Does anyone know anybody who has been keto & died from Covid-19?

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Forgive me if this has already been covered and refer me to it.
I just find that I don’t know anyone directly who tested positive or died from C-19 (fortunately). And wondered if anybody knows of anyone who has been keto for at least a year and died from C-19?

I do feel strongly that my immune system is stronger due to keto. I haven’t had bronchitis for 2.5+ years since I started keto and used to get it 1-2x/yr as a complication of any cold.

I hate to admit I am in the over 60 age group and work full time and can have client exposure for up to 4 hours at a time. Always wear a mask & often gloves. I do think keto is protecting me and my labs are great.

Not looking for names, just wonder if you know anybody who is keto and died from C-19?

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I don’t personally know anyone but there are people who have diabetes that are dying of Covid. Some of them may have been trying a keto diet. Just a thought. I don’t know how protective it is

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Unfortunately people class “diabetes” as one thing and rarely if ever look at control… there was a study which stated that if blood glucose levels were under control (sub 180 mg/dl I think) then cases were far less severe in T2’s that those with higher levels.
Unfortunately I saw it linked to from twitter which is virtually impossible to search for things on…

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Mark, it makes sense that better blood sugar control would affect things (and I certainly hope that is the case).


Tip of the hat to @atomicspacebunny, who I believe posted this picture before.

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It’s beginning to look like COVID-19 is not simply a respiratory disease, like influenza and other SARS. It is that, but not because it attacks the respiratory system directly so much. It seems that it’s more a disease of the blood that damages not only blood cells but also the cells of the veins/arteries and the organs through which they pass. See the links included in here:

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If it turns out to be the case that COVID-19 is indeed primarily a disease of the blood that is introduced via the respiratory system, then my guess would be that the lung/blood interface is the critical target. So if metabolic malfunction generally and diabetes specifically lowers the immune response it would make sense to me that the virus would find it easier to infect those people. Also, since many other chronic diseases affect the immune system detrimentally, folks suffering from those would also be a greater risk. An awful lot of elderly, especially if debilitated sufficiently to be placed in nursing or other long-term care and assisted-living facilties are so compromised.

This is, in fact, what has occurred world-wide. Most people exposed to the virus don’t catch it, and the younger and healthier one is, the less likely to catch it. Most who get the disease experience none or mild symptoms. 99+% of those who get seriously ill and die from COVID-19 already have multiple serious chronic diseases and one would presume weakened immune systems.

Thus anything that strengthens the immune system generally and/or helps eliminate metabolic issues that lead to a compromised immune system are helpful. Keto is here. In my opinion.

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No, I only know one person who believes she had it, no testing done.
Whilst I know people are dying of it, I also know that lots of people have had it put on their death certificate that absolutely did not die of it. So it’s very hard to determine anything when there’s that level of deception going on.


Between the false death certificates and made up “new infections” from people doing antibody tests we really can’t do go by many of the numbers anymore. All we can really do is track confirmed infections accompanied with hospitalization over it. Most people showing the antibodies never even knew they got sick… what the hell does that tell us aside from most people that get it beat it. I’m considering getting the antibody test just to know, but it’s like $125 so my cheapness is holding me back.

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Until we know the real number of ‘exposed’ and ‘asymptomatic infections’ we won’t know how infectious nor how lethal COVID-19 really is. Even the CDC has revised it’s ‘infectious death rate’ to .26% based on current estimates/measures of exposed and asymptomatic infections. That’s not very much higher than seasonal flu. It just happened faster. And I suspect that resulted primarily from poor understanding of how at risk are the elderly in institutionalized care.

On the Diamond Princess with 3711 passengers (mostly elderly) and crew, 712 (at last count) got infected, of whom 14 subsequently died (1.96% of infected and .38% of exposed). On the USS Theodore Roosevelt with its mostly young and healthy crew of 4500, 1156 got infected (as of May 5) and 1 (41 year old - health status unknown - subsequently died), (0.86% of infected and 0.02% of exposed). So, the elderly and presumably more immuno-compromised on the Diamond Princess were at much higher risk than the younger and presumably much healthier sailors on the Theodore Roosevelt.


Can you link something to that? I can’t track it down. I’d love to shove that up somebodies backside I’ve been arguing with!

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I don’t recall where I first read that rate. But, here’s this:


Thanks man!

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:smile: We have flu vaccines.

By actual death numbers it’s 14 to 433 times higher than seasonal flu, using that 0.26% figure. We don’t count flu deaths and Covid-19 deaths the same way - the CDC just estimates almost all flu deaths. Counted the same way as for Covid-19, flu deaths would be reported as far less. The “Covid-19 versus the Flu” thread addresses this well.

0.26% of the U.S. population would be ~860,000 people. (We’re 12.8% of the way there.)
If it’s only 60% of Americans that get exposed to the virus, it’s still 516,000 people. (21.3% of the way.)

New York state = ~19,500,000 people. Again, using the 60% infected figure and then x 0.26% = 30,420 deaths predicted. NY already has 30,252 deaths, so it’s essentially already there. NY’s death rate has dropped off a LOT from the first peak, but by no means are things “over” - there’s still 600 - 700 deaths per week.

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:slightly_smiling_face: I know the feeling - when something appears concretely in error, i.e. mathematically/logically/physically impossible, etc. But that ‘Dental Tribune’ article is just plain n͟o͟n͟s͟e͟n͟s͟i͟c͟a͟l͟. A few of the commenters point this out. The 15th comment detailed the author’s confusion about the difference between IFR and CFR, and the editor replied, thanking the commenter and saying that an addendum had been added about those terms.

And they still have it wrong. :smile: The article takes one statement by the WHO’s Director-General (from over three months ago :crazy_face:) about CFR, and compares it to estimates of IFR.

IFR of 0.26% - this is entirely plausible, at least for now. If anything that would appear to be at the low end of the probable range.

CFR - it’s not “3.4%” as the article mentions. It’s currently 5.87% for the world, and 5.73% for the U.S.


I wouldn’t worry about it unless you have A+ or AB+ blood and/or metabolic syndrome.

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Yeah, because there have been NO DEATHS of people with O blood



Sure O+'s with metabolic syndrome and/or nutritional deficiencies. My O- grandma, uncle and some cousins had zero symptoms.

If you get infected and have viral infection symptoms instead of immediate viral shedding symptoms such as diarrhea. Please let me me know.

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I hope your not suggesting that a handful of your relations not showing symptoms is a conclusion to immunity to C19 within the human population. That is not logical and saying it is potentially dangerous for those that might listen. After all, you are on a public forum. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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New game for doctors - falsifying death certificates to see who can make the most outrageous claims.


Well controlled diabetes 2 person is 4x as likely to die. Poorly controlled type 2 13 x as likely to die obviously with higher risk for males and higher age brackets.