Egg yolks- bad for fatty liver


I reversed fatty liver some years ago pre keto by following the suggestions in an Atkins book but I can’t remember which one. It was lecithin, vitamin c and some fibre to get it out of the body because bile dissolves fat but it is reabsorbed in the intestines, which you don’t want if you are clearing fatty liver so the fibre is important. It might have been the Vitanurtirent Solution. Will have a look round and see if I can relocate it.

It was a long time ago and the doctor couldn’t believe I had done it, I was the first patient he had seen who had reversed it.

I got it eating a lot of fruit, I was vegetarian at the time and living in the tropics.

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Robert Lustig did a pilot study in which obese children were put on a fructose-free diet. I suppose if it were adults, they’d have had to give up alcohol, too. But the point is, it only took the kids 10 days to reverse their fatty liver disease. That’s very encouraging news.

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Wow, that’s amazing to reverse the fatty liver!
Very appreciate if you can remember what you did exactly to achieve it.
I was doing Keto to reverse my fatty liver, my fatty liver was improved from middle level to light level (good), but my goal is to reverse it at all.
After studying a lot in the forum, I found that the fatty liver is not only about losing weight, there are some other complex mechanisms.
So please let me know if you can remember what you did! Many thanks!


I took a concentrated lecithin capsule daily, 1000mg of sustained release C, no sugar, and some fibre supplement, a good quality one. Low carb diet (Atkins).
I will try to find the reference for you but it will be awhile.


Why doesn’t she ask her doctor for the science? It might be time for your friend to find a new doctor.

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How do you gauge the improvement?

There are some supplements that MIGHT help, like milk thistle. There are more too, but I have forgotten them.

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Many thanks! This is the first time I know lecithin. I have been eating choline by following Dr. Berg’s suggestion, I will google a bit about the lecithin.

I went to hospital in March and got a colorful ultrasound checking, and it showed my fatty liver was improved. Because I do such body check every year, so I compared the results in March to the results before, it’s improved.

I have asked doctors, actually I asked more than 3 doctors, they just told me that the only way to cure fatty liver is to lose weight, and they told me that “many people have fatty liver, it’s not a big problem”.

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Thanks! This information helps me! It’s the first time I heard of milk thistle, after translation, I can find it in my area, I will try it with choline together :smile: . I have just bought a bottle of milk thistle made by GNC.