. I’m also thirsty ALL the time, which is really annoying. :expressionless:

(Ron) #7

You are becoming fat adapted, congratulations. It should get better every day as you appear to be over the hump.:+1::slightly_smiling_face:

(Canadian Beauty) #8

how odd that you posted this as I too am feeling grumpy, short tempered and not myself. I am taking electrolytes daily that do help and also really don’t want to eat much. I am actually very head strong into this way of eating, and even though I am a little depressed nothing will stop me! Thanks for the post good to know others may feel the same. Oh am also in ketosis daily as I check my blood with keto mojo.

(Ron) #9


There’s not a lot of talk out there about negative emotional effects. Is it a rare “side effect”? I don’t know… I love eating this way (not having cravings is a revelation), but I am worried about whether this is “permanent”, or if it gets better. There’s a lot of talk about the “keto flu”, but I’m not sure the symptoms reflect what I’m experiencing.

Anyway, I hate that you’re going through the same thing, but it’s comforting to know I’m not alone. :slightly_smiling_face:


Interesting blog, thanks for sharing!

(Troy) #12

Curveball coming ,get ready :smile:

FOR ME, lots of the negative, grumpyness and or down emotions came from…
Well, from others and NOT me!!!

Their “ negative /nay sayer “ vibe and comments initially got me down
Since they did not get my WOE🙄
Just a simple change of mindset on my part, put that to an end, fast :rofl:

This is a lifestyle Change, thank goodness
There will be a)ups and b)downs
Just as in life

The ups=better eventual overall feeling, health, mood and “ hey look at me now !”
The downs=my waist and weight lol

Sure, a YMMV
I get it


Good Luck!!

(Terence Dean) #13

Hi Hafdis,
It does take a few weeks to get used to Keto, almost everyone has experienced some reaction to getting fat adapted. It really is a bit like giving up an addiction, yep a carb and sugar addiction! If you feel this bad imagine how good it will feel when you are no longer addicted to carbs. You are doing well, and when it gets a bit tough, we say Keep Calm and Keto On!! KCKO. Relax. It does get better.


Hello - here’s my two penny worth …

Eating is more than macros, requisite nutrients, avoiding carbs.

Eating is normally social, with others, sharing: well, hopefully we eat with others several times a week. There’s the joy of conversation, noticing what’s missing from our co-diners plates and passing the dish of their favourite food. We take time, we listen, we put down our knives and forks. We share ourselves and the food, we share the time, the place the occasion.

Food is used to mark events - the wedding cake, haggis on Burn’s Night, pancakes before Lent. We use things to emphasise importance, the best china, Grandma’s jug, the tray you bought on your honeymoon. And we eat our food in a sequence soup through to coffee and truffles. There is culture, our personal histories and meanings.

Eating keto has us side step these patterns, has us focus (essentially, importantly) on health, on recovery. We eat differently to others near us, we’re new to it, we’re experimenting.

On the forum I read about what we eat, “What did you keto today?” And I see pictures of plates of deliciousness. There is talk of eating twice a day, and fasting But I haven’t seen conversations about how we eat, who we eat with.

One day I wanted an extra bit of fat - so I put some butter into the hollow along a stick of celery and sprinkled it with salt. Lo and behold I had a starter! I had been wondering about the lonely functionality of one plate keto meals and a little solution arrived. So now I might start my meal with olives in a tiny pretty dish, or separate my food into ‘courses’, lay a tray, just something to feed me as well as my body.

(Troy) #15

Great Post!:smile:


I agree. Food does indeed have a big place when it comes to socializing, whether at special or specific functions, family or friend outings, etc. and for the record, I do eat mostly at home. - But when I am out and about, I haven’t found it hard at all so far. I simply eat what I want, which is actually what I like anyhow. It just happens to fit Keto.

I try not to look at it like I have to only have Keto friendly stuff, (which is really is) but not in a way like it simply separates me from others. I’ve been at Thanksgiving Dinner with our neighbors as we do each year, and they have always treated us as family. If I only take some meats, and vegetables and don’t eat stuff like potatoes or sweets, they don’t/won’t care. There always loads of food, and yes, they do offer you some and I simply say, no thanks. I just don’t mention anything like, ‘oh, I can’t have that, I’m eating low carb’ (which I think is best really) but simply reply as if it was simply something I don’t like or want to eat.

If someone were to ask I will let them know, but if they don’t, I don’t think on it. And at least for me, nothing has changed except what I’m choosing to eat now. :slight_smile:


Maybe low blood sugar as your body gets used to running on ketones? Should get easier, hang in here.

(Auden) #18

Sometimes when I’m not having enough salt I feel super thirsty. I fix that by sipping chicken broth.

For me the emotional up and down levels out pretty fast after being in ketosis.

I recommend reading A Mind of Your Own (ignore her dietary advice) and The Mood Cure if you need help with feeling less depressed. The supplement suggestions in the books are really helpful. Step one for me is electrolytes though with keto.

Also, if you don’t feel hungry, don’t eat. It will pass and you will feel hungry again. You are doing great!

(Christine) #19

Get an electrolyte drink and up your fat intake. My issues when I started were too little food and no electrolytes.

(Ilana Rose) #20

Nail on head. Beautifully written and absolutely true.