Emotions on Keto

(Jan) #21

I’ve had something similar whenever I tried to fast, even though I’d been strict keto for a year+. I’d do fine up until about 16-18 hrs, then feel like I either wanted to scream and slam doors or hide under the table and cry.
I’m now nearly 2yrs keto, and tried fasting again. Now- no problem. I have no idea what changed. I’m still leery of fasting longer than 24hrs, but it’s progress.
Since keto mimics fasting in many ways, maybe this is relevant?

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #22

This is not the case for myself.
If anything my emotions have been very balanced.
I am a pisces and we are emotionally driven but I feel laid back, relaxed, barely phased by anything.
If anything I have noticed that I don’t seem to get angry anymore.
When I was a carbage eater, if my partner had other plans than me like wanting to go shopping rather than wanting to go out to lunch, I would get seriously ropeable. Pissed off if I didn’t get what I wanted.
These days I don’t care at all.

(It's all about the bacon, baby) #23

At four weeks in, you are still in the very beginning stage. You are also a woman, I see from other posts, so your hormones will have an effect here, as they do everywhere in your life. Give it at least another four weeks before giving up, or even getting discouraged, because things get better once you are fat-adapted, and that generally takes 6-8 weeks, sometimes even longer.

I was glad to see that you are losing weight at the moment. Be glad, but don’t expect it to happen continuously. Your time of the month will have an effect on the rate of weight loss, and also you may put on some lean mass, which will confuse your scale. Women are often better-advised to track their progress with their dress size than with their scale weight.

The suggestion about keeping your salt intake up and drinking to thirst is also relevant. I’m not sure your emotional state is directly tied to your electrolytes, but keeping them in balance is likely to help. The ketone body β-hydroxybutyrate has a beneficial effect on serotonin levels, so hang in there.

(CI) #24

Thank you for asking this question! Past few days by myself almost crying during the most mild movie scenes and also a better irritable. Happy to know it’s just not me thank you again!

(Murphy Kismet) #25

How about feeling on the verge of crying…or screaming…or running away.

And then there are the awesome days when I feel on top’o’the’world.

It’s the in-between lack of emotions, or flatness, that bother me the most. At least with the others I’m feeling something.

Been keto since January 2019, and still waiting for the emotional balance to happen.
I’m also wondering if I’m carb-sensitive and should never ever have any berries, or similar carb-ish foods. I rarely go over 100g when I do eat them ( it’s a splurge), and mostly under 20g a day from all sources.

It’s the two days after berries and whipped cream evenings that are the worst.

Some days I feel like I can do this, and I’m strong, and full of willpower. And then something happens, and I crumble. Willpower gone! It’s all gimme gimme gimme…gotta assuage the pain yaknow.

Maybe the psych doc was right about bipolar II rapid cycling, and I really need to buckle down and care for myself better…But dayum those berries, and watermelon…
It’s summer dammit, and therein lies the crux: I want to enjoy it like used to, with fresh fruits, but it seems to be my downfall.

(Susan) #26

I get mood swings, but just put it down to hormones and being post-menopausal, not relating it to Keto at all.

(Ken) #27

I believe it was Steffanson who also reported initial irritability when he conducted his year long fat based nutritional experiment in the Bellevue hospital ward in the early 20th Century.