Dr. Stephen Phinney on the Realities of Sustaining Keto diet

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Wow! That is a model of clarity, that lab report. Doesn’t look as though you have any problems, if I am grasping the gist. And when I posted about the CIMT I was just seconding what you had already said. CIMT is the official name (or one of them).

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yes, I’m calling them today to see if their are photos of the ultra-sound :wink:

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Not to be a pedantic asshole, but there’s an important little detail. Look at it from the other side. We all know that correlation does not prove causation, but there’s a really important detail here. Lack of correlation proves a lack of causation.

For the people who say LDL is bad and will kill, the “lack of correlation between higher LDL and better health outcomes (lower all-cause mortality and lower cardiovascular events), particularly in women over 50” completely disproves their theory.

Sorry. My inner statistics geek was poking me.

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And an inverse correlation, also. So that if cardiovascular disease goes up when cholesterol goes down, then cholesterol level definitely does not cause cardiovascular disease.