Down 86 Pounds - Here's My Fat Head and my Less-Fat Head

(Back Row Matt) #1

Started with Keto, added I.F. Things have been going well, not just with weight loss either. Been at it since November. Praise God for this lifestyle. I haven’t been this weight since high school.

(Mary) #2

86 lbs in 4 months??? Holy cow - well done, you.

(Back Row Matt) #3

Thank you! At over 400, I had a good 20+ in glycogen store, so I got a good jump start, but this diet change has been, by far, the most successful thing I’ve ever tried!

(Little Miss Scare-All) #4

Awwwww great work! You look awesome! Lemmie get a high five!

(Karen) #5

Wow! Well done! Clearly you and your evil heavier twin. Ha ha ha ha

(Deborah) #6

This is Awesome!

(Back Row Matt) #7

Thank you! High five!

(Back Row Matt) #8

LOL That’s hilarious

(Susan) #9

Congrats, Matt, you look terrific, well done you!

(Wendy) #10

Great Job!!!


Great job!! Congrats on your success :slight_smile:

(Tracy) #12

Keep up the good work.


Wow! What a transformation! How did you do this in only 4 months?
Great job!

(Scott) #14

You are incredible, how can anyone look at your results and say “you’re doing this wrong”. I didn’t realize the weight I had lost in my face until I met someone in traffic (we were both in our cars) so only our faces were visible. The other drive says “you have lost a lot of weight”

('Jackie P') #15

Wow! That is amazing! One question … are they the same glasses? :joy::joy:


Good job. Has to be a huge difference in how much better you feel.

(Susan) #17

The frames are different, so maybe the same lense =).

(Natasha) #18

Awesome! Well done you!

(Marianne) #19

Wow, your transformation in this little amount of time is incredible! So happy for you.

Indeed. I guess it’s not for everyone, but it sure as heck suits me. Can’t believe the delicious food we can eat!

You go, boy!


(Back Row Matt) #20

lol, new, slightly bigger glasses