Deep-freeze Dee-cember (30 day carnivore experience)


It wasn’t a carni day but I ate a moderate amount, was quite satiated and I strongly suspect it was due to my yesterday :slight_smile: Fried fatty pork works very very well for me! It was useful training to focus on leanish pork for a while, well as much as I was able to :wink: But it’s better to go fattier. Now that I am so good at keeping my eggs and fatty dairy low! As fatty meat AND a lot of fatty dairy and many eggs, that doesn’t work (too much fat and too much not well satiating items). But fatty meat, some lean meat, just as much as I enjoy and little else? Wonderful (as long as I don’t get bored)!
I work on my IF in December and things will look bright starting January… I try to do whatever I can until then too but it’s December… I have my limits. In both direction, I definitely don’t go wild, I am a hedonist, after all and I want to feel nice and do the right thing most of the time…

I completed my 4th smaller puzzle before the huge 1500 pieces one (two were 240 pieces, oh they took about an hour :smiley: the others were 500. I didn’t do my 1000 and I never ever had an 1500 pieces one! that will be my post-Christmas treat, later. I want some nice sunshine for it!). And my woe, the training I did reminds me of a puzzle too. Right items, right timing, right ratios, not doing stupid things even on the inevitably coming off days… I worked on these and many other parts for a while, I want to see everything coming together soon!

(Geoffrey) #42

OMAD day today.
Four egg omelette stuffed with venison sausage and Monterey Jack cheese.

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Tried my hand at making yogurt. I used heavy whipping cream instead of milk. Came out thick and rich. Not quite as much tang as I would have liked, my daughter thought it was closer to sour cream. I’m hoping it increases in flavor as it ages. I used some store bought yogurt for a starter but my next batch I will use actual yogurt cultures.

Then yesterday we went shopping for feed and groceries and I saw one of those little mini waffle irons and I immediately thought of @JJFiddle and her chaffles. I figured it was time to try give them a try so I picked one up.
Judy you got it goin on with these chaffles, these things are good and so easy to make.
So I experimented and made three different kinds.
Egg & mozzarella, the standard and maybe the best. Made a venison sausage sandwich with it. Excellent.
Egg & cheddar, very good. I can see where these would make good hamburger buns.
I made a fried egg sandwich out of this one. That may just become a staple around my casa.
Egg & parmigiana. Nope, not good at all. That one is out of the rotation. I made another fried egg sandwich and the egg was the only saving grace of this one.

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I leave my yogurt, skyr actually, out at room temp after its heating phase. The flavor gets stronger the longer it’s out. I am careful not to contaminate it and eventually refrigerate it when it gets to a sourness I like. I have had batches go funny - fuzzy or pink - at which point I know I’ve gone too long, and dump it. Starting with commercial skyr rather than yogurt yields a thicker product.

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Good advice, thanks.


But yogurt is the neutral one and sour cream is the more flavorful and sour one (hence my preference towards the latter and kefir as yogurt is mostly thick white water to me)… Isn’t it the same where you live…?
Of course there are huge individual differences between yogurts and sour creams but the above tends to stay I think…? Never liked yogurt so barely tried a few times in my life so I don’t know. I am way more knowledgeable with sour cream and indeed, some aren’t sour, I don’t buy those :slight_smile: Some are fun and very creamy though :wink: I mean the flavor of whipping cream, that’s there and I love cream so I almost forgive the lesser amount of sourness in that kind… Probably wonderful in some soups where cream works too…

I understand expecting a deeper flavor from a home-made yogurt though. And wait, I forgot about the only yogurt I touch (and even like), Greek yogurt. I think that is sour… Oh my memories, they are very selective even when it comes to food. But I start to remember it being like some watered-down sour cream…? Still not bad, I just need a ton of it at once to get a similar satisfaction…

We barely have any sour cream at home now so Alvaro buys more today :slight_smile: His carby food requires it. I am quite fine with just a little now and then but without any is a scary prospect. Very vital item, we must have it all the time, sometimes in huge amounts (when a big dish heavily depends on it).

I tried chaffles once, not my thing but I rarely like cheese in my food, I like it on top of my food, there are exceptions though. Maybe I will try it again soon as one is subject to change and egg+cheese sounds good… I have these weird things though when I like the ingredients and don’t care about the result when mixing them…

Sounds nice and I happened to get my hands on a big packet of cheddar on sale, I don’t know if they are good though, one can never know with cheese… Some Gouda is so tasteless while the proper kind is great and Alvaro’s big fav. I like it too but it’s not my fav.
Mozzarella is always tasteless though so I never buy it (Alvaro’s Mom said she tasted better mozzarella in Italy but the ones here just have zero taste and an odd texture. Okay, I always go for cheese I can just grab and eat, mozzarella is for mixing or melting, right…? Trappist is another cheese I wouldn’t buy in Hungary unless I am in dire need, like I eat it or starve. Ours just isn’t good and some are awful and sour… This is the most common cheap cheese while still being cheese but it’s not even always cheap nowadays… I got way better cheeses on sale for a similar price or less).

I can believe that. While flavorful, mixing in some nice half-hard cheese we like always works better. For me, at least. I make those fried fluffs for Alvaro (lots of whipped egg whites and cheese), they have some grated cheese mixed in (hard flavorful cheeses are good for that but half-hard cheeses works too) and preferably another cheese in small cubes put into every little muffin (I bake most things in my muffin mold, it makes easy to grab, easy to track buns). I always use some half-hard cheese I gladly eat alone for the cubes.

Sigh. I can write too much about dairy too but no wonder as I love them (it? but I refer to various kinds…) so much…
But I stopped drinking a lot of milk! I only put a little into coffee when I run out of cream (I have more boxes but won’t open one when I have 2 liters of milk opened - we got a just-before-expiration-date one for super cheap, I love that aspect of the village supermarket, they just sell old stuff for really cheap, sometimes one can buy perfectly fine or almost perfectly fine stuff, other times it’s just some dried out or half-rotten veggies. but it’s usually not the latter) - and I use it for baking now too. And Alvaro makes milky desserts, that uses a lot. So my own consumption is tiny. One morning I poured 30ml milk to use for my coffees, drank several coffees and half of the milk still remained… I don’t need much.
Well yeah it was weekend, normally I don’t drink coffee in the morning. I want to wait until at least 3pm… But definitely until noon… I stopped trying to resist coffee (when it’s not early anymore) as I don’t feel that addicted anymore. But I don’t drink it black so it should happen in my normal eating hours.


Staying on plan. Ate all the bacon because I was using some to get Billie (the Lab) her pills. Have been looking for a good floomfing cheese for my breakfast omelettes. Thought I found a local Swiss cheese but it was only packaged for the local dairy ‘brand’ and was actually made in the Netherlands.

Steaks at night. They are cooked for less time as each night progresses. These are fillet steaks. But I do have a Cattleman’s with rib bone in situ for tomorrow.

Mrs. Bear was a veterinarian and she has diagnosed me post-COVID with myalgic encephalomyelitis. I felt exhausted just reading through a scientific presentation notes stack on it.
Yesterday I did some chores around home, plenty of sunshine, walking, pulling, pushing, lifting and digging. Then I was wiped out. If I lay down I literally had to crawl out of bed, as in go on hands and knees and work up from there, as my body wasn’t exactly seizing up, but I couldn’t move my arms and legs. I did quite vigorously preventatively treat for heart arrhythmia as I had been sweating and losing electrolytes. I had a few palpitations but no further. Looks like I’m taking the long way home this summer. It’s good to have good nutrition as the base. I’ll meet y’all at the little town of healthy.

Here is a floomfed 3-egg breakfast omelette and a native Christmas tree:


sorry I missed Dec opening!!!

laptop down…yea it died LOL
I had to send out for repair and it took forever. don’t get anything fixed in the holiday season HAHA

back online now.

ZC going stellar.
but I had crab legs the other day and melted down some unsalted butter for dipping and OMG the butter tasted so weird. I have been using way less butter but only for like a bit in a pan to flash fry my steak. I stopped relying on butter ya know but when I did the melt and dip the taste seemed so off to me. hmmmm. Kinda makes me not wanna dip anything in butter anymore, it is like I just don’t require it anymore…which to me is a good thing :slight_smile: more freedom and dependence of food and food preferences. I ate most of the crab without dip butter and it was more delish without it. Gotta say zc keeps changing us for sure :slight_smile:

Rock out December all! I can not believe we are going into another year on zc with all us friends chatting out the lifestyle! so cool!!!

today I got a pork loin to eat first, got me a nice steak for second meal. Usually I would reverse this and do beef first but hubby wants steak tonight so I will fry up with him and eat.

one thing tho I AM becoming so MONO eating and preference. I am super picky now and do not want off my eating routine at all and I actually like this change more and more, but hubby ain’t thrilled LOL tough HAHA

My extra sharp good quality cheddar is disappointing me now too. I ate some the other day and I was like, hmmm, why eat this? I think I will be dumping cheese mosty now also cause I find no desire for it at all in a way it used to fit into zc life. I bought a more expensive extra sharp brand and tried it and again, it was like, hmmm, the taste is not a required thing I need in my zc life hardly, OK, just roll with what I want and dump what I don’t still :slight_smile:

rock out DEC and into a new year we go!!!

(Robin) #49

Thinking of you Mister Bear…
Safe travels down that bumpy road of life.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #50

Welcome back, Karen!

Sweet butter has always tasted weird to me. My mother and grandmother always used salted butter for cooking, so that’s what I’m used to. In the past, if someone has served me unsalted butter, I’ve found a very light shake of salt on it makes it taste fine.

I’m glad you’re feeling freer without butter, though. I still need it as a ketchup and hot sauce substitute. For me the old marketing slogan is true: “Everything’s better with butter”! Of course, everything’s better with bacon, too, so there’s that. :grin::bacon::bacon:

I find I’m slowly tapering off salt. Can’t do without it, yet, but I seem to be heading in that direction. As you say, it’s all about what our body is telling us it needs.


Yay @Fangs is back! And I get the message that I write too much here but I can’t help this place isn’t busier, I do my best to lay low… (My best isn’t very good but still, it’s not like I write several times a day or something.)

I don’t consider my relationship with butter a dependence as it isn’t, I just love it :wink: But could live without for days! Probably longer too. It would be easy if I had none but it’s always around… Even if I just bake with it while being satiated and don’t need any food, I can’t resist to snack on it :wink:
I just dislike heating it, that makes some odd flavors, I don’t know why… Putting it on things or just snacking on it is pretty nice. It isn’t weird in baking either but I rarely use it like that. Especially on carnivore where my aim is something crispy or crunchy so I need dry matter and my other ingredients is fatty anyway. But I rarely use much added fat in baking anyway.

(Karen) #52

Oh dear just been too distracted to visit he thread and look where it gets me…falling way behind on all yhe posts again! Keep forgetting to take pics…mind you i pretty much eat the same food day in day out.

Pics i have taken

The last 2 pics are this evenings meal… a chicken -double - kebab the last pic is where i am with it now lol. Can’t put it away in fridge so i am pick8ng through the last of it. I think it has been about the amount of a whole chicken! I ate 2 fried eggs with 3 chipolata sausages about 1230 today in Asda’s cafe when we popped into the Asian community at Hyson Green to look for braiding. I was like a child in a sweet shop looking at all the beautiful sparkly braids … of course i had to buy several yards of different braids … it would have been rude not to.:grin: doesn’t take a lot to thrill me

…and it all started with tarting up a charity shop crochet cardigan and i wanted to try and get some more of the same braid… of course they didn’t have the one i needed …‘wanted’ is a good substitute though!
The shop also had some gorgeous asian jewellery … i had to resist that and i can tell you that wasn’t an easy task!


I can relate and I didn’t even meet such elaborated ones… But it only takes some simpler but still lovely and shiny and beautiful colored ribbons to excite me :stuck_out_tongue:
(But I am the one who is happy with a new pencil or two as well… A good pencil that is a dream to draw with is precious!)

Tomorrow I will finally bring photos, I will make a roast again, it was ages ago, I just fry some pork nowadays, mostly. Still have some ragout soup as I ate only a little every day. It’s nice but I need some little tweaks to make it really tempting…
Meanwhile Alvaro almost ate up all my smoked ham. Well, ours I suppose but it’s usually mine. I hope we can buy some more (not like it’s very important, I have other smoked stuff if needed), it depends on the weather, we can’t use the car on these snowy, bumpy slopes.
By the way, NO rain/snow today (or sunshine) and forecast says even better for tomorrow. While thew country gets some precipitation, it’s not here. Yay!

(Geoffrey) #54

Buttery roast chicken and chaffles today.

(Judy Thompson) #55

Frank - chronic fatigue? I do find post COVID contains a lot of surprises. Butter (speaking of which) still smells awful, and that’s a COVID thing for me, still there after 2½ years! Glad I have ghee.
@Geezy56 full fat yogurt, great idea and nice it sets up like that! Looks yummy. Love your chaffles too, they look great. I make my yogurt with a 24 hour ferment so @kib1, maybe similar to your tactic of leaving it out. However, I don’t partake in it, it’s for hubby’s fruit smoothies. If I made it with cream though… Or some of it. I make 6 qts at a time. That would be lots of $$ at once.
A sous vide chicken just finished up today, started eating it Saturday.

I boned the whole thing and fried half for Saturday, made Crack chicken for Sunday and Monday.
Hubby has a nasty cold and didn’t eat Sunday, but darn if I didn’t eat nearly half of it when I got home from church.

We finished it today. I used the Hard Core Carnivore seasoning so less “pure” than my usual salt only, but it’s relatively mild I think. It calls for that disgusting Hidden Ranch seasoning. Ewww.

Hi @Fangs! Happy December!
Tomorrow, my colonoscopy prep fast. I have bone broth, will have water both hot and cold and some black coffee. I still think it’s too much laxative for a body with no plant fiber in there… If I live, I’ll see y’all after breakfast on Wednesday :crazy_face:


Thanks Robin. Staying on plan. Glorious (but hot) summer days here. Plus I am writing for myself, my own things, and listening.

Steak dinner tonight. One steak will cover two meals. Hunger control on ZC carnivore is excellent. There is an ‘off’ switch for eating. I read many posts from newbies in the forum, saying they cannot stop eating.

(KM) #57

I hear ya. Looking in our fridge, we basically share the grass fed butter. :rofl:

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #58

I think the quantity of food scares people who are used to counting calories. I was fortunate enough to read something, perhaps by Amber O’Hearn, perhaps by Charles Washington, that said not to worry about appetite; it would sort itself out. I have also found Dr. Chaffee’s advice, to eat while it tastes good and stop when it stops tasting good, to be sound advice. I find I get more and more irritated at the Western medical thinking that we know what we need better than our bodies do.

And yes, meat costs more, but you get more out of it per dollar/pound/euro/drachma/yen. I also find that veggies and processed foods aren’t actually as cheap as they seem, especially once you factor in how little they satisfy hunger, and the consequences in terms of medical visits and prescriptions.

(Edith) #59

I am way less likely to let meat spoil because it can easily be put into the freezer until I am ready to use it. Fresh veggies, if they don’t get used in time, rot. So, the amount of fresh veggies that end up getting wasted certainly adds to their cost.

(Geoffrey) #60

So by “24 hour ferment” are you saying you leave it out at room temp for 24 hours or do you leave it incubating for 24 hours?
I incubated mine for 12 hours per the recipe I followed and let it cool out on the counter for about an hour.

I did a price comparison my yogurt made with cream versus just buying store bought full fat and the store bought was cheaper but I get a lot more per batch. I know what’s in it and I think it tastes better.

My next batch I will use actual cultures and raw milk.

My observation from my grocery shopping is that while the meat is pricy, the fact that I’m not spending any money on vegetables, condiments, desserts and processed foods my grocery bill is less.
Works for me.