Develop a “test” of your “keto”


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But beginners need the fat.

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It’s a complicated subject, is why, really. There’s only so far things can be simplified, and discussions like this are a good way of figuring out what’s MOST important and what isn’t. Because everyone has a different take on what are the most important bits.

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But three quarters of this has nothing to do with beginners. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!

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It can be boiled down to Eat This. Not That. And be honest! :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Humans are masters at self-deception.

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It’s all part of the greater tapestry, and we’re trying to distill it :slight_smile:

Mine would be that there are two initial golden rules:

  1. under 20g carbs from whole foods daily, and
  2. track everything that goes in yer gob so you KNOW what you’re eating, and that you’re eating enough.

Then you can use the next few weeks - while getting fat adapted - to learn some nuances.

(Note here that I’ve edited the above five times so far and am yet to hit the “reply” button…)

But others will disagree with me. I know, I have 55 years of experience in the area :slight_smile:

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Yes. But the original idea was to come up with a quiz for newbies. So, what would your top five newbie quiz questions be?

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Proceed with caution. He’s a total carb counter, so it’s easy to hit 20 grams with nuts.

I.e., Dr. Westman’s page 4. It took me a year and half to see how clever his approach is, tested by thousands of his patients.

Correct. I say it’s a worthy task, but, heck, it’s my idea.

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shooting from the hip:

Q: Which of the following foods are starch and should be avoided?
a: corn on the cob
b: sourdough bread
c: pasta
d: all of the above

Q: What does it mean to be “fat-adapted?”
a: You adapt to not eating fat
b: By eating more fat you help your body burn your own fat instead
c: You should eat as little fat as possible

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Unrelated to my test idea, I’ve stopped tracking everything I eat. I do track my biometrics at the Y, but that’s it.

I feel like I’m on vacation. :wink:

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Just found it interesting that he did not mention nuts at all.

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It’s a deliberate omission. We’ve discussed it.

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A good question might be: what are the three macronutrients and which one is being nearly eliminated by the ketogenid diet? Or you could simply say: there are three macronutrients, protein, carbohydrates and fat. Which macro is being drastically reduced on the ketogenic diet.

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Sorry, that was meant for juice. But great questions, because everyone thinks corn is a vegetable.

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And what do you think would be a couple of good newbie questions for the quiz?


This is a great idea. Here are a couple that popped into my head:

Which of these sweeteners should be avoided, because it causes an insulin spike similar to sugar?

A. Aspartame
B. Erythritol
C. Sucralose
D. Maltitol

Which ingredient, common in many sugar-free/low-carb foods should be avoided due to its high insulin impact?

A. Sucralose
B. Gelatin
C. Maltodextrin
D. Citric acid


Which of the following proteins, by itself, has macros closest aligned with the ketogenic diet?

A. Baked salmon
B. Grilled chicken breast
C. Ribeye steak
D. Sardines in water

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I was torn between the salmon and the ribeye - is the correct answer the ribeye??

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I’m feeling like such a newb…:crying_cat_face:


What item can cause weight loss stalls in certain people?

A. Artificial sweeteners
B. Dairy products
C. Keto baked goods and sweet treats
D. Any of the above

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I also want to hear newbie test questions brought to us by @Baytowvin.