Doctor Goes Keto


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I agree.


(Give me bacon, or give me death.) #62

Huh. That’s exactly the opposite of what I understand Dr. Fung, among others, to be saying.

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I’m out of likes again. stupid software

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I have tried constant ketosis and I stalled in my weight loss and enthusiasm. Now I’m beginning a modest break in ketosis once a week. We’ll see.


(Ken) #65

They’re right far as during adaptation and elimination of derangement. It’s primarily during Maintenance that the negative effects can occur. Although you can add occasional carbs back in after two weeks of adaptation.

Metabolic effects don’t often get as much emphasis as others do. Especially if the Guru hasn’t had personal experience with them. Their effects can be profound.

Yes, strict lipolysis at chronic ketone producing levels can cause insulin resistance. I’ve done it.I got to the point that when I ate a decent amount of fat it would cause an energy drop similar to my old “carb comas” of my obese days. It took a couple of weeks of carbs to get rid of it, then weekend carbs to prevent reoccurrence.

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@Marc_Hirsch_MD You’re a doctor, why do you need a doctor who doesn’t see things as you do? Your research and intuition has brought you here with miraculous results.

“Physician heal thyself”

To which I might add, you already did. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Absolutely incredible!

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Wow that is truly amazing! Whatcha need an MD for?:grinning:

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Unfortunately this doctor hasn’t been back since his post, he’s never read any of our responses after the first day of the post…I wish he would have stayed with the keto community here. :cowboy_hat_face:

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In this thread there has been some of discussion of changing doctors before taking statins. (I agree!) If the doctor is concerned about standard of care, would it help if you took the prescription? It finally occurred to me that I didn’t have to get it filled.

My own doctor alternately recommends “keep doing what you’re doing” and “don’t mess around with ketosis, it’s dangerous.”

I’m trying to remember to call it LCHF, which sets off no alarms.

(Art ) #71

Mark - what an inspiration! I had to dump my primary and find a new one because he wasn’t 100% supportive of Keto and was a fatty himself.

This isn’t the only case of that. When I created a trust for my son, my attorney was/is morbidly obese and I had and have serious doubts he would outlive me to defend the trust if needed.

Of course for the succession of trustees, I had to select healthy friends but am now considering having my bank’s trustee dept manage it because banks don’t get fat and it they do it’s a good thing.*

  • as long as it’s not off my money. :crazy_face:

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“Aside from my weight and size loss I’ve learned that I treated diabetes, obesity, and high cholesterol wrong for an entire career.”

Too bad bumper stickers and billboards typically only have enough room for 5-7 words.

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Clearly - you added muscle to replace fat weight. This is why the before/after looks so dramatic while the weight change isn’t that extraordinary.

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@nosenabook I would just say low carb and leave it at that. Doctors like your’s freak out about the FAT!


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@David_Stilley I’m performing a civic duty. It’s good for my doctor to freak out occasionally!

(Empress of the Unexpected) #76

Just manage your own health. Doctors have limited knowledge. Whether my doctor approves of keto or not does not affect me.

(Bev) #77

I’m 79 years old. My LDL also shot up (in 300’s). Doctor wanted me to start on statins, but agreed to order a CAC first to see how my arteries looked. CAC result was 00. She said no statins, just keep doing what you are doing.