Does a 100% keto bread 0 carb exist?


Hello everyone. I am new to keto diet and am looking for information on keto bread but all recipes I have seen do contain carb ingredients. Do totally keto bread exist?

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You would have to do a search in our Recipes forum, to see if we have anything. I’ve seen a recipe for cloud bread, that was mostly egg whites and cheese. Most recipes seem to use nut flour, however, which is not carb-free.

The problem with keto bread substitutes, in my opinion, is that they always taste too eggy. Other people don’t seem to notice, but I always do. I like eggs, but not in a substitute bread.

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I have not tried this brand personally but my mom seems to like it and it claims to be 0g net carbs. Seems to have similar ingredients to other breads I have seen recipes for.


It has almond flour as the first ingredient (behind water) so it can’t be zero. No amount of fiber generates negative carbs.

Why do you want “zero”? If you mix eggs cheese and sawdust you can get net zero but it wont be very good…

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I have made carnivore bread which is made with ground pork, eggs, and pork rinds. I found it pretty tasty. I haven’t made it for a while. Now that I’ve mentioned it here, I think I shall make some this weekend. :yum:

You can also make chaffles which are waffles made with cheese and egg. My husband uses them for sandwiches and mini pizzas. There is a whole thread on chaffles.

I have also made a waffle (called a womlette) that is made with egg and bacon. I’ve used those for breakfast sandwiches.

Diet Doctor has a recipe for something called oopsie bread. If I recall, that recipe might be almost zero carb. Chaffles and womlettes are really easy to make. I think oopsie bread takes more work.


Sawdust actually has carbs in it :clown_face:

You can have around 20g carbs on Keto Plan so if you want to research a good keto bread then eat it. Many Keto Plan people use a good very low carb bread they enjoy but it is personal taste on those brands.

but if you want 0 carb bread it is all about the eggs. AND IT is nothing like ‘bread’ in any way :wink:

So why do you want 0 bread? And in truth there is no 0 carb
bread’ really :woozy_face: Keto Plan bread will never be 0 bread but if on Keto Plan you can eat around 20g carbs so just research the best bread you can to make your meal plan what you want it to be.

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Oopsie rolls and cloud bread are basically the same. Some recipes have almond flour, while others are just egg and cheese. They are okay.

Neither ooosie rolls nor chaffles really resemble bread, but they hit the spot when you want something sandwich-y. Also, the oopsie rolls are too soft/wet, and therefore are much improved by toasting. In my opinion.


So agree, hence there is no 0 carb ‘breads out there’ at all. You are lucky toasting gave you a texture etc you like…cool

In general guys bread is SO hard to make for health for what we love all about bread ya know…omg the yeast rolls, the full fledge all in bread like sourdough and tons more…one of the reasons for that taste we gotta dump them to the curb LOL :slight_smile: THINK all food minus bread. Anything you can ‘eat on bread’ can be eaten alone easier and just as great without the nasty bread to come along :wink:

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No - not one you would enjoy.

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I know you preach the carnivore with no leeway, but I make killer yeast rolls and thoroughly enjoy them twice a year with no ill effects that I can tell. I understand bread may be poison to some but I haven’t found it to be the case for me and twice a year is no big deal (for us). Just offering another viewpoint.

In the future if it started to cause me issues, I would give it up. Not a huge sacrifice since it is no longer a part of my daily life.

eta: pre-keto I would have an english muffin or bagel for breakfast every morning and wonder why I was hungry by 9 or 10 am LOL. Duh.


yea I feel you on that. for me your 2 times a year if I ate those rolls on one day I would be down for about 2 months of carb binge…very personal to me but when addiction comes back to me on a personal level there is 0 control

I am super happy you are one who can eat them up a few times a year!!!

Bread is wrong in so many ways for everyday life as I think you know if you only eat your killer rolls 2 times per year :slight_smile:

So I was thinking daily eating vs. a few times when I posted to the OP

but damn, back in the day, what I made…OMG!!! and now I am truly trying for full on health so what I made back then is gonzo for me :wink: :clown_face: and every answer will be personal on what we can and can’t have, I get that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I also consider you one of the lucky ones in life that can control and your body and food suits you better than what I deal with :slight_smile: More power to you!

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Thanks - yeah * knock on wood * I can for now.

I laugh when I think I used to worry about the butter and cream cheese I used to put on my english muffin and bagel. Talk about being brainwashed! I was worried about the wrong thing, of course. But better late than never - I came to keto and saw the light!!!

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Hello!! I’ve been keto for almost 4 years now, and I keep my ketones at a low but fat-adapted level. My weight fluctuates by about 7 pounds or so - my body tells me what it needs, and sometimes it’s staying at a slightly higher or lower weight. I don’t stress about it, but I maintain consciousness about what and how much I eat.
There are some great keto breads out on the market now, and my favorite is by Sola - you can order from them here Their bagels are fabulous!!!’


Eggs have carbs so that’s out but the whites are okay, we can use 0 carb cheese, fiber (I assume only net carbs matter here…?), meat… It depends what one considers bread.

For me, bread-like bread is plain impossible without grains but at least starches. My low-carb bread has wheat and it’s still just borderline bread-like. Not like that’s a problem, I don’t like normal wheat breads much though I do a pretty good one.

I consider a keto bread bread only if it has yeast and gluten. But that has carbs and not like a normal bread.

Bread substitution, that’s another matter. I LOVE using 100% (or close) eggs for that but that has carbs too. The eggier my bread, the better, or almost :wink: I make egg-only sponge cakes but they are better if I use more yolks than whites, only whites wouldn’t work alone at all.

Egg+meat carnivore “breads” are fine, only a little carb from the eggs and surely only white can work (except for me. I put yolks into nearly everything. bread must have some if you ask me :smiley: but I am an egg yolk maniac :)).
But that’s a meat stuff and not really bread.
If I wanted a 0 carb “bread”, I probably would use egg white and some dry thing. But it probably wouldn’t be tasty for me and it would be way easier just to eat some easy normal food. I don’t need bread for anything expect when I want to make a sandwich (though for my very old fav sandwich got loads better when I simply skipped the bread. but I can’t do that with any type) or I want to spread something on my bread substitute (but that’s probably a sandwich too. I am no expert at sandwiches, I never was into them). My sponge cake muffins (100% eggs, 0.25g carb per piece) work well there.

I am lucky as I can eat almost absolutely anything I am willing to eat to begin with all alone. I still wouldn’t like to eat some super fatty sausage with butter together alone (I do it separately), that’s where my sponge cakes come handy :wink:

I eat carby bread WAY more often still…
I never had any problem with either gluten or yeast, I don’t know what else can be a problem for people. It’s lots of carbs for me so yep, that. It’s not good for me to eat a loaf of bread but a few slices? Or more from my own lower-carb bread with lots of gluten and yeast… Never caused any problems. Starches are okay for me anyway unless in huge amounts. Not ideal but not a problem, per se.
Me and my SO both had gluten free years (except very occasional amounts at relatives) and nothing changed so we don’t care about it anymore. I eat super little gluten anyway.

I didn’t wonder, I knew breakfasts make me hungry. I tested it with keto breakfasts, they are the same.
But carbs are different, sure, I tested eating half a loaf of bread with lots of butter multiple times in my life, it never ever satiated me the slightest and it makes perfect sense as it has almost no protein but much carbs. That’s why it doesn’t matter if I can handle much bread or not, it just makes me hungrier unless it’s low-carb and protein-rich.

But I do too much off topic here now… I deleted some and now I send this.


I am always curious when you talk about these; how do you make them?


As a sponge cake, I just skip everything that isn’t egg :slight_smile:

It won’t be firm enough, of course, poor thing is pretty in the oven but gets deflated… And I shouldn’t use the lower, always liquid part (it’s good if I even wait a bit), just the fluffy one and then it will be light and erm, there is a word for deflated fluff… all the way.
For a proper fluff, we would need some dry stuff. I tried boiled egg yolks (never smooth enough and not enough anyway), fiber (but that’s not carnivore and I try to stick to it especially with my frequently used items) and my new darling is quark, the crumbly, dry type. Carnivore is limited at flours, I must say, it’s good I am fine with dairy.
I never tried to use meat or skin but if I can ground it well enough, it probably would go well…? If I do it without whipping the egg and using paprika generously (I think I use my own sausage spice mix. it’s mostly paprika, though) and fry it, I get some super good rissoles.
I think I would worry that the meat ruins the whipped egg whites… Some ground pork rinds should work better I suppose. But I like my more neutral, general sponge cakes. They may be even desserts though I usually eat them savory. But I still don’t want the meat inside competing with whatever I put on it. And my egg-meat things are fried and used as a main dish. But some experiments still sounds good.


Ah, I never made sponge cakes. So, something like?

  • take one egg
  • whisk it
  • bake it in the oven

Or is there something else to it?

I am genuinely curious - they always look really interesting when you post a picture.


The whites and eggs should be whipped separately. That’s the traditional method. I saw it whipped together and I use that for another type of cake (and saw it for sponge cake once) but it’s not that fluffy and I need all the fluffiness for sponge cake. I have a less than ideal tool for whipping eggs now and I just do it with the whites most of the time and add the yolks normally. There is little difference as far as I can tell.

And it’s not one egg, it’s 7 or when Mom made sponge cake, 10-12 but she used flour and sugar and a bigger oven and not muffin molds :smiley: I have a big muffin mold and 6 eggs is just fine (I use 7 as the bottom is too watery and I just fry the last egg). I often add more yolks, usually 3 extra. But if I just need something for a very rich and fatty beef stew, 1:1 ratio works better.

7 eggs (and maybe 3 extra yolk) makes only 12 deflated sponge cake muffins and I eat them up quickly and cleaning my problematic kitchen machine more than once a week isn’t what I like so I prefer to make 2 bunches :wink: They last long I suppose but they gets dry and crumbly in a few days without cover, even in my somewhat humid house (60% is pretty normal)! I like that but they lose their original soft bread substitution role that way.

(Once my Mom left some soft sponge cake in our summer house. Months later I found it, it was some “fluffy biscuit” if that is a thing, similar to ladyfingers, we call it “baby sponge cake” in Hungarian as it is given to babes a lot. It was great. I like food with a long shelf life. But that had sugar, I wonder what mine would do, it dries out quite well…)

My deflated muffins often have a big hole inside (okay, not when they deflated but if we open them, it’s big as the wall isn’t thick) and sometimes I stuff something in it.

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I tried gluten free for a while even though I didn’t think I had any issues from it. Did several months and couldn’t tell any difference so decided it wasn’t in my genes to have problems with gluten.

My great-grandparents raised 8 kids on a farm producing almost all their own food. She birthed 11 I think but losing babies early on was accepted as part of life - especially if there was something wrong and little country doctors could do. Anyhoo, my great-grandmother rolled out biscuits (made with lard) every morning, fried up sausage or bacon they made themselves and made gravy with it, plus eggs from their hens. The men went to the field to tend crops and animals and the women had their own labors cooking, washing, sewing, etc. My great-grandfather was rail thin his whole life. Great-grandmother got a bit plump in her old age but not fat. The women were not as physical as the men. They had beans and cornbread regularly. Carbs and saturated fats provided the energy to do the work to keep everyone fed and clothed. Carbs were not “evil” - they provided energy just like fats. But none of the carbs were junk food.

Our lives are nothing like that now. Sometimes people ask why suddenly carbs (and seed oils) became so bad… well I blame Big Food and marketing and convenience.

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Maria Emmerich has an egg white powder bread recipe that is pretty low carb, and there are variations around that make it less like styrofoam… here’s one version:

and another: