Eggsperiment mkII - big improvement

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OK, so I saw a new method for sous vide eggs.


13 minutes

I think I left them in a little long (timer didn’t trigger initially), so they weren’t quite as runny as I would have liked, but they were damn good. Much better than any of the 63C options I tried, and WAY easier and faster.


On the list :grin: They look very nice.

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yes it is complete, you bloody forum software! FIVE WORDS #deadset

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What’s sous vide mean @juice ?

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It’s French for “under vacuum” because you vacuum seal the food before putting it in the water bath to cook it.

Thus, technically, eggs cooked like this are NOT sous vide, because they’re not vacuum-sealed, they’re just there in their shells :slight_smile: So really, they’re just slow cooked. But we use sous vide as a term here because that’s the cooker we use for it.


They look bloody gorgeous. Did they taste as good?

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Yeah, I really liked them. They need a bit of tweaking, but TBH they’re really good as is. I’d like the yolks a LITTLE runnier, but it’s hard to get that balance between yolk and white setting. (Heh, that sounds like I know what I’m talking about - don’t be misled.)

Much better than my eggsperiments last week, and MUCH easier and MUCH quicker.


So how did you cook them?
I don’t have a sous vide, mainly because it sounds more phaff than normal cooking, wot wiv heating up a water bath to temperature and sealing things in plastic, with a vacuum sucker and then waiting 3 days. Also loss of countertop space…

I guess I don’t know how 13 min eggs fit into that? Could you give a bit more detail?

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Like so.

I got a new container to try, and it works pretty well. It’s pretty thin-walled, and so it really needs a support to clamp the Anova to, but it does work fine, I’m just stupid about these things. And it was only $5 at Woolies this week with 50 percent off.

Also new for today was the idea of hanging the egg inside in a bag rather than another container (to stop it being whacked around by the water movement). Worked a treat. Eggs are sealed, so you can just lob then straight into the water.

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OK, so here is today’s experiment.


gave this

For mine, the yolk was little overcooked and the whites a little under. Well, not overcooked at all, actually, just a bit firm.

Best yet, however.

Tomorrow, a new setting.

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Today’s will be


Putting it here so I don’t forget :slight_smile:



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Whites still too loose, yolk too firm.

Left egg was cracked basically immediately upon removal from the bath, middle one about a minute later, right one about a minute or so after that. No real difference observed.

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Going to try this next. Maybe this afternoon, with some spam :slight_smile:


Man they’re tricky :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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So much. Good thing they’re still well edible despite not being perfect :slight_smile:

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OK, so these were a bit too much, both the whites and the yolks.


OK, so what’s the significance of the 22s? :wink:



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I dunno, TBH :slight_smile:

I found this thing the other day -

Whereby it’s supposed to create the perfect poached egg in the sous vide. I’ve been testing it, and was going to do a big reveal when I got the eggs just right.

But that might be weeks away at this rate, so here it is now :slight_smile:

Not sure our eggs are the same as US eggs.

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How are yours measured? Ours in the US, are medium, large, extra large. Also, we store ours refrigerated, whereas you likely do not. (So, that means ours have to come from cold to sous vide, whereas yours only have to come from room temperature to sous vide temperature; not sure this makes a difference, but might for something like an egg.)