Eating with other people

('Jackie P') #24

I sometimes feel tempted, but like when I gave up cigarettes I take some deep breaths, acknowledge the craving and think “it will pass” and it does.
Also for me it’s pride! I have told people how well I feel and I would love them to follow my example, (a few have). I have told them how amazing it is to not crave sweet and starchy things. I would truly die of shame if I uncontrollably shoved a cake in my mouth :joy:. And they would of course think it was the proof that keto is unsustainable. I gotta fly the keto flag!:upside_down_face:

(Bob M) #25

Wait, duck, liver pate, cheese, and deviled eggs? That’s unlike any potluck I’ve ever attended. Invite me next time! That’s a meal right there (assuming they brought enough - I eat a lot).