Does Keto have an effect on Smoking?

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I’ve been on and off Keto and I am a smoker. I think it’s been a few weeks really getting into the swing of this. But just a few days ago, I started noticing that my usual cigarette was making me feel weird, a little funny in the head and sometimes short of breath. It’s unusual for me. Normally I smoke half a cigarette, put it out and smoke the other half later but one puff, it seems I can’t handle it. Does this happen to other smokers getting good into Keto?

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For me, no. If you feel like you’re about to pass out, up your salt intake I believe (electrolytes).

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You’re a smoker @beccs! :confused:
I AM disappointed. :joy::joy::grin:

@noirsolaris Well I think your body is telling you it’s time to quit.

Myself, the change is huge! I’ve noticed when I smoke I never get the munchies anymore. Ketones are awesome like that…Praise the lard and pass the libations! :cowboy_hat_face:

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I know, I know :weary:

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I switched to vaping 5 years ago after 6 weeks of dual using. For a couple of years I think I just healed, I could feel it. Two years ago started to clean up my act. First, no more snacks then worked in to diet and exercise, 50 miles of walking or 60 min of cardio daily plus 2 hours of lifting per week. Diet is 40 g net carbs, real food. Lost 30 lbs. of fat, added 10 lbs of muscle, normalized BP, lipids, sugar, etc. No pills. If I hadn’t quit smoking none of the other things would have happened. People are shocked to learn I’m 70 but go back just 150 years, before cars, tractors, electricity, processed food and 70 year olds in my condition would be a common sight. And thousands of mail carriers walk 50 miles a week, no distinction there.

Having said all that, quitting smoking doesn’t make you healthy, just less unhealthy.

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Have one for me please!! :+1::+1:

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I actually gave up smoking as my New Years resolution for 2013 and I did great for a couple years. But one day I just picked it back up :confused:

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I kept doing the same thing!! I’ve been smoke free since beginning of September. Not through choice but necessity! :laughing:

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That’s awesome, you should be proud! :partying_face:

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Thank you Beccs! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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I don’t think this is at all related to Keto, in my opinion. I am a smoker, have been for 15 years and never noticed a difference except being able to handle stress better - emotions are more in check.


It might be…in that the cleaner you eat and the healthier you do feel in the physical body, introducing poison in the way of tobacco could be giving you effects now.

Smoker here. Ain’t giving it up just yet but I know I will when I am ready and my thinking is going in that direction………but my morning cig is hard on me. I get a bit woozey and feel it definitely cause my body had been without for a longer time…other cigs don’t do this to me thru the day. but I have also been cutting down which I guess is a good thing LOL

My Dad quit at age 46 and passed at 86 from lung cancer.
My Mom quit at age 77 and is now 91 and doing wonderful. On only one small blood pressure dose per day…other than that her bloodwork comes back as that of a 35 year old and her breathing is perfect.

So this seems to me like…you best know you now. Is it time to stop in case or does it scare ya into a change or ??? This is a personal call for you to step up and do what you truly think will help you. No one can make it for you on how you want to roll ahead.

best answer I can give ya from a personal point of view on it :slight_smile: hope some of that helps.

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If you refer to BBQ, yes.

If you refer to tobacco, no one should do that no matter what diet they are on. It has some effect on most diets by suppressing appetite.