Doctor Goes Keto


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Amazing difference! Congratulations!

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Dr Marc, I’m new to posting here. I’m trying to upload a picture for you to see. I have been Keto since Jan 2 2018. My Dr doesnt “get it” I have lost 67 lbs and feel AMAZING!
She is worried about my LDL and, of course wants me to get on statins. I refuse. What more should I be doing? If ANYONE has any ideas, I appreciate them.
I’m also hoping my picture uploads…

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Lori, I have found it necessary to search for a keto-enlightened doctor since my statin reliant physician has not had time to take from her busy practice to examine the role of insulin in heart disease. I understand because I was her, not getting that multiple feedings of sugar and starch in a day keep insulin levels high and promote insulin resistance, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary disease, kidney failure, and vascular disease, to name a few damaging side effects of my former dietary ignorance. I don’t blame her. It’s hard to take time and it’s not mainstream medical practice, but I won’t take a statin to support mainstream medicine. lets you purchase an advanced cholesterol panel and I found that my high Total cholesterol and LDL were of the healthy pattern. You may have to Google to get the exact interpretation. I did. My doctor doesn’t know there is a healthy kind of LDL and, sadly, acted like I was a mental defective. I’m going to pay for a consultation with a doctor who is informed and enthusiastic about low carb, high fat, intermittent and extended fasting. He’s 3 hours drive away.


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Also new to posting, I’ve been drinking acv morning and night (2Tbsp each) based on this video from 2 fit docs.

I’ve been doing it for over a month now and will be going for tests in a couple of weeks for my n=1 results. I’m not concerned about cholesterol but my doctor is, so to save the hassle I’ll see if I can bring it down some. I’m not going to take statins I’ll switch doctors first.

I mix up a keto friendly electrolyte drink so it’s not straight acv.
2 Tbsp acv
Juice of 1 lime
1/4 tsp cream of tartar (Potassium bitartrate)
1/2 tsp salt (Redmond’s real salt)
Stevia to sweeten
Water or sparkling water as required

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I used apple cider vinegar for a long while, but found low carb hi fat more effective for my general health. My friends swear by acv, though. Everyone is different, but we can all agree that multiple feedings of sugar and starch every day is a set up for insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and multiple disease consequences. Getting an enlightened doctor is my first job if I don’t want to hurt myself doing this.

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HI @Marc_Hirsch_MD well done on your transformation.

Have you any idea why there’s still such a resistance from Doctor’s around the world to advocate this type of lifestyle that you’re following with such success to obese and pre-diabetic patients?

I do meet health professionals every now and again who are fully aware of it, but here in the UK, we’re still bombarded by the same old out of date advice about fruit, fibre, low fat, pro-carb heavy eating etc etc?

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I’m also doing lchf to manage my td2. I’ve read so much about acv benefits and thought why not see if I can achieve multiple nsv :wink:

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ACV cause reduction in my blood glucose without any doubt but I stopped it because of my IBS and it increases guts permeability

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Alex in the U.K., I was wary as a doctor of breaking with the “standard of care.” Medical practice became all about protecting yourself, not the patient. I ashamed to admit it. I had 2 office practices, 2 nursing homes, a hospital and ICU patient load, almost 24 hour a day practice +/- weekends. Reading journals I fell asleep. Diet was not immediately life threatening. Sorry. So I sympathize with my doctor, but I must find one who understands.


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I am a 66 year old practicing anesthesiologist and have been ketogenic for 4 years with IF the last 2 years. I have experienced the expected life changes including reversal of my hypertension and early kidney disease, i. e. Insulin resistance. I just want to let all know that more and more physicians and health care providers are or have converted and will continue to.

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Education never stops. I’m 73.



Dr. Marc, if you don’t mind me asking, what was your revelation? Was there a particular book, journal, or study you read that piqued your curiosity to learn more?

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My wife told me I was dangerously obese and suggested I find some way to lose weight. A long time ago I lost weight using the Atkins low carb method so I thought I’d use it again only the internet was alive with low carb plus high fat. Dr. Eric Westman at Duke and Dr. Tim Noakes In Capetown, South Africa talked about insulin over-stimulation and resistance and it hit me like a brick. I understood immediately that I had got it all wrong, that chasing blood sugar with buckets of insulin was the wrong approach. That diet can actually reverse diabetes, etc.


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Same here. Tried Atkins in the 70’s when it was popular so started again last year after Thanksgiving. Had not heard of keto or fat-adaption or insulin resistance until a friend pointed me here around Christmas. I joined but got busy and didn’t really start reading and learning until Feb.

It hit me like a ton of bricks also. It was the missing piece! Atkins had worked, but nowhere does it tell you to limit your eating windows. I was snacking on protein all day and getting very little fat. Eventually I would stall out and get bored with the protein and veggies w/o the fat. Not sustainable plus I was eating too often so doing it all wrong.

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It’s so gratifying to hear other people’s stories.


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Thank you for your reply!
I’m going to a PA in Sioux Falls, South Dakota that has her own office and specializes in thyroid help, hormone testing & has her husband on keto. I’m hoping she may be able to order the right tests. Otherwise, I will definitely look into that testing site you mentioned. I want to have big, fluffy particles.:grin:

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Impressive… and very commendable that you have embraced this lifestyle despite the disapproval of your peers… you are an example and can make a difference. Keto on!

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Thank you! I will definitely try that!

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Also retired MD, been there, done that. Also need fresh, informed PCP…