Doctor Goes Keto


(Marc Hirsch Md) #1

I’m a 73yo retired family doctor/hospitalist who became obese over time. My wife called my attention to the roll of fat behind my back. I started low carb,high fat and lost 20 lbs in first 2-3 mos. My cholesterol shot up. My blood pressure stayed high. I stuck & read & listened to keto dudes, Jason Fung, Eric Westman, Tim Noakes for the past 6 mos and my pressure decreased, I got particle sizes & fended off statins. My own doctor treats me like a mental defective for falling for low carb hype. Time for a new informed MD.



(Brian) #3

Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

(Misty Torrey) #4

You are an amazing example!!



(Carl Keller) #6

Or one who is open-minded. Hopefully there’s some out there…

I’m a bit confused regarding, what I assume is, your before and after pics, Your profile says you lost 19 pounds but the two pics look to be a difference of at least 80-100 pounds. I’m guessing the weight loss in your profile is not updated… so how much have you actually lost since May of this year?

And congrats on the transformation. :slight_smile:

(Mike W.) #7

I was very confused as well…


Awesome job, Dr. Marc!

You look great! :+1:

(Jane) #9

You look AMAZING!! Good for you!

(Karen) #10

Wish we could give you more likes. You’ll help so many people. Looking amazing btw.


(Marc Hirsch Md) #11

I lost 20 lbs of the 30 I wanted to lose in the first 2-3 months of keto. I added fasting, intermittent and extended, and gained back 5 lbs in rebound eating, especially almonds. But my girth has continued to shrink amazingly. My ketones by finger stick stay present, from 0.5-3.5 mmols. I’m working out every 2 mornings with quick intense circuits of free weights with enough breaks to let my heart slow. Life is good. Thanks for your interest. It’s really only 15 lbs between those pictures. My goal has become more ketosis than scale-weight loss.

(Raj Seth) #12

No Fricking way that is 15lbs only. There’s 15 lbs just in the moobs- belly is a bonus!!

(Janet) #13

Hey Dr. Marc! Thank you for sharing your amazing success story here. You are an inspiration, hope you still attend doctor conventions to spread the word. “page 4, Julie”

(Marc Hirsch Md) #14

Ha. I’m not complaining. I’m sticking to under 20 Grams of carbs, under 100 grams protein, lots of butter, olive oil, MCT oil. I don’t miss bread, pasta, even popcorn, which I was addicted to. I have tried to lose even a few pounds for years and always gained a little instead because I got hungry and I liked ice cream. Now I eat mostly once a day, make sure I eat broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, but not over carb limit. Plenty of water. Cup of bouillon a day for salt. Finally blood pressure dropping after 6 months but have to use mostly decaf coffee. Starbucks has decaf espresso.


(Running from stupidity) #15

(At least) two docs on the site currently. Excellent.

(Marc Hirsch Md) #16

Aside from my weight and size loss I’ve learned that I treated diabetes, obesity, and high cholesterol wrong for an entire career.


(Raj Seth) #17

Never too late to start the rest of your life - armed with knowledge :+1::+1:

(Carl Keller) #18

The difference between the two photos is remarkable in that it’s only a 15 pound loss. I’m very pleased to hear you have your keto priorities in order. It’s all about the journey, not the destination. :wink:


I had this same experience. Just knew I was going to struggle, but now I don’t even care.

(Terence Dean) #20

Congratulations Marc, we need more doctors like you, well done!