Does a 100% keto bread 0 carb exist?


Cool but being from New Jersey and having the bagels from NY and Jersey omgosh I bought every single LC bagel on the market and none can ever equal that taste. Regional water or some type of ??? that makes them so unusual and addictive in taste. Once I grew up on that, there ain’t any type of bagel anyone can make to touch that substitute for me but super cool you have that option!! Sounds like you just love them :slight_smile:


Sawdust does have carbs… cellulose…but we generally don’t process it so it is basically 0 net carbs…


net carbs :clown_face:

(Jane) #25

I grew up in Houston and didn’t know what a bagel was until I was 11 years old… and we lived in Meyerland - a predominantly Jewish area. On Jewish holidays I woudl show up to school, they would take role and then send us all home because they didn’t have enough students to hold classes LOL.

My Dad brought some bagels home one Sunday morning instead of the usual Dunkin Donuts and we were hooked! Btw, he used to bring home a dozen glazed for me and my brother, which we ate the entire box. As teenagers he had to throw in a couple of huge cinnamon roles we ate in addition to the 6 doughnuts each! Neither of us were overweight and my brother was so skinny his ribs showed.

Anyhoo… one year I was in New York on business and stopped in a local bakery to buy goodies and bagels. OMG - the bagels were SO much better than the ones I had at home!!! New York is amazing for a foodie. Best Chinese food I ever had in China town, hands down.


ohhh my gosh now I wanna go North and get bagels HAHA
Yes they were a beautiful darn thing weren’t they? When you eat that thing and you just melt eating it and enjoy the heck out of it…I swear the only thing keeping me off a bagel is the are disgusting in my rural South area…lol…but if I go back north, all bets are off HA Loved your memory on all that, and can see your little faces light up when Daddy walks thru the door with a dozen donuts! all around food too, just like mine :sunny:

(Jane) #27

Thanks. Yes, makes me smile. My Dad is the only parent still with us. He turns 88 next month and eats low carb now to control his blood sugar. Not keto-low-carb but definitely not SAD and no seed oils either.

The doughnuts were a special treat. We grew up eating hot breakfasts you had to cook like bacon and eggs or oatmeal. Dad usually cooked us breakfast so bringing home doughnuts was a break for him, too.


Can’t ever replace those fine memories can we :slight_smile: When they are good, they are good and make ya smile thinking back and that is so important!!

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Yay for 4 years keto! I Congrats!!!
won’t try the bread since the total carbs are 27 per slice, and that’s what I go by, not net carbs after fiber…. Cuz any increased carbs bring on cravings. But that’s just me.


net carbs are a joke :slight_smile: lets get THAT debate started HAHA


Only net carbs matter to me (and it was way easier to count and I would never could go low with total without carnivore anyway) :slight_smile: 100(? just a guess) g total was perfectly fine - except it means some non-food so yeah, I like my total to be low nowadays… But some fiber and sweetener never seemed to do anything special to me (if I did it right. sweets often trigger sweets eating but I know how to do it kind of right)… It’s just not food, again so it’s not ideal.
But I needed to use net carbs on vegetarian keto, 40g net was hard enough for me even after a few low-carb years (20g was totally impossible)! I ate very much fiber and sugar alcohol every day. Once I made fun bouncy flax-phyllium husk buns and obviously ate the whole bunch right away as it’s me. I definitely went over the recommended amount of fiber…

But if I need some bread or biscuit like stuff (I made “toasts” today. I didn’t eat them though, I probably will freeze poor things as they aren’t exactly carnivore and tomorrow will be a proper carni day, I make a big roast), I try fiber after I exhausted the carnivore options (my last egg and cheese biscuits become quite okay!). I have a ton of fiber anyway, I need to use it for something eventually… It’s bad enough I have a ton of herbs and spice I will throw out when too many years pass and they go wrong… Fiber has some use. Not much but some :smiley: (Though I always can use it like the bad tasting oily seed flours and feed it to my SO, his bread accepts everything in tiny amounts, even the utterly horrible red grape seed powder :D).

Each to their own, I always say! It’s so amazing how different people react totally differently to the same thing…


Yes, but something doesn’t have to have zero carbs to be keto OK. 647 bread is 95% a perfect match to the point you could give it to somebody expecting “normal” bread and it’d pass. None of the DIY breads are good, not if you’re actually comparing it to bread.

(Robert) #33

If I want bread I’ll eat the real thing or not at all. So I gave up on bread altogether, and found other foods to keep me happy. I still make bread for the non ketonians at home. Damn it but I do miss those home made Anzac biscuits (cookies) though…