Eating schedule

(Ivy) #1

Is there any ideality of eating schedule for newbies?

OMAD/2MAD/Eating at set times every day or often having some set times a day eating, or other?


Nope, we are different. I had 16/8 with 2 smallish and one small meal first but it’s just me.
Do whatever works for you. Most of us likes to eat when we get hungry (or feel some other strong urge to eat) as default and change it when we deem it important. It won’t do starving even without urges to eat, after all.
Some of us have set times, others don’t. I am flexible as my hunger simply doesn’t arrive at the same time every day.
I would just do whatever comes naturally first and change things if it doesn’t work. People who want to do IF often push their first meal farther or farther but it’s not the only way. I never did anything like this, I do OMAD when I didn’t get hungry until late or manage to eat a lot for lunch. It makes sense, IF comes very naturally for some of us and we may be very much unwilling to stand hunger for an hour… Different bodies, different attitude and even goals and priorities…

if the newbie gets super easily satiated with keto and end up with tiny meals, they need many meals to get enough food. If that doesn’t work, probably other food choices.
If a newbie eats big meals, they need few meals. Or one big and multiple small ones, whatever works. There are no recipe for this. Many ketoers loves the idea of IF for everyone especially with 3+ hours between meals (often more) but it’s just not for everyone.

(Ivy) #3

Notably OMAD does wonders, I have understood. I did it twice this week for the first time following the “2x a week and 5x a week 2Meal-a-day” protocol. I messed up yesterday by adding BPC a few hours before my one meal that was supposed to be OMAD, but someone made me aware the BPC ruins it.

So far I have tried some of the recipes and now it seems to be not so far off from being in the middle of things. Still nauseated when done eating.


Even with BPC, I think it may be useful to practice one proper meal - if OMAD suits the one in question at all, of course. I have OMAD with a few bites days and I consider them half-successes if my goal is OMAD. Not clean fasting but I try to keep my extras small and close to my meal so my eating window is still small :wink: Fortunately I don’t drink BPC, just coffee with cream. A little cream, like 5ml. Still not proper fast, not like people know for sure what this amount does… Autophagy is a bit mysterious, it seems. I go for clean fasting to be sure and anyway, it suits me normally… But if it’s way more comfortable with some not quite meal but still calories and mostly fats, I personally don’t worry about it much, comfort is important and this “dirtier” style may be a temporal thing before we can clean things up. Not everyone can do things perfectly right away (or ever :P).

Oh poor you. Do you suspect the reason for nausea? Amount? Fattiness? Can’t you tweak something? Some people go for too fatty food for them. Even I needed to get used to eating quite fatty on carnivore and I ate quite high-fat all my life but it’s different with a significant amount of carbs (with huge volume, I mean vegetables) with it. I still don’t do 75% on most days and it’s good as less suit my actual goals better.

(Ivy) #5

I didnt mean it bothers me. Ive been stressing out a bit because they say newbies shouldnt exercise. Thats not what Im used to and was trying to make it my life this year! Plus nausea seems normal for newbies


Nope, nausea sounds wrong to me but it may happen and it’s understandable in some cases. I never had nausea (due to my woe but almost never anyway) until carnivore. And I think every not too sick or injured person should exercise… Maybe not too hard as a newbie if there are some kind of problem but my walks and cycling and tiny runs? I need them all the time. I would be even more low energy without them and it’s not like I ever have much of this precious stuff!
I don’t understand the people really against exercise but I just ignore their advice just like most advice, actually… I figure out my way for myself.

(Ivy) #7

what do you mean yur woe:nausea ?

(Old Baconian) #8

Eat when you are hungry. Stop eating when you stop being hungry. Don’t eat again until you are hungry again. It’s as simple as that.

(Marianne) #9

When I started, I ate three meals a day when I had never done so before. Wasn’t a hardship as I loved what I was eating, and I am convinced that doing so got rid of my sugar and carbage cravings completely. I looked forward to every meal. I also made sure to get enough fat while keeping the carbs as low under 20 as possible. After I became fat adapted, three meals a day became two and now most days are one meal a day. The key to this is that these progressions happened naturally when my body told me. At varying points, I just lost the desire to eat that often or as much. I never forced anything.

I always made sure to get enough fat, which I enjoy anyway. After two years, I became carnivore and it just suits my preference and style of eating. When I was enjoying vegetables, it was because of the fat (butter, bacon grease, cream, salt, etc.) that I was putting on them, and not the vegetable itself, so I eliminated them. That’s me though. Everyone has to find their own individual way. Good luck on your journey!