Discouraging belly fat

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TMAD is two meals a day --OMAD is one meal a day. I have Lunch at 1pm then supper at 4:30 then I don’t eat from 5pm until 1pm the next day so that is called IF (Intermittent fasting) of 20:40 --20 hours not eating a day and the two meals eating but I don’t snack between the 2 meals, and no calories from 5pm -1pm --but I will drink Herbal tea, plain and water.

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If you look on my accountability thread on here you can see more of the journey I have been through with all the weight loss too =).

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I definanetly will tonight or tomorrow. My nephew (doggy), is coming to visit from another state, any minute, but I am for sure going to take a look. I love reading about others experiences.

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Okay, that is great =). Have a nice visit as well.

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I appreicate it!


Have you been measuring yourself at different places around your torso? Only by doing that will you really get a clear picture of how much belly fat is really going. Measuring with a non-stretch, but soft tape in 4 or 5 places will work best. Measure right at the base of the sternum (at your bra line if you are a woman), about 3 inches below that, an inch above your belly button, and at the broadest point of the hips, every two to four weeks should give you a better picture of your belly fat progress than just looking in the mirror. The fat will come off from the top to the bottom and the little pooch below the waist will be the last to go.

As to the loose skin, that will depend on your age, the amount of volume you have lost, and whether or not you do exercises to tighten the muscles that support the area.

Also remember that the stress-hormone, cortisol, which your body produces on its own, depending on the amount of stress in your life and your reaction to that stress, leads to the accumulation of belly-fat, even if you are doing everything else right. Try addressing the stressors in your life and using anti-stress techniques such as regular exercise, yoga, meditation and a nice hot, relaxing cup of tea. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

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Yes, I have been taking measuremenst since November in the same places from where I chose. I have lost inches in th belly, from the start of measuring, but have been staying at the same loss (in my 3 areas of stomach measuring), for about one month at this point. Still losing everywhere else. I guess my stomach areas are taking a break. LOL I will just keep doing my measuring and hope I start decreasing again.

I have not been doing any working out for my muscles, just walking an hour six days a week. As for stress, I have had a change in my life (divorce) and my stress level has dropped to almost nothing. However before, I lived under enormaous amounts of stress for years (due to a number of factors). I would probably say, it’s part of why I have had stubborn stomach fat issues for a very long time. I would say, I had cortisol surging through me, to be honest. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and it helps a lot.

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I actually thought of you and the comments on this post this morning when I was watching myself in the mirror while lifting weights.

Shirtless, I always check out how new bones and muscles show, as well as the remaining fat/skin area. I laughed put loud today as I noticed my breast bone seemingly more prominent. I’m still losing fat in areas I didn’t think there was anymore!

Time is on my side…

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That is funny! I haven’t seen collar bones in like, 20 years. They are starting to show now. I look at them and can’t stop sometimes. Lol I do look at them and it is weird to see. Same with my arms. I am actually seeing muscles on top ans some definition, but I have that stupid looser looking skin underneath running along the bottom. I see it more now, (jiggly skin) since my arms are losing fat. I do hate that part. If I lift some hand weights, can I make it GO AWAY? Please say yes. JK

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I will say YES hahah

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I’ll take the YES either way, haha. I need any encouragement I can get, serious or not. LOL