Do I really need to eat organic meat + dairy?

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I’m assuming this is sarcasm, but I may be wrong.

In America, at least, we have what I like to call the Taco Bell Paradox.

At Taco Bell, when you order something, it comes with real Monterey Jack cheese. Where I live, if I want to go to an authentic Mexican restaurant, I have to drive about an hour if I want to go somewhere with real cheese, and even then those two locations have gone down hill recently.

The reason for this, I hypothesize, is that successful, happy people tend to come from successful, happy families, and tend to more or less stay put. People who don’t come from successful, happy families may come to the American Midwest and become successful, happy restaunteers, but they want to recreate comfort foods, so they wind up using White American instead of real cheese.

It may be just looking to cut corners with the least expensive ingredients, but Taco Bell uses real cheese. I think it’s that if you grow up with poverty food, you want to recreate that experience.

It’s not analogous to the “baiting the hook with strawberries” simile used in many places, as people eat white American at Mexican places. I also don’t eat cheese, so it’s not actually a problem for me.

One caveat, for honesty, is the categorization of Chipotle Mexican Grill. I count it, but my wife does not, and of course they do use real cheese. It’s right next door to Taco Bell, too. I’m not sure why my wife doesn’t count it, but I’ve learned it’s best not to argue.


Nope! Sarcasm’s my middle name :smiley: I feel ya though. Im lucky I guess, my state has a pretty large Mexican population so food wise Im spoiled. Although most of what I always went for is off limits now, my new goto is 2 (and they’re not small) carne asada burritos loaded and dumped on the plate!

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My mother used to say that the cows’ diet had a noticeable effect on the taste of their milk, and hence their butter. She said that they used to have to keep the cows out of a particular section of the pasture, because some wild scallions grew there, and the milk tasted funny if the cows grazed on them. Another factor in the taste is that different breeds of cows give milk with different levels of milk fat. The advantage of a large dairy or milk wholesaler is their ability to mix milk from a variety of sources, which allows them to sell a product with a more consistent taste. A small farm selling only its own dairy could be at something of a disadvantage, these days, since people have become accustomed to product consistency.


Organic or grass fed are certainly not necessary to get into ketosis and gain a lot (probably the majority) of the benefits that nutritional ketosis offers. That said, given the option and budget to do so, I would go for grass fed & finished beef over corn fed every time. Corn fed meat is as you say more fatty due to the carbs that the cows injest, however these cows generally do not live in anything close to their natural environment and are given a lot of antibiotics which are transferred to you when you eat them. The meat could contribute to resistance against certain bacterial infections and is likely to be pro inflammatory. Keto on corn fed is a lot better than not Keto at all, but grass fed is preferable in my opinion.

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One hack for meat… buy lean cuts of whatever meat and add grass fed butter or ghee. That way, you have the healthiest fat profile, and as far as I know (I might be wrong), the amino acid profile of any given slice of muscle tissue is going to be the same. Not sure about doing the same with tallow, due to the higher melting point.

What I’ve discovered, though, is that pork belly is about a tenth of the cost of ribeye. With all due respect to the Ruminati, I’m good with that, conventional or not. (There’s a Cholesterol Code Workbook video, though, about beef vs. pork that makes a good argument for a predominantly beef diet).

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That’s your description go ahead and keep it. There’s nothing wrong with how you described it I know what you mean. You probably mean a gamey taste. I hear you. I love lamb so…
Send me some of that butter LOL


Thanks. I would love for someone to cook me proper lamb so I could get a real taste of it. I bet I would like it too. The only time I’ve delt with it was when I bought some for the dogs raw diet. The smell of raw lamb is not my thing.

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I feel like the longer I’m on keto, the less I am eating. So maybe in the beginning eat the cheaper non organic stuff till fat adapted. Then as you have longer periods between meals and hopefully less grocery bills, you add in the grass fed meats. That’s my plan anyway.

Btw, I brought way too much food my second keto shopping trip. I shopped and my hunger dropped off a cliff the same week. I’ve started “accidental” 24 hour fasts at 10 weeks in. Just not hungry, said every new ketoer ever.

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Wow love this! Your body must be eating it’s own fat!

I fasted for 18 hours for the first time pretty easily…so I think I’m on my way!

I’m noticing my cart is getting less and less full every trip. Just meat/eggs, avos, spinach, and cheese is all I really need!