Desperate and confused


Sounds good! I myself couldn’t even do keto right after high-carb, I needed low-carb first. I tried and I felt awful.
I am amazed of people who can do a 180 degree turn sometimes (I mean HCLF-> keto/carnivore…), some of us need more gradual changes to feel right and don’t quit. My own 3 jumps felt drastic enough for me and well, they were I suppose.

It’s very important to feel at least somewhat okay and be able to function, I totally agree with you on that.

Good luck!

(Uff ) #63

Thank you. :slight_smile:
I surely will continue my carnivore experience later this year and give it a proper try.

(Eve) #64

Why do you particularly want to move onto the carnivore diet rather than just staying on the keto WOE? Not that you shouldn’t, l am just curious.