Doctor Goes Keto


(Helen Goché) #41

Thank you so much for being so willing to share your story. It takes someone with your education, training and experience in the medical profession to nudge in some changes. It would be so good to at least stem the tide of the bad advice/bad health we’ve experienced over the last few decades. (BTW, kudos to your wife for telling you and to you for listening.)

(Todd Allen) #42

LDL goes up during rapid weight loss. At a minimum your doctor should back off and wait until your weight stabilizes before doing better testing to try and establish if you have significant heart disease risk and indications of progressing heart disease. Otherwise why pay the costs of drug treatment and risk the side effects?

My LDL is higher than yours. I’ve had statins pushed on me by most every new doctor I’ve seen. Which is crazy because I have a genetic motor neuron wasting disease similar to ALS but slower. All drugs that lower LDL have myopathy and myalgia as side effects. People on statins are 20 times more likely to develop ALS. People with motor neuron diseases tend to have higher LDL and in people with ALS higher LDL correlates with slower disease progression. Which makes sense when one considers that LDL is not just “bad cholesterol” but is the transporter for a variety of essential lipids such as phospholipids involved in the generation and repair of membranes for cells and organelles such as mitochondria. And cholesterol is an essential component of the myelin needed by nerves. Statins also are a significant risk factor for developing diabetes which can aggravate a very wide range of chronic health issues and degenerative diseases. After I explain this to doctors and my reluctance to take drugs that could accelerate my degeneration and hasten my death they usually back off.

(Lori Nehring) #43

Thank you for all the information. I’m so sorry you have a disease, but am so glad you take steps to educate yourself about it all.
I work for a Veterinarian and her husband is a college professor, they both have TERRIBLE, diabetes & are both obese. She was white, sweating & clammy at the office one day and I told her to PLEASE get to emergency! She “called her Dr & left a message” :roll_eyes: she was crying that she felt so lousy, then she just started gasping for breath. I asked the vet tech to get her on oxygen while I called 9-1-1. It ended up she rode in an ambulance to a hospital 1 hour away. They found she has a large blood clot in each lung! She thinks I’M a lunatic for doing keto (while she watches me shrink and have wonderful energy!) Yet I think she is on her 3rd $10.00 bag of mixed miniature candy bars from the Halloween isle. It breaks my heart. Their son & daughter are most likely destined to have diabetes, they are both very large. The daughter is now pregnant too. I worry about that baby​:disappointed_relieved:

I send her articles and youtube videos, all she hears is “ketoacidosis” The other Vet we just hired does keto too, I’m hoping for a miracle.

Sorry this is so long, I guess I just had to vent where I know it won’t fall on deaf ears😉

(jim Chiodo) #44

We have quite a bit in common. I’m also 73 and was obese. (I hate that word). 11 months ago I weighed 325. Thanks to Keto, I’m at 250 now.

I’m also NOT a doctor, although I do consider myself my own self doctor because my primary care physician or the medical group he belongs to doesn’t have a clue. I’ve researched extensively and have not found a doc that I can be comfortable with. My doc wanted me to put me on statins even though my lipid panel wasn’t terribly bad. (chol was at 205, LDK and HDL ratio was off a little, Triglicerides were normal.)

There are a couple Keto Consultants, but Medicare doesn’t pay for them and i’m not loaded with cash.

After 10 months on Keto, my Chol is down to 178, ratios greatly improved and and in the normal range. Triglicerides are now way low.

I took mile blood presure meds (Losartin) and have cut way back, (may discontinue). Also have sleep apnea and have turned pressure way low gradually. The next month, may see the CPAP put on the shelf for good.

My only issue, which I suspect you might also have is “excess skin”. I’m going to make a separate post about that and see if a solution without paying big bucks to a plastic surgeon is and option for me.

(Marc Hirsch Md) #45

Jim, thanks for taking the time to tell me your story. My story is similar to yours, but way less weight. Hang in. My blood pressure is being resistant even at 6 months, but I’m not worried. All my best. Marc


(Beth) #46

Well done Doc!

(Marc Hirsch Md) #47

Thank you.


(jim Chiodo) #48

But Doc. Those pics!. If they are before and after, it looks like you lost a whole lot more than me. Someone else pointed this out and I didn’t see a reply.

So what’s the story with the pictures?

(Marc Hirsch Md) #49

Yes. Don’t know how to reply. Not sure what denial or affirmation again would mean. I appreciate your concern but I’m confused unless you’re just joking. Now that I understand. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


(John M. Bradley) #50

Great job!!!

I’ve found that my blood panels have significantly improved, but still struggle with the weight. It has come down some, but has plateaued.

You, however, look exceptionally fit.

(Carl Keller) #51

He did reply to me when I asked about the pictures:

(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #52

That fact alone should get them banned, but of course it won’t,

(Marc Hirsch Md) #53

I too have plateaued short of my goal. I read of trying 1 or 2 days a week increasing carbs. I’m gonna cautiously try that.



I have found that increasing consumption of carbs for 1-2 days occasionally seems to help me break a plateau.

(Marc Hirsch Md) #55

I have just become aware of that possibility and have begun to try dropping out of ketosis once a week.


(bulkbiker) #56

I knew there was a reason I ate that chocolate last night!

(Kim ) #57

Dr. Marc - Congrats on your progress. I’m relatively new to the forum, but I hope I can post the same results some day. Maybe you could meet up with some former colleagues who will obviously ask you how you look so good and “how you did it?” Need more docs on the bandwagon!

(Marc Hirsch Md) #58

Thank you. I’m looking for a new doctor myself. My 1st appointment with a low carb high fat MD is next week, 3 hours away.


(Debra Carter Allen) #59

Good to see a man of medicine accomplish what you have. My doctor keeps telling me no, it’s bad for you also as I continue to get bigger and bigger. But I’m going to go keto anyway.O

(Ken) #60

Adding in periodic carbs will help your metabolism and break a Stall. It’s a better method than going the other way, such as Fasting. Lipolyis (Keto) is kind of like whacking on your your metabolism with a hammer, with eventual negative effects. Once that occurs, deciding to Fast is just changing to a bigger hammer.