Discouraging belly fat

(Donna) #1

Hey guys! It’s been a while since my last post. I am wondering about an issue I have brought up in the past (sort of). I have been doing Keto since August and have lost 78 lbs. I have 35 more to go, until I hit my final goal weight. I have been losing weight everywhere, from head to toes. I do believe I have lost some in my stomach, but it is barely noticeable. I am nervous I won’t lose my stomach fat or at least the majority, but everywhere else will be thin by my goal weight. However I guess if I do hit my goal weight, I shouldn’t have much belly fat in the end. I am worried I will be forced to look into a tummy tuck because of the uneveness. My stomach is the worse place. I am just frustrated that I am losing the fat everywhere and is noticable, except the belly. Did anyone else have a signifcant amount of belly fat and significantly lose everywhere else first? Sorry for all my rambling.

(Pete A) #2

How do you know when you lose the last of the weight you will or won’t have belly fat? Personally, I wouldn’t fret until then haha I’m 2.5 years keto and am still working on it. And yes still losing/toning everywhere else!

It takes time. I’d consider a tuck but am patient to do it naturally no matter how long… I was down to a skinny fat 139 pounds and am now 155 pounds, replacing that fat with muscle.

Its happening.

Good luck!


Typically the last to go for many. Can’t really tell it’s a problem until you hit a healthy weight for your body type, which may or may not be what your goal weight is. The “correct” weight range for me is like 160-185lbs, I seriously can’t see myself going down that low, I’d look terrible. But I also couldn’t determine that it’s not burning off until I was in that range and it was still there. Everybody’s body is different and muscle mass plays a huge roll in this stuff. It’s not just scale weight. Loosing that much weight creates a noticeable slow down in your metabolism (which it’s supposed to) but you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep it as healthy (fast) as possible to keep the burn as alive as possible. To give you an idea, I’ve only got a little bit extra belly fat at this point, enough to grab but also little enough that it looks (almost) flat in a tucked in t-shirt. For my weight range of 160-185 I’m doing that with 225 on the scale! Watch the scale, but don’t let it get in your head either. Keep the diet clean, do everything you can do to keep that fire hot! It’ll come off. Also, when I started this I was ALL belly fat! I’d also do everything for your skin as well. I supplement a lot of collagen and have absolutely noticed a difference in my skin including fading stretch marks. I also do some fringe stuff for it but very noticeable results in my skin and joints (which used to suck pretty bad) since adding that in and giving it some time.

(Donna) #4

Thank you for your reply. You are right and I shouldn’t fret. I have been heavy for a very long time (sadly) and I guess I am just anxious and over reacting too early.

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #5

I’ve lost somewhere between 60 and 80 pounds of fat, and would like to lose another 20 to 40, but I am so much healthier these days that I can’t really complain. I’d love to get back to my college weight and waistline, but if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. I’m not so vain as to want to engage in war with my body, if it’s comfortable in its current state.

I really relish not being diabetic. I’m kind of attached to my fingers and toes and would like to hold on to them.

@Blessings Have you looked into fasting? It might be a natural next step for you.

(Donna) #6

I appreciate the feedback. It’s weird because when I think as of today, I only have 35 lbs to go until I hit my goal weight of 135-140, with 140 the middle range, I feel like I have 35 lbs just in my stomach. Then I think what about the rest of the fat that is still there. I know I am probably exaggerating about the belly fat number. I was 130lbs in high school in 1986 (9th grade), so I doubt I will be at that wait when I do reach the end of my weight loss. I think you are right about waiting till I get to a certain point and then I will reavaluate. Thanks!

(Donna) #7

Yes, not being a diabetic is good. I have a couple friends who are and they have been through a lot because of it. Congrats on your weight loss number. I have 35 lbs to go. At least that’s the number I chose according to my goal weight range (middle). I too feel so much healthier then before. I can only imagine how good I will feel when I’m done losing the rest of my weight.

I did try the longer fasting thing then the normal 16/8 or 18/6, but only once a couple months ago. I made it to 48 hours, but I had to give up my 3rd day because I felt so bad and hungry at that point. I want to attempt again. I do alot of intermmentent (can’t spell) fasting and I do a lot of 24 hour fasts. I always feel so good mentally and somewhat physically, when I do it too.

(Marianne) #8

I’m thinking if you only have 35 more pounds to go, it’s got to come from somewhere and you said you have lost a lot from all other areas. It’s amazing how large 35 lbs. is. I’m sure you don’t have 35 lbs. to lose just in your belly, so if you lose this total amount, I bet your belly will look great. I wouldn’t start fretting until you get to your goal and are still not satisfied.

(Pete A) #9

I found when I had 35 more pounds to lose (I lost 70 total), my view of the situation was way different in the anticipation, than after I actually lost it.

It’s a physical transformation that is ongoing and fluid.

(Donna) #10

Thank you! I have been so heavy for so long (I hate to say it), that I guess I am stressing uneccessarily. I would hate to lose all my fat everywhere making me thin and still have excessive belly fat, but I guess I should wait to see by the end of my fat loss journey. Maybe, as others have said, it could be the last (majority fat), to go. I’m hoping. I feel a little disproportioned with my stomach and the rest of the body. It’s not too bad, but when you are so used to seeing your body fat evenly distributed everywhere for many years, it’s a little hard to get used to. I look at my shoulders, neck and thinning chin in the mirror and I’m still not used to seeing me much thinner. That’s just a few of my changing areas. It’s weird.

(Donna) #11

That does make sense. Who knows, maybe by the time my extra body fat is gone, I may be at a higher or lower weight, then I had planned.

(Marianne) #12

I can relate. I still have about 25 lbs. to go (lost 55), and the majority of it is in my belly. Compared to how huge my belly used to be, I think I look acceptable and am happy with what has come off my middle area. Everything else is relatively thin, so I think by the time I get to goal, I will be very happy.

(Marianne) #13

Perfectly stated. It’s a journey.

(Donna) #16

That is aweome weight loss! I hope I can lose my belly weight like you, by the time I finish my weight loss. I am about to turn 50, I had 4 kids, I’m starting the lovely hormonal shift and I have had excess fat and stretched skin for a long time, so I try to take all that inconsideration, as I move along. I wish I were 20, right about now. lol

(Susan) #17

I am 55, have 5 kids (first one section, rest VBAC’s) and episiotomies and lots and lots of weight gain with all of them – I was 293, I am now 267.8 --so tad over 65 pounds lost so far (since February 2019) and I want to lose another 98 pounds, to get to 130. I am assuming that this will take me another 2 years or so, but that is fine. Slow and stead wins the race --like the fabled children’s tale of the Tortoise and the Hare.

My tummy is still a lot bigger then I would like it to be, but it has still shrunk a lot from where it was =). Fasting is the solution – do 1-2 72+ hour fasts once a month for Autophagy and it should help a lot – it is helping me and many others on here with all this loose skin =-).

(Donna) #19

I have only done one extended fast since August, when I started Keto. I lasted only 48 hours, instead of the planned 72. I have not tried since. I do intermintent fasting everyday OMAD some 24 hour fasts. I think it has had a great impact on my weight loss, just not as much in the stomach area. You will get that 98 off. May not even take that long. How tall are you? I was 130 in high school 1985-1989. My goal right now, is 140, but who knows , if that will actually be it. I just went in the middle of range for age + height.

(Susan) #20

It has taken me since February 2019 to lose the 65 so being realistic, I think the other 98 will take me about 2 years or more as I only lose 2 pounds a month and only after I do a 90+ hour fast – so I am being realistic =). I don’t cheat, always eat under 20 grams of carbs, some days 0, no artificial sweeteners, and no dairy.

(Donna) #21

Oh, ok. Totally get it. That’s awesome, that you are able to do a 90+ hour fast. I wish I could do that. Maybe I just need to attempt a second extended fast again and gradually add on time. I thought I was going to pass out, after my first 48 hours, so I am jealous of your fasting time. LOL

(Susan) #22

I built it up over time, I did a few 24 hour ones,then 36 --and lots of 48’s, then just kept increasing… to build up the “fasting muscle” – I do 20:4 IF TMAD daily as my “normal” most of the time on Keto. However, for November, January and February I was doing the IDM protocol (by Dr. Jason Fung that is 3 -42 hour fasts once a week, that I extended to 44 hour ones.

(Donna) #23

You are experienced with all this fasting stuff. Can ask what TMAD is? I’m still learning.