Do you see a problem with eating 6 eggs a day? (not everyday)


Nice, hedonistic attitude. I totally approve. If it works, one shouldn’t deny themselves. If not, that’s another matter. Sadly, sometimes our desires and plans or what is right for us are in conflict.

I find good eggs tastier :wink: I have read eggs can have very different nutrition value too and anyway, I can get good eggs so I will get those.

Yes, I imagine it’s very typical regarding most food, for most people. I definitely can get bored of eggs but I wrote about that in my first comment. It takes a lot, I really love eggs, they are very versatile too… If I don’t use variety and especially if I use it in a form I am not so much into (hard-boiled eggs. useful but not my fav), I get bored of it way easier. But it’s stronger with cheese: while I don’t get bored of it ever as I never eat much of it, if I eat it rarely, I enjoy it way more :wink: It probably happens with eggs too in the case of many people. Not me as I horribly miss eggs if I skip days. So I don’t. But if I eat very many eggs for days, I truly don’t desire it so much so the number drops. And if I don’t eat many for a while, my desire grows and I end up eating more again…

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I find I go in streaks. I generally don’t want more than four eggs at a time, but some days I have four at each meal, for a total of eight, and then I may go a week without eating any eggs at all. It just depends on what my body is telling me. There are even some days when I’ll go to get a ribeye out of the fridge and the eggs will be calling to me, as well. Nothing like steak or a burger with an egg or two!

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You’re speakin’ my language!!