Develop a “test” of your “keto”


(Regina) #81

Any of the above. Nuts, also.


Yes, since it’s highest in fat.

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Wow, that was a close call! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I’ll let the smarter and more articulate people figure that out. It looks like @NinMD is doing great.

My question to newbies would be something like: are you or have you ever been labeled a troll? Of course real trolls aren’t going to answer, unless they’re dumb AND a troll…so I guess it may have worked on that one guy :thinking:

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You could write the entire quiz. You have great ideas. Though, (I’m six months in), I have never used a sweetener in my life (yes I know they are in processed foods). So I would have totally failed the sweetener test.


All are good protein sources, but with the lean meats you want to make sure you’re eating plenty of other fat-rich foods.

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Chicken breast with skin and blue cheese?

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But you are so good with newbies - and newbie trolls. Just come up with three quiz questions to make sure newbies understand the process. It will make your life easier.

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Our goal here is 30 questions.


Good option.

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Awesome idea! It could be based on a community type trial an error thing backed with a little research database type thing! Or something to that effect?

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Not to derail, but funny story. My husband speaks Spanish, and is very slowly learning English. I had to take the laboring oar and learn Spanish. I brainwash everyone I am around. We were at a fast-food place, where, if you order coffee, it is brought to you. We live in Fontana, California, and we got a very white wait person. He asked if my husband wanted sugar. Saul said, in pretty decent English, “I want the sugar for diabetics.” (Hubby is far from diabetic, but like I said, my brainwashing.) The poor wait person had no clue - I was checking my phone and pretending I was not there. I finally told the wait person: “You know, the sweetener stuff.” “Oh, Splenda.” Yikes!!! My hubby told me Splenda tastes sweeter than sugar…………

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And you stole my thunder!!

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I’m sorry… but you’re too sweet to be the bully. I actually deleted a couple previous versions because I thought they might be over the top on the off chance we were wrong.

Then when he confirmed it, I regretted dialing it back. :joy:

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If only there were programmers around that could figure out how to implement something :thinking:

(juice says call it "carb withdrawal' NOT 'keto flu" - reframe it positively) #96
  1. Are you prepared to put some effort into learning about this way of eating?

  2. Do you have a way of telling what macronutrients are in each food you eat? (Most people use an app on their phone)

  3. Have you done any research so far in this way of eating, and if so, what/who?

  4. Does the idea of eating fat frighten you?

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Just ask the men in my life - I am not too sweet!!!

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And you doubted I was right??? Being aware of one’s environment anywhere is a survival skill!

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We could add a reading list to it for those so inclined. I have about 6-8 that would be on that list.