Do you still get benefits from extended hours of minimal calories?


my question is about my current situation. I have been fasting for 59 hours. I’ve had butter coffee everyday during that 59 hours, except today. I am fasting for weight loss and for health benefits. I have lost 79 lbs since november 15. to be more accurate I lost 80lbs from november 15 to march 15, IF, keto. when I reached 80lbs lost I had some rash skin issues that I have dealt with all my life, kind of erupt- skin has been better drastically, but I think my body was just maybe needed a break. I’ve maintained within 10lbs so I know what ‘normal’ eating would be like and be able to maintain. I guess this is good to know that I can maintain, it’s not just a hope. I added carbs back, I mean honestly IF Is something I dont see as a diet, it’s really the best way for my body to digest food.
ideally I have a minimum fasting window of 12, but I like 16-18, and when I’m feeling well, and not particually hunger driven worried about food, I can go longer. The longest fast I’ve done was about 96 hours I want to say. I still want to lose about 20 lbs and I’d also like to make sure I am benefiting from autophogh(I know it spelling it wrong) I plan to do some more frequent extended fastings to knock out the rest of the weight, like maybe a 72 hour fast once a week, 16 to 18 hours the rest of the week.

I love butter coffee and I watched a youtube video where they say it does in fact break a fast as far as your body is not burning your fat for energy…but it does not raise insulin. I believe they said it also stops autophogh because the butter has minimal calories of 85 to maybe 120.
In digesting this minimal calories, and giving my body fat to burn, I know that butter coffee doesnt stop ketosis, and most likely makes it easy for your body to switch back over to your own fat once it burns that butter up, but am I getting any other benefits if I technically have not fasted these past 59 hours? I’ve heard some say calories lower than 200 especially if they are from fat, not sugar or carb, might not really count. just looking for some insight.

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I’m not sure this is exactly true, protein or carbs halt autophagy for sure, fats just stop burning body fat until they’re used up. For maximum autophagy no fats, but I don’t think it completely stops autophagy. There is probably a better choice than butter though since it has trace lactose and milk solids and probably has a negative effect compared to coconut oil or MCT when fasting depending on the quantity. Ghee might be a superior choice if butter is desired. :cowboy_hat_face:

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I think you’re good. If the purpose of fasting is to force your metabolism into a state where the only option of surviving is to eat it’s own fat it’s going to do so. That why it put that fat there in the first place. A couple hundred calories of exogenous fat is not going to stop the process. Sure, maybe you’ll metabolize the exogenous fat for a while, but it won’t last long and as soon as it’s gone, back to eating yourself again. Consuming a little exogenous fat is not going to raise either insulin or glucose concentrations, which is probably the other reasons you’re doing the fast. Do you know there’s actually something called a fat fast, where you can eat up to about 1000 calories of fat and still technically be ‘fasting’? Google it.

And I agree with @David_Stilley that coconut/MCT oil and/or ghee might be better choices than plain butter. But at the amounts you’re consuming probably isn’t an issue to worry about. On an actual fat fast, though, maybe.


Sorry I should have clarified I use ghee, lactose free(found out I can not consume dairy, ezcema and acne greatly reduced along with asthma, literally tested it, eating pizza, the next day my ezcema itches and gets inflammed, without dairy, I can still have ezcema patches but they are not inflamed, and not red, and the itching really dies down, multiple areas disappear, stubborn patches stay sometimes)


I have some mct oil, I used to add that as well, I really cant explain why I stopped, I think it didnt mix well to me, and I found it to be so oilly, I actually like the way coffee and ghee taste. I prefer to use kerry grass fed salted to cook, I use ghee in my coffee, I should probley start cooking with ghee, but that would be more expensive that the current state which is an adjustment to this day.


I didn’t really plan an end for this fast, I dont think I had ever had ghee coffee every day of a fast before, but I feel so good when I drink it that I wonder if I might be able to do 5 days with ghee coffee everyday?

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If you’re not already using a blender I recommend you do so when adding fats/oils to coffee. I have a countertop blender that accepts a standard mouth mason jar, so I use that to make my 1 liter ‘cup’ of morning coffee. For smaller amounts a hand-held immersion type blender works fine. Some people use so-called milk frothers, but I haven’t so can’t say how well they work. On days when my work schedule doesn’t allow enough time to prepare my usual, I use an ‘away mix’ consisting of whipping cream, MCT powder and Coffee Booster collagen. This mixes very well with just a stir stick and even makes a little foam.