Diarrhea on 20:4 from a seasoned keto guy

(John) #1

This has blown my mind. So I’ve done keto for 3.5 years. Down 40 lbs to 175. But as with many, I’ve gotten Into IF and also Ted Naiman with the higher protein to perform better in the gym (it works). So I’ve naturally started to not get hungry until the 20 hour mark. Normally I’ll have done a hard weightlifting session then at 20 hours I’ll get hungry. I’ll make 6 eggs and some sausage. Oh does it taste good!

Then 2 hours later I’m on the toilet like a fire hose. Now this isn’t every day but maybe once every few weeks. Definitely noticed with eggs.

The only other thing I complicate this with is that I’ll take 1/2 tsp of salt in the morning before a workout and I also chug black coffee all morning like it’s my job (3-4 cups). I’m probably not keto. I’m more of 30-35% protein and very low carb.

This would make more sense for someone who has just started but I’m a seasoned keto guy!

Anyone else have this issue? I wonder if I can just fix it by easing up with the eggs and get back into casseroles with some more fiber. Thoughts?


The fasting shits are real man! For me they stopped after a while but only got me on the extended ones.


Yes, struggling with it. Have been trying to cut down some since I can’t get to a gym and am stalled, but the results are catastrophic within several hours of breaking the overnite fast.

(John) #4

Today was a typical workout at the 18-19 hour fast range. Before I jumped into the shower I took a handful of nuts. Ate at the 20 hour mark. Had a salad with blue cheese and two monster Costco hotdogs. No issue at all.

I think this has to do with how you break the fast. Might need a small snack 30 min before and then something with fiber. Just an observation.

I asked a guy on twitter who preaches OMAD fasting and his advice was to break the fast with a small piece of fruit for the fiber. But he’s not a keto guy just a fasting guy so to me fruit makes me ravenously hungry like the old fat me.

Curious to see if anyone else weighs in.