Dr Stephen Phinney on "How Low Carb Diets Reverse Diabetes & Enhance Sports Performance"

(Garrett McCullough) #1

The group that I run is hosting Dr Stephen Phinney for a presentation entitled, “How Low Carb Diets Reverse Diabetes & Enhance Sports Performance” on July 9th at 6pm PDT

If you happen to be in Truckee, CA (Lake Tahoe/Reno area), you can attend the meeting in person

Otherwise, the meeting will be livestreamed on YouTube. We’ve been having issues with YouTube so just look for the “live” video at about 6:45pm PDT. The recording will be available on YouTube afterwards.

Full event details:

(Stacy Blanchard) #2

thanks for the info

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #3

Looking forward to it!

(Garrett McCullough) #4

I hope you enjoy it!

The group that I help run is a volunteer-run non-profit that focuses on promoting entrepreneurship and startups in the Truckee/Tahoe community. One of our side goals is to bring educational speakers to our area

As I mentioned, we’re all volunteers so the only reason we do this is because we get satisfaction from having people watch & enjoy the presentations