Do you have basic 'Keto Rules/Guidelines' you follow?


So, I wanted to ask you good folks this question, since I’m sure a lot of us probably get pretty much similarities when it comes to folks wanting to know or discuss what we’ve been doing to lose all the weight. - Well personally I think you have about a 50/50 shot of getting someone who will simply listen and get it, and yeah then of course, there’s those other folks… :flushed: Ya know, those whackos who want you to write down all the Keto ‘Rules’ for them, provide pics or a list of all your meals, tell them what to eat, what not to eat… etc., etc., etc. (Well, I’m sorry, but this just isn’t happening from me) For one we are all different & there’s no one true way to doing Keto, but instead folks need to figure this out themselves, as to what works for them. … Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind speaking to them about all this, and even provide ‘some’ guidance. But as soon as they start asking for some of that dumb stuff I mentioned above, I know it’s time to pull up stakes and let them venture this one alone. :slight_smile:

But, for me, I simply tell them I don’t really have ‘rules’, per se, but mainly keep my carbs to 15 or no more than 20 a day. (whether from liquids or solid foods) And yeah, some do get this and will even start looking into Keto some more themselves, and do some research, and so on. … But the other day I got to thinking about this some more and wondered, ‘Do I indeed have rules I follow, and just don’t think about them as rules?’ - or - 'If I had to come up with 5 ‘Rules’ for how I follow Keto (based off how I do Keto myself now) what would they be? … So after thinking about it for some time I did write some down, which is basically how I do Keto myself, based off my nearly one year of switching over to Keto.

So if I do have any, I guess my ‘Personal’ 5 rules for me being Keto are pretty simply - First, I myself do ‘Simple Keto’ or as some like to say (Lazy Keto) I don’t count, limit, or follow any charts, apps, etc.

  1. I keep my intake of carbs to 15-20g daily” (I don’t pay too much attention whether Net or not)

  2. When I Eat… I Eat” - (I do not snack…) Meaning absolutely no eating between meals consumed

  3. I. Do. Not. Snack” - (Chocolate, Nuts, etc., I simply eat with a meal, making it part of said meal.)

  4. I Fast because I like the feeling I get from it” (Additional benefits are just a nice Bonus really)

  5. I don’t care what others think about my WOE/WOL. i.e., how I eat, why I Fast, etc

And I don’t mean to sound like an Ass on that last one, but I really don’t mind telling folks truthfully when I’m Fasting. Or that I just don’t eat certain foods they might be mentioning/offering. Nor do I care if they don’t understand this WOE/WOL. It’s all a choice, just like they choose to eat what they want. And I only really thought of this one, since I’ve read others state ‘they hate telling folks they Fast’? … I don’t mind.

So again, not sure if this would be helpful to anyone, or if it might indeed help answer some questions for some folks? But maybe seeing some examples from different folks, on how ‘They’ do keto, might indeed provide some insight as to the different ways one can actually do Keto & live this WOE/WOL?

Newbie wanting to Help Hubz!
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Ok I’ll bite. Fact is I am T2D… so this idea of low carbs is obvious… If I want to change it without taking more drugs for a long time you need to eat right… You cannot workout and think you are going anywhere without diet… DIET is key… and it’s not about that stupid word diet… It’s about eating right…understanding what exactly you are eating and how your body responds. Plain and simple… watch some of the best data you can get and roll with it… Mojo or Next… Whatever just stop faking or denying yourself the reality that most of the food in this modern world is not good for you. Make the best choices you can…for yourself…for the rest of your life… you will learn about you. AND don’t confuse yourself… sacrifices will have to be made and suffering will happen at times…lol. Nothing is free and that’s how you get where you wanna be… Break the mold and habits… Personally I am not counting every digit… But I am testing my BS regularly…learning and keeping my eye on the prize… reversal or whatever it’s better than drowning in denial… You are not going to have gains every day for a lifetime… good days n bad days…just make it more good in the long run. Rules are made by others…but, you are unique and learn your own rules. Roll with it… we’re all a work in progress… always.


(Wendy) #4

I don’t think of what I do as having rules a much as having guidelines. I have certain goals or things I think are a healthy way of eating so I try to choose them.
I avoid processed foods as much a possible. I try to choose healthy fats and avoid soybean oils /vegetable oils. I limit my carbs and don’t eat grains. I eat veggies when I want but don’t feel I have to daily.
I think dark chocolate is fine but limit it, same with Keto treats. I’m okay with whole fat Greek yogurt and a small amount of berries. I enjoy heavy whipping cream and cream cheese. I’m trying to eat more organic produce and limit the chlorine I consume via water.
So some of these are related to my Keto diet and some are just things I believe are part of eating healthy, and enjoying food is important to me also.
I also think everyone is different. Also I may find that what works now may not work the same later.
So no rules per se, but I’m happy to share the basics of Keto and to direct people to what I feel are reputable sources to learn more.
I don’t know everything and I’m happy to continue to learn things about Keto and how my body responds to it. But if someone hadn’t shared their take and experience with Keto, I doubt I’d be where I am now and I’d be 80 pounds heavier and quite likely diagnosed with diabetes by now.


Back in the day of being a newbie myself, I found all of your tips and tricks very helpful. I came from my country’s idea of keto and lchf that didnt suit me (maybe especially because the main keto guy is a man, i’m a woman, he’s in it to make money) to stumbling upon 2KD and a whole new world opened.

My keto diet has evolved (i’m maintaning), my thinking has evolved and here are my rules now:
My keto rules and how I would present it to others:

  1. Carbs under 20g: real food counts net, baked goods count total and stay away from replacement foods until you get comfortable with the diet.
  2. Eat real and good food: meat, fish, eggs, butter, EVOO, coconut oil, lard, veggies that grow above ground…add nuts, cheese, cold cuts, olives, pickles as you see fit (i can’t have them, but i’m histamine intolerant, doesn’t mean others can’t).
  3. Electrolytes: salt to taste, don’t be afraid of it, losalt and magnesium citrate before bed.
  4. Eat when hungry, eat until you feel full, play around with your satiety signal until you figure it out (replacement foods and dessert can mess with this, keep to simple foods until you learn). Don’t snack, if hungry, make an actual meal and tweak until you learn.
  5. Listen to your body, stick to the basics and adjust as you go along and learn. KCKO.
  6. For the love of keto gods, don’t take anything as self-explanatory-read the labels, ask questions, familiarize yourself with what you put in your mouth and learn to say NO, to yourself and others.

Edit: I forgot to add the most important: you’re doing this to take care of yourself, making better choices…NEVER let anyone make you feel bad about this choice or fill you with doubt. Only you can put yourself first.

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Its been nearly a year since I have been on this site because I found it imposible to maintain full keto.
Like a lot of people I initially lost a chunk of weight in the first month. Spend money on stupid product like coconut flour etc.
Also, just like the Atkins diet which I did a long time ago it just made me obsess about every bit of food I could and could not eat - the worst being bread.

I totally agree with you Meeratsandy about just eating real food and listening to your body.
I am losing weight following IM and just cutting out sugar products.
Mentally, I tell myself I DONT EAT THAT rather than I CANT HAVE THAT this small mental shift has worked beautifully and has taken away the stress.

The best motivational quote that has worked for me came from IM “Hungry is where the magic happens”

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Fortunately, for most people this isn’t the case at all.

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What is IM?


This helped me stand up for myself, learn how to say no to myself and others and not worry about what others think. My MIL has a tough time understanding how my husband and I eat…I no longer defend myself, but tell her that I just dont want to eat that because it doesn’t make me feel good instead of adding fuel to her idea of “how come you don’t eat bread, so you’re just never going to eat it?” and may be looking forward to seeing me fail. People are funny, hector projector - no one cared when I stuffed my face with bags of chips and dessert, but you tell people you don’t eat bread anymore and here come the pitchforks. My friend described it best and it gave me a new sense of control and strength: they are projecting their own insecurity because they aren’t strong enough to make such a decision and they try to make themselves feel better by putting you down.

What is IM? :slight_smile:

(Alec) #10

I try to avoid thinking “rules”, I like “guidelines”:

  1. No obvious carbs: bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, sugar, honey etc
  2. If in doubt, eat fat
  3. Don’t go hungry
  4. Fast when I can
  5. Have sweeteners when I want to

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #11

these are my guideposts:

  1. I avoid sweeteners
  2. I mix up IF (Time restricted feeding) with some 3 meal days
  3. I do extended fasts almost weekly
  4. I have carnivore meals and somedays whole days
  5. <20 g carbs
  6. Resistance training helps remove some insulin resistance


Agree with you folks completely about thinking of these things as guidelines, and not necessarily rules. I honestly never considered I had either, until I thought about it a little. I think it also takes a little trial and error on one’s part to find those things that do indeed work for them, and simply tweak it as needed. … As seen already above, some mention things that they don’t do well with, or simply avoid, where others can indeed incorporate certain things, showing simply just how different it is for everyone. :+1:

Also waiting to hear what IM is too?

Also like this way of thinking as well… :slight_smile:

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I keep s**t real simple.
I’m a detail and data freak, also have an obsessive disorder so I knew if I got all micromanage-y with tracking and such I’d vanish into a vortex so I kept/keep it as loose as I can.

I eat once/24h (now, once/48h)
I eat whatever I wish and as much as I wish until I feel full. Gorging is FUN :clown_face:
I count no cals, measure no macros and test no ketones
I eat only meat, eggs and butter (now-formerly also cheese and veg but v low carb veg like cabbage and peppers)
I weigh only weekly (that obsessive thing again; if I owned a scale I’d be on it multiple times per day so I weigh at the grocer’s)

This method has worked for me for nigh onto 2 years :star_struck:


:+1: Very similar to myself. I only weigh every Sunday morning just for record keeping, but also OMAD 90% of the time, and just throw in TMAD here and there to keep it from being any sort of schedule. :slight_smile:


My only “rule” is to be firm; but flexible on occasion.

I’ve battled with weight all my life- everything from- obesity to bulimia. Being to uptight and restrictive just leads down a snake hole. (I’d say “rabbit hole”, but rabbits are cute and cuddly. Snakes, well, they’re not. Snakes can be deadly.)
I grew up in an older family, adopted by parents well into their 40’s. Mom bought into the “eggs are bad, margarine is good, skim milk is good, fat is bad”, mantra. Daddy, on the other hand, hid chocolate bars and shared them with me. My Gran taught me how to make confections. My other Gran taught me gardening. Very conflicted growing up, I was.
So, needless to say, there was no “middle ground”. There was no balance, in the sense that you’d get healthy fats, along with meat & veg. We had prescribed mealtimes, and there was no wiggle room. It was one extreme, or the other- when Mom wasn’t looking.
That conflicted way of living can lead all kinds of places. My brother ended up drinking a lot, eating a lot, and died - morbidly obese - at the age of 52 last year. I determined not to go that route, and this WOE is my escape, if you will.

So, my “rule” has taken half a lifetime to learn and practice. Every day has its battles, and I’ve had to fight to get to where I am. I had to be very strict in the beginning- but have achieved some sense of balance now. I had to fast for 3 days to break the cycle of wanting/craving sugar. I still have to leave the table sometimes when others are eating.pasta or bread. Transitioning into Keto, I logged everything, everyday. Now, I’ve stopped logging foods constantly, because I KNOW what is good for me, and what makes me feel my best. I know I stay way under 20 carbs/day, and I feel much better. I don’t eat when everyone else eats, because I’ve learned to eat intuitively- and have explained it to my family. No one judges anymore. They get it. If I go 20-30 hours without eating, its cool. No one is there saying, “OMG, you’re going to die!..You have to eat!!”
Mother’s day, I had a slice of cheesecake- no crust. Enjoyed it, but didn’t eat half of the cake, in the middle of the night when no one was looking. Didn’t gain weight back, didn’t lose any either- just stayed calm and enjoyed the gesture of a lovely meal from my kids and hubby. Sugar doesn’t excite me like it used to. It gives me headaches, to be honest. So, being strict in the beginning served its intended purpose. It broke the cycle. But, on occasion, its okay to indulge a little- so long as you don’t stay in the indulgence phase for more than a moment.

I feel more calm, more free and more in control than I ever have before with my dietary practices. Still got a long way to go, but, living without the stress of “diet rules”, is so nice and relaxing!

(traci simpson) #16

I’m pretty new to Keto, I’ve done low carb for a long time. Last year or so I’ve just been eating like crap and feeling the results of my weakness’. I decided that enough was enough and have taken control of my life again.

My Keto Rules:

  1. Eat fats like sour cream, cream cheese and bacon
  2. Use HWC or GF butter in my coffee
  3. No junk food
  4. Give up fruit (gonna be hard in the summer because I love watermelon and raspberries)
  5. Don’t go crazy on too much KETO bread
  6. It’s ok to eat pepperoni and salami
  7. I don’t mention what or why I eat the way I eat unless asked.
  8. Time restrict my eating.

I think the biggest thing for me is not seeing the scale move and not stressing over it. For me, working out is a way of life and makes me feel better.

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@SecondBreakfast enjoyed that post so much, here’s a random cute :frog:

(John) #18

My big picture rule set is simple:

Eat real foods when possible
Eat only in response to physical hunger
Eat reasonable quantities
Choose foods from the Westman Page 4 list and generally follow his guidelines
When eating, enjoy the foods you are eating, but don’t eat for the sake of pleasure

(hottie turned hag) #19

I’m going to get this tattooed on my neck for the world to see :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Such a simple line but says so much.

(Jennifer) #20

My general philosophy is “You do you, Boo” (I especially say this to make my 23 year old daughter cringe. :laughing: )

For me??? Some of this is new, and some of this might change.
-One meal a day (though, I’m working back to this… My window is still a little long)
-No seed oils, whatsoever.
-No grain, whatsoever.
-No sugar, whatsoever.
-Everything else is game, within my window. (I rarely eat fruit, so that’s not an issue with natural sugars. The closest I get are tomatoes and carrots here and there.)

Of course, Mother’s Day, the rules went out the window, and I’m paying for it. Damn. Back on the wagon and all that.