Do I really need to eat organic meat + dairy?

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I love you people! It’s worth being a member of these forums just for the humour! :rofl: :rofl:

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I don’t eat organic anything. Never had grassfed beef. I can’t afford it. I do sometimes get better eggs, but heck when I can’t in my budget, I buy the big boxes of 5 dozen eggs at Walmart for under $5. (I have auto immune issues so I can’t work as much as I’d like). So my budget is very limited but I focus on meats ( a lot of hamburger 73/23 or 70/30 if I can find it, eggs, bacon, buttter, fats. I never worry about organic. After all the carbage I’ve ate over my lifetime I’ll take all this over that crap.

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Eating more marine life?

Additional Notes:

  1. Fish Oil May Reduce Colon Cancer Deaths:. July 20, 2016 “…Omega-3 fatty acids from fish may help reduce the risk of dying of colorectal cancer, a study suggests. …In total, 1,659 of the people developed colorectal cancer during the study. …”
  1. Eating fish can reduce your risk of colorectal cancer, among other benefits “…The omega 3 fatty acids in fish have been reported to suppress mutations. The selenium in fish has anticancer qualities. And fish are a source of Vitamin D, which has been reported to be inversely associated with colorectal cancer. …”
  1. Fish oil prevents colon cancer by modulation of structure and function of mitochondria: Abstract: “…Cancer cells are more susceptible to metabolic perturbations due to impaired electron transport chain (ETC) that promote uncontrolled proliferation. Mitochondria play a pivotal role in bioenergetics and apoptosis, hence are considered as a promising target in tumor cell eradication …”
  1. Higher freshwater fish and sea fish intake is inversely associated with colorectal cancer risk among Chinese population: a case-control study: “…These results indicate that higher consumption of freshwater fish, sea fish and fresh fish is associated with a lower risk of colorectal caner. …”

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That’s market forces at work.

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At an Indian buffet, I asked for ghee, they said they had butter, and they gave me margarine.

I usually just drop a coconut F Bomb, but I’ll take in my own jar next time.

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Here is an example of carbohydrates at their finest, corn is used to finish off most beef (unless it is certified grass fed). More carbs means more striations of fat in the muscle (known as marbling) which makes it super tasty. So the corn finished beef has two principal keto advantages, 1) it is cheaper, 2) it has more tasty fat which helps to keep you more satiated. Btw, the same thing happens to humans when we eat two many carbs, we store fat in our muscles as well as other places. So while carbs are good for cattle, not so much for us…Now move over Brenda, I need to hide behind that rock as well… :grinning:


Sounds like a REAL authentic place you found! :grin:


No, it doesn’t. Something was VERY wrong with whatever you ate. The grass fed stuff is just a creamier fattier butter. If you got one that was cultured it would have a different taste to it which I’m not a huge fan of but either way nothing that could ever be described as lamby. Don’t run on the assumption that whatever you ate was a good indicator of what we’re all eating. Was it a brand name one?


It was this one. I don’t think there was anything wrong with it. There was a very mild taste to it that I wasn’t fond of. I used most of it but gave the rest to my dogs when I bought new cheaper stuff.

Some people find grass fed butter tastes much better - I think it’s the same taste that I don’t like. It’s a preference I guess. I call it lamby but maybe there’s a better word for it.


That is something I have to see with my own eyes, milk eating grass.


AHAHAHAHA, poor choice of words for sure!

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LOOKS like it’d be a good one, not that looks count for much. I’d just not count it all out on a single brand that didn’t work out. Lotta benefits to grass fed dairy, not that you can’t get it other ways of course but it’s an enjoyable one! Anchor and Smjor are also really good ones, I usually go with Kerrygold because it’s the cheapest but there is definitely a lot of variations in the different brands. What originally got me on board was the higher vitamin K2 and it’s alleged ability to go through our arteries like a car wash and scrub them clean not that I think it’s that simple at all, but little things add up I think.


I would definately be willing to try other brands but I’ve not seen any other choices where I live. I didn’t know about grass fed having more k2. That’s interesting. Still I bought that little butter (because I really wanted to try grass fed in my BPC) for $10. Craziness.


WOW! f’ing WOW! That’s explains the half french label, I would HAVE to assume Canada with a $3 thing of butter costing $10? If there’s no Walmart in your area is Amazon Pantry a thing up there? It could be very worth you making your own as well! I’ve been wanting to do that myself but at that price to buy it, it wouldn’t even be an option. Plus, then you could start it with a heavy cream that you know you like already!

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Whatever they are, they’re delicious

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Unfortunately the organic label doesn’t really mean very much. Herbicides and pesticides can still be used, they just have to be organic ones - basically derived from natural sources instead of synthetically produced. Rotenone is organic but it is very toxic. The venoms of rattlesnakes, scorpions and black widow spiders are perfectly natural but you don’t want them in your body. There are many nasty poisons that can be sourced from plants and fungi.

There are many small farmers who raise crops with minimal use of poisons and practice natural, humane animal husbandry without achieving organic certification. And I’d much rather buy from them than an organic corporate owned industrial scale ag operation.


Walmart here doesn’t carry kerigold. Amazon pantry is not available in Canada yet. So you can see why I am a big believer in telling people to just do what they can. I don’t want anyone to feel guilty or inferior for not buying grassfed or organic or whatever when sometimes it just doesn’t make sense.

It doesn’t bother me, but I want everyone to feel comfortable.

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That’s just heresy! Lamb rocks!

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True. It helps when you can meet the farmer for yourself and get to know a little about how they do things.

The organic label doesn’t always mean what we would hope it would but it may be (marginally) better than nothing in some circumstances. We do the best we can. And sometimes, “the best we can” really does NOT come with an organic label at all.