December 2016 Zorn Fast

(Samuel Ashford) #21

Yep. Please keep us posted. I’m game.

(Mark Haapala) #22

I’d love to join as well! Thanks.

(Steve Stephenson) #23

I started my first fast at 9:30 am on Jan. 5, 2017. (Earlier than the January ZornFast because I’m hoping to see results on my PET bone scan at the end of January.)

As I said above, my fasting goal is adjuvant metastatic prostate cancer treatment as my ketogenic diet has already reversed my diabetes, normalized my BMI and blood pressure, and eliminated my acid reflux.

Dr Seyfried recommends water fasts for prevention and treatment of cancers. Two 5 day fasts per year to prevent cancers, much more for cancer patients.

In his blog post, Fasting and Autophagy, Dr Fung points out that “Even a small amount of amino acid (leucine) could stop autophagy cold,” Autophagy and apoptosis being the cellular level mechanisms that destroy cancer. “Fasting provides the greatest known boost to autophagy.” “What turns off autophagy? Eating.” “The natural cycle of life is feast and fast, not constant dieting. This allows for cell growth during eating, and cellular cleansing during fasting – balance. Life is all about balance.”

In The Complete Guide to Fasting (TCGTF), pg. 230, Dr Fung writes, “We often start patients … on a seven to fourteen day fast … which many people find easier than a more gradual transition.”

So, for this first fast, I’m reaching for at least 7 days.

I’m hoping for a much improved PET bone scan the end of this month!

I think I’ll shoot for one 5 day water fast every month from now on.

(Richard Morris) #24

Outstanding, stuff.

Nice. I do a 3 day fast once a month, and have since Feb 2016. But last year I also did 2x5 day fasts and one 10 day fast.

(@CubanBarbie) #25

Thanks you for sharing this fantastic information. My father is fighting the return of prostate cancer and just did his first fast. I’m going to share the blog post with him to further motivate and encourage him. Good luck to you this month!

(Steve Stephenson) #26


I think Dr Seyfried’s recommendations are for sugar burners. If so, Dr Fung shows (TCGTF pg. 46) the first 2 days deplete glycogen stores in sugar burners, so people already in ketosis should get the same cancer prevention benefits with 3 day fasts - yes?

(Richard Morris) #27

Yes that’s right we get a short cut straight to day 3 because we are already in a low insulin state.

(Steve Stephenson) #28

My PC returned too, metastasized to my bones (mostly spine). So I’ve gone through two treatment courses. See last two paragraphs of My Story.

How did your father learn about fasting?

(@CubanBarbie) #29

I coached him through keto for general weight loss and well being. He’s down 40 lbs. and feeling great. However. PSA is now climbing rapidly. He’s 10 years post surgery and radiation for PC. He’s on Lupron now - which I don’t feel good about - but interested in preventive measures that HEAL. He tried his first fast this month on my recommendation and found it to be pretty easy. Your blog is excellent and informative. I’m going to share your story with my dad! Thanks!

(Steve Stephenson) #30

Good job!

Please do.

Me too. The only problem I have with it is it lowers testosterone as well as PSA, causing a loss of “energy”. Good results on my upcoming PET scan may allow dose reduction.

(Amanda Jones) #31

I’m totally in for the next Zornfast. I’m 2.5 months keto now, and fully fat adapted, so I just feel ready. :grin:

(softail925) #32

I’m in for this zorn fast too!

(Steve Stephenson) #33

It’s now 9:25 am on Jan. 8, 2017; 3 days in and I’m fine. A little hunger the last two days; none this morning.

My Ketonix readings yesterday afternoon and this morning were 80 !!!

The inventor of the Ketonix told me in an email once that I should have 70+ to treat my prostate cancer.

80 is 7.9 ppM Acetone; almost twice the level at a reading of 70 !!! (It goes up exponentially)

should be crankin’ !!!

If things keep going this well I’ll make the 7th day and maybe even extend to overlap some of ZornFast.

(Steve Stephenson) #34

In a video at 45m29s, Dr Stephen Phinney begins a discussion that disparages fasting in general and Dr Fung’s book in particular. Through Jason and Jimmy’s new podcast site, FastingTalk, I’m going to ask that they work to clarify the issues raised by Dr Phinney.

(@CubanBarbie) #35

Can’t wait to check this out!

(Steve Stephenson) #36

and broke the fast Jan 9, 2017, at 9:30 am by eating 8 oz of lox (day dreaming about lox (salmon) for a day).

So I plan to join the ZornFasters from late afternoon of Jan 13 to late afternoon of Jan 16 (first 3 days).

(Amanda Jones) #37

I just have to say that I can’t wait to do my first fast. I’ve never been this excited to NOT eat before. Who am I?? :joy::joy:

(Amy s) #38

Darnit, I forgot to look and jumped the gun. Currently on day four of my fast and feeling great. Quite sure I’ll be eating by the time this one starts. I’ll try to remember to look before next month :slight_smile: Happy fasting friends

(Cathie Condon) #39

@Brenda we are ready for January Zornfast!!

(8 year Ketogenic Veteran) #40

January 19-22! In One week.
I will post ASAP