Do you see a problem with eating 6 eggs a day? (not everyday)

(Arie1985uk ) #1

Say you feel like eating lots of eggs, is there anything wrong with eating 6 eggs? Not everyday but say every once in a while…


I have been eating 7-8 eggs a day in average for more than a decade.
I don’t like to overdo eggs though, boring so 12 eggs was the most I had.
In the times when I had egg aversion (it’s rare to trigger but when I run out of meat and continued carnivore, it happened :D), I only ate 6 a day. I had NO IDEA how to go even lower, it took a very long time to manage it.

I don’t see any problem in this but it’s me, obviously it’s not right for everyone.

Actually, it’s a bad idea for me to eat very few eggs. Like only 3 a day. That would automatically result in a way too high carb intake and missing eggs like crazy. But I did drop my egg consumption so it’s more like 4-6 a day now, occasionally it’s only 1, sometimes it’s above 8, of course. Eggs add up very quickly, I don’t even notice…


As long as your body doesn’t mind I can’t see a problem with that. I suppose you need to try it to find out… :smile:

(Bob M) #4

I’ve seen people who go on an egg “fast”, where they eat nothing but eggs for a while…a week or so. I’m considering something like that. Though I wonder if I’ll run out of options?


The thing usually called egg fast has very few eggs but it wasn’t my biggest problem with it when I tried it after several years knowing it’s horrible… :upside_down_face: I got too curious sometimes. That thing was even MUCH worse than my fatphobic day experiment (I wanted to try properly low-fat for a day - I mean, 75g fat is low-fat to me and that happens once per a few years - and if I do it once in my life, I thought why not to go very low :stuck_out_tongue: ).
Egg “fast” may work for some, just not for me, my fat percentage should be in its usual range (I am physically unable to go too far from it, even.)

Just eating eggs and nothing else… Still impossible for me personally but I heard about people doing it for a while. Or eating 20 eggs a day but other food too. I like experiments but that would be extreme, not my style. (And I don’t do deliberate overeating anyway.)

(Bob M) #6

My wife follows someone on Twitter where he had a bacon week, egg week, etc. He was stuck and now lost a lot more weight doing this. Not sure I could eat just eggs (or bacon) for a week, though.

(Alec) #7

Nope, absolutely no problems at all. 6 eggs (or more) per day… no problems. There is nothing in an egg that causes health problems.

(Allie) #8

Not at all, do it often.


Exactly. I don’t say it doesn’t work for fat-loss, even I, the hopeless case surely would lose fat quickly that way - but I would be super sick, nauseated and would daydream about killing my jailor who forced me into this as I would never do it by my own will…

I couldn’t eat 100g bacon on any day :smiley: It’s so salty it would need 10+ eggs with it, to begin with… But I am not into processed meats THAT much. I do love and use them but in smaller amounts.
(And I always eat eggs and dairy too.)

It’s amazing how extreme things people are able to do. I like experiments but if they are too restrictive, I bump into my personal barriers. I can’t do that. It’s too much against my basic “I eat whatever, whenever I want” hedonistic… rule? Not the right word but I don’t deny myself. But okay, sometimes it’s not a problem. Then my body starts to complain. On egg fast, eating a few eggs with a ton of fat, I felt HORRIBLE in the end and quit. I lasted for 9 hours. And I love fat. Interestingly, fat fast was fine… But I could eat anything there, technically :slight_smile: I just needed to get close to 90% fat. So I ate nuts and vegs and eggs too. But mostly fat and that was better than egg drowned in fat, somehow.
I should try a carni fat fast one day. I just don’t feel any desire for it (beyond my curiosity but it’s not strong enough) so it can’t happen.

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You could actually eat that many eggs every day, if you wanted to. I go in cycles with eggs, and usually I eat them on top of meat.

The protein in eggs contains all the essential amino acids, in very nearly the proportions our body needs. The only food closer is beef. Eggs contain a lot of cholesterol, but even Ancel Keys understood that dietary cholesterol has no effect on the cholesterol level in our blood. And cholesterol has so many uses in the body that lowering it is almost always a mistake.

Moreover, the idea that serum cholesterol contributes to cardiovascular disease is not backed by any real science. At best, you could say that our lipid numbers are markers for other things going on, but directly lowering cholesterol doesn’t deal with the real problem. At best, lowering cholesterol is a lot like sticking your thermometer in ice water and then claiming you no longer have a fever.

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Thanks Paul … I wish nuts were the same, I’m addicted to nuts but they slow down my goal, not in a bad way, but I’m just too addicted to eating nuts.

(Edith) #13

Yeah, a lot of us have that problem. Even though they are not “sweet” they still have that combination of carbs and fat that our bodies find irresistable.

(Allie) #14

Peanut butter for me… it’s the worst.

(Joey) #15

I make matters worse at our house … I roast about a pound of pecans and walnuts, first bathed in a melted butter/salt mix (about 15 minutes @ 350F). But I also add a squirt of organic stevia extract into the mix. So yeah, they are not just buttery and salty, but a touch of sweet, too.

Bad chef. Bad. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

p.s. - Eat all the eggs your heart (i.e., tastebuds) desires.


It’s a crunch for me when it comes to nuts. Well it’s only peanuts, so a legume but it’s still a nut-like oily seed! I can’t snack on others but well-roasted, salted crunchy peanut? I can eat more than what my body likes. I can handle all edible stuff in decent amounts except peanuts, I feel slightly off if I eat much of it. Not unwell but I like to listen to my warnings. Anyway, I can’t afford all that extra fat. And I don’t like these triggering, enjoyable but not so satisfying items (I mean, I eat and eat and eat and don’t get the normal stop sign like with good food).
Interestingly, even the sweetness of the peanuts can’t turn me off as I eat them quite salty and that balances it out. (I typically dislike if my non-sweets are sweet.)

Eggs aren’t sweet (I just can’t feel that amount of sugar), they are too salty sometimes (when I make them into desserts)… Oh well. Perfect little things when I don’t manage to feel satiated after dinner (my intended last meal). If I start eating other things, that rarely ends so well.

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Youse guys are all nuts; no wonder I find these forums addictive! :rimshot:

(B Creighton) #18

Once in awhile? No. Eggs are one of the most nutricious foods on the planet. However, I have to differ from some on the forum. Egg whites contain avidin, which binds rather tightly to biotin. Therefore, eating a lot of raw eggs can cause a biotin deficiency. Cooking denatures avidin, and makes the egg protein about 100% more bio-available… so eat cooked eggs… as much as you want, if they are fresh out of the shell. However, I would not eat 6 eggs worth of pasteurized or powdered egg products because they are likely highly oxidized.


Not necessarily but eating a lot of raw WHITES without eating a lot of biotin rich food does it.
Few people eat many raw eggs without yolks so the thought didn’t even cross my mind and I tend to talk about this here and there.
As far as I know, one raw white takes the biotin of one yolk (yolks are great and even better raw, I have heard. I don’t really care, I eat eggs the way I fancy them) so eating a raw eggs is like not eating any biotin at all in that egg. But if it’s on top of a good diet with biotin, it can’t cause problems.
Still, why would we eat lots of raw eggs especially whites? Most of us don’t do that, thankfully but if one has inclinations, they should know about avidin and biotin. I love raw eggs, sure, whipped raw whites too sometimes but in moderation :slight_smile: I eat plenty of cooked eggs so my biotin intake must be high so no need to worry about my occasional raw whites.

(Brian) #20

I treat them like butter, I eat all I want.

Some days, I may not eat many eggs at all. Some days I go over 6. It’s whatever I want. I do not feel guilty or worried if I eat a lot. I enjoy them.

We do buy locally and the quality is pretty high, not sure how much that matters.

I kinda feel like if I’m eating too many, they won’t be appetizing to me anymore. Maybe others don’t feel that way. Have noted that several times over the past year or two, nothing dramatic.