December 2016 Zorn Fast

(Dudes) #1

Fast completed!
December 2016 ZornFast WAS December 15 – December 18 @BrendaZorn

I fast to target visceral fat (the fat inside our belly on our internal organs such as on our liver and pancreas). I also fast to promote autophagy (recycling of cells) and the release of HGH ( human growth hormone) for muscle growth.

Fasting can help break stalls and in general cause a much needed reset. I follow the literature and blog of Dr. Jason Fung, considered the best in the ketogenic fasting world.
This is the 11th month I have done a fast.

You can start/stop whenever you’d like. I like to start when my IF window closes at 8 pm and break the fast when my IF window normally opens at 4 pm. You can also choose the type of fast you want to do. I practice a “water fast” which means I drink water, coffee, and tea with no sweetener or cream. I also take supplements daily such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and a multivitamin.

During the fast we’ll meet back in here for ideas, support, and encouragement. Good luck!

P.S. electrolyte drink recipe, KetoAide:

(carl) #2

I am IN!

(Richard Morris) #3

Ditto - I feel the need … the need to fast

(carl) #4


(ryancrawcour) #5

damn! i missed this. when’s the next one? :smiley:

(jim schafer) #6

I just joined …but i also want to do this… i need to practice…seems i can never go longer than a day but knowing others are doing it might give me the strength to stick with it !! having fallen off the keto wagon a few times during this “sugar” season…i gotta get strict with it !!!

(ryancrawcour) #7

I say we need a post holiday ZornFast. How about the next one being early / mid January?

What say ye @Brenda?

(Annemieke van der Veen) #8

I would like to try a fast. It would be my first…

(David Russell) #9

I will also be interested in the next Zorn Fast.

(Cathie Condon) #10

Looking forward to Zornfast in January! Brenda said the 14-18th. I’m in.

(Richie Allen) #11

I’m new to it, but sounds good to me! I’m in for January!

(@CubanBarbie) #12

I’m in for the next ZornFast in January! Can’t wait!

(jim schafer) #13

great i’m putting it on the calendar now !!!

(Jenn W) #14

I’m in!!
Will be my very first Zornfast!!

(dawn.hakala) #15

@carl @richard Can we setup a new thread monthly for the Zornfasts? I just think this might help clean things up a bit… Like a main Faqs then sub threads for the months… otherwise we are really loading up one thread and imo, we are in a thread situation like fb was…(not sure if that makes sense, but it does in my head :slight_smile: )

(jim schafer) #16

also my first zornfast :fork_and_knife: see just a fork and knife are needed no food…oh i guess we’ll need a cup for liquids… gearing up for the 14th

(AnnaLeeThal) #17

My weight loss has stalled so I am in for the next Zorn Fast.

(Steve Stephenson) #18

So the December ZornFast was from 2016/12/15;20:00 to 2016/12/18;16:00 – a total of 3 days – 4 hours.

One day longer than the December fast. I suppose it doesn’t matter as each person should stop and eat when they really feel the need.

Jimmy Moore reports that Dr Seyfried recommends a yearly week long fast to prevent cancer. I’m doing Keto as an adjuvant prostate cancer treatment (did ext. rad., hormone, & chemo) as well as a cure for T2DM, so I need to fast.

I’m in (but will have to stop on 17th as I have a long standing early dinner appointment with friends).

(Cathie Condon) #19

Your fast - your way. Start earlier if you wish.

(Dana ) #20

I’m in too!