Does anyone know anybody who has been keto & died from Covid-19?

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You can take a horse to water . . .

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… and the gullible to a kool-aid trough… :wink:

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Science is the never-ending endeavor to prove that our current understanding is wrong. Clearly it’s the most productive way for us to make meaningful progress.


They’re explicitly a source for information against lockdowns - kind of like a Paleo or Keto website is specifically for info on those approaches to eating. I wouldn’t hold the name against a Keto website; I would just know going in what the perspective is, and would not expect - say - much promotion of a vegan diet.

Did you look at the content or just the medium (YT, etc)? I haven’t taken a good look at it so I’m not particularly recommending it - just curious how deep you went.

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Good question. Yes, I followed along the links along to several of the sources cited and I reviewed them myself.

In this case, the horse was brought to the water. I drank. To my palate, it tasted like kool-aid.


:slight_smile: Good for you! I was in a personal-growth program last year, and for the intellectual component we were assigned listening/reading to someone with opposing political views, and it was incredibly challenging for me. In the end it was worthwhile but honestly it’s been a mixed experience for me since; I don’t feel that I have that lovely, comforting certainty of being right, and I can no longer trust my usual sources for anything that I would consider to be honest or truthful. It’s like I can now see the commitment to one particular narrative wherever I turn. I watch friends and colleagues follow one line of thinking with almost religious devotion, and it’s frustrating to talk with them but I’m also a bit jealous. It can feel really good to be righteous and certain! confirmation bias is ubiquitous because it’s just so much easier.

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As fellow traveler…

It took me years to realize that I rarely learned anything by being right. Usually just confirmed my false assumptions.

But being wrong, on the other hand, has usually taught me my most valuable life lessons. Painful, but priceless.

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And once your eyes have been opened… frightening isn’t it.
I now find myself questioning absolutely everything I once held dear.


Also I’m starting to think that self-righteous indignation must have a dopamine component. I see the pull of it in others and definitely feel the temptation often in myself.

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It’s what fuels my twitter presence… just need to decide if that’s a good or a bad thing…


haha! it’s a tricky balance, right?

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Better ask the people I interact with!



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Questioning isn’t the same as knee-jerk reacting to, though. Well, it’s not supposed to be, even if certain low-carb “gurus” find that to be a way of maintaining a high-profile amongst the disciples.

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Please don’t use my posts in a pathetic attempt to make some “point” that you wish to promote.
Either contribute or stay silent.

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I have this printed on my mask:

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Hey marty,

Make that “Bacteria duplicate in warm moist masks”

Virusses cant do that, unless they infect the bacteria in the mask


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I asked my Dr. what was the difference in size comparing bacteria and virus. Bacteria is like the size of basketball or beach ball whereas a virus is the size of a golf ball. Face masks stop bacteria…

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