Doctor who recommended Keto says it isn't great as a long term diet


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Crédit Suisse and Swiss Re have cottoned to the fact that life expectancy on the Western diet is now declining, which wreaks havoc on their life insurance model. As Dr. Lustig says, “You know things are really bad when bankers are actually calling for a new tax on something!” (referring to Crédit Suisse’s proposal of a stiff tax on sugar).

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Yay! Expert support for my raspberry habit! :+1::rofl:

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Give France another twenty years for Coca-cola to finish penetrating the market, and then tell us how thin the French are. They’ve been metabolically healthy so far, because their sugar consumption has been low. Once they come over to the dark side with the rest of us, they’ll be screwed. Like the rest of us. Remember that diabetes and obesity tend to run about 20 years behind sugar consumption. As Taubes points out, the Japanese in the 1980’s were eating sugar per capita at the rate of Americans in the 1880’s, and they had the rates of diabetes and obesity that the United States had back then. But now they are eating as much sugar as the rest of us, and they are paying the same price we are.

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  • No U.S. dietary guidelines to tell us to lay off the fat and eat carbs

We should ask the Doctor to go back to the Paleolithic and come back and tell us just what the diet really was! :grinning:

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Here are some studies on multivitamins —

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The French govt. seems to have seen it coming though. As I understand it they place restrictions on how much sugar/salt/fat fast food companies can use in their products. Whether or not it’s enough (I suspect not) only time will tell but it’s got to be better than the free-for-all allowed in India - saw a documentary that showed the ‘cheese’ in some pizza hut products was actually a mix of starches & emulsifiers or some crap - no cheese at all. Gak. The difference in nutrients in the French Vs the Indian versions was pretty remarkable.

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Glad to hear it. The French can be pretty smart when they want to be. :fr:

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Will you explain to me the correct way to do a carb up day.

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Wow! You put this so WELL and it fits me to a T! Thanks.

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Not certain, but I think by that he meant that your health status and chance of future disease are back to normal, if you don’t return to a high-insulin diet. Kinda like how if you quit smoking, after a couple of decades (or something like that) your health statistics return to being those of a non-smoker. If you resume smoking, or resume a high-carb diet, you’ll be back on the bad trajectory.

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So glad I saw your post as have just read this article and am feeling the same concerns as you.

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So the author has gotten wealthy off 6 books he wrote on the paleo diet and all his research at Colorado Syate is focused on paleo… so he might be a TAD biased against keto, ya think?


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Long read but fascinating look into carnivore eating and the lack of health problems with it - including scurvy!


Written in 1935!