Does green tea make anyone else ravenously hungry?


(Jeanne Wagner) #1

There is so much advice to drink green tea during fasting to to help make it through and also because it’s good for you. I have tried it during both fasting and not, and all it does is make me super hungry, like immediately. Has anyone else experienced this, and do you know what may cause that response? I’m using powdered Matcha green tea. It’s supposed to be really good stuff. it does have a low carb content. Could that possibly be it? But other teas do the same thing to me. NO, nothing added into it at all, either. Just the tea.

Needless to say I did not finish my $20 container of Matcha green tea because of this. It sits in the fridge getting stale.

(traci simpson) #2

I use Pique tea crystals and it kinda takes my appetite away.

(Susan) #3

I love Green tea, I just buy the cheap big box of it, Walmart brand, about $6 for a box of 72, I am cheap =) and it helps wake me up in the morning, I drink it plain, nothing added, I don’t drink coffee.

(Jeanne Wagner) #4

I’m glad you are getting that benefit. I wish it did for me!

(Jeanne Wagner) #5

Yeah I like green tea too, but I don’t like that it makes me feel so hungry.


I’ve sincerely tried to like green tea. Really, I have. Its supposed to be healthy for us. My doctor encouraged me to drink it. But it reminds me of grass, or maybe the juice left over if one were to boil grass. If I wanted to experience that taste, I go join the herd of cattle here, and have a meal with them. But, I don’t.

No, if I do drink tea, its Earl Grey or English Breakfast tea. With heavy cream. Maybe Rooibos. But, not green. Can’t stand the taste of Matcha, either.

(Jeanne Wagner) #7

LOL I feel ya. I also like black teas. :wink:

(CharleyD) #8

Wow sorry Jeanne, that’s exactly what green tea is supposed to suppress!

I admit I’ve only had matcha green tea once before and it wasn’t what I’d call green. I’ve only had Bigelow and Twinnings green tea prior.

(Jeanne Wagner) #9

That is what makes it so freaking frustrating. It’s supposed to help suppress the appetite; instead it super-stokes mine. I think I’m a freak sometimes. I just end up having coffee with a small amount of HWC. I know that knocks it out of being a ‘real’ fast, but it works for me so far. The one time i was able to do a water fast (5 days) I lost 18 lbs. Drops down to about 1/3 that when I ‘dirty’ fast.

(Bob M) #10

I don’t like the matcha stuff. For me, green tea does not seem to have an effect either good or bad, other than unless you get some tea with mint or similar added to it, it tastes bad (to me). And it gives me something to drink, with a little caffeine, when fasting.

But I cannot tell any benefit to drinking the tea. I use honest green tea and heat to 175F. I use leaves and a tea strainer I put in my cup.

When I fast, I drink black coffee, green tea, and water. If I’m not fasting, I drink coffee with a bit of cream, green tea, and water. I lose nowhere near what you lost for 4.5 days of fasting, and I gain basically all of it back in a few days. My overall weight loss has slowed, but I’m still losing weight.

(Susan) #11

Jaenne --just a thought, but if you are really struggling doing a longer fast without any foods, you could consider doing a Fat Fast =-). Basically fast and then maybe instead of having the coffee with HWC, add some Coconut Oil or MCT oil (almost the same thing as both coconut products) but that will give you calories, and the appetite suppressant? I had a big problem with this myself but it seems to work for some people.

(CharleyD) #12

Oh I feel ya. Send me the remaining matcha and I’ll drink it for you, (while holding my nose, natch) :rofl:

(John) #13

I have not noticed this. I usually just drink regular green tea (in bags), not the fancy matcha stuff. I don’t have the whisk and bowl to make it right, so it just ends up kinda clumpy in the water.

(traci simpson) #14

So all this talk about fat fasting, I put a little coconut oil in with my coffee and its not as good as butter!!! It’s unsatisfying with oil. :nauseated_face:

(Susan) #15

Maybe the stuff that @BlueViolet bought would be better? Wouldn’t butter still be okay? I just think maybe the HWC breaks as not being a fast? I thought it the OIL tastes awful, but had it because it was meant to help kill appetite. I can kind of get myself to eat anything if I think it will help me lose weight, even if I hate it… like the 2 teaspoons a day of salt I eat.

(traci simpson) #16

per Dr. Fung, HWC in your coffee doesn’t break your fast with regards to insulin spikes.

(Susan) #17

Oh okay that is great for you then =). It is something I have never eaten/drank in my life, never bought it but since you and several others on here love it, that is super, then just use that =)).

(4e82945357be9ba37151) #18

I have had this experience with green tea and some herbal teas as well, not sure what it is, maybe it messes with stomach acid levels and creates that gnawing hunger sensation.

(Jeanne Wagner) #19

Well I wish I could have said that I did several 5-day water fasts, and lost a whole lot more than 18lbs, but I have not been mentally able to do one since. I have always used the crutch of bone broth or a coffee with hwc in it. I’m at that point of being able to do 36+ hr fasts again (I’m over 60 hrs right now during one), and I’m just going to use the crutches until I don’t need them anymore. I had put a lot of pressure on myself to go water only as soon as possible but I feel that is just too much stress right now. I have to be more patient with myself.

I am fat adapted for over a year now, I just need to build up my mental fortitude more. My brain really wants me to eat but I literally am not hungry. It’s tough. I was lamenting the fact that green tea doesn’t work for me and wished it did.

(Jeanne Wagner) #20

Thanks Susan, I have tried that. I don’t like black coffee. I had been putting both mct (or coconut oil) and hwc in my coffee and it was just too many calories. I brought it to just the hwc so that I could have my creaminess and cut the bitter (along with the pinch of salt) and that is tolerable. I LOVE coffee, but I have to have it a certain way. lol