DEC 2022 IF/EX Chat Thread

(Bob M) #21

I still think OMAD is more challenging than 36 hours, as for me, I can stay out until late at night to pick up my daughter from dance, and then I just pop home and go to bed. For OMAD, I have never actually limited myself to the meal time. Instead, there’s a meal, then I have to do something, then I’ll eat later.

And I tend to eat so late to begin with that my sleep is often affected.

I know there are a lot of people who can do OMAD and they like it. I just find it challenging. Maybe it’ll get easier when both my kids are in college. :frowning_face:


OMAD is easy (once, if I put my mind on it. never could do it longer term but it’s fine, I would be happy with the occasional second dinner or first if I had my main meal at lunchtime). 36 hours (more like 45 for me) is impossible since years. My body loves to eat every day but a biggish meal isn’t a problem normally (only on OMAD and carnivore… and I go for carnivore OMAD but I like challenges. I do it gradually, it should work).

Sleeping after a bigger meal is fine for me but I tend to need food earlier or eat when my SO does and as I remember eating after 6pm always was very odd, I rather avoid that. But I try to bring myself to skip dinner too (when I don’t feel the need to eat, of course) and we will see. Actually I am curious. What would happen. A big meal after midnight? Finally EF?
I don’t even remember how I felt when I did EF… And I know it wasn’t hard. I need determination and a group thing here, I built up myself mentally but then it was fine. I still was hungry at 45 hour but that’s quite great even though I would like to do 72 hours. Not more, I would worry about my muscles even before and no one ever can persuade me it’s baseless. And it doesn’t matter, it’s a low-key paranoia and doesn’t strictly follow logic and other such smart things. I did 1.5 days on fat fast due to it. By the way, I should do a fat fast day again, it was interesting. With OMAD, obviously. Actually, how else? Fat fast barely has food, it’s a tiny meal - but interestingly, it was enough. Mostly fat is magical :slight_smile: I just have problems to imagine a fat fast meal on carnivore.

So I do OMAD with various interesting experiments this month :slight_smile: I am curious about various combinations… Keeping myself entertained is good. It’s very hard for me to get bored (it’s basically impossible in general, possible if it’s about my food. I can get bored of water too and how silly is that?) but when I manage to get bored, bad things may happen.

I do like OMAD, I just rarely can do it but now I am determined AND my body seems to be on board. So I must use this chance! But without OMAD… I am doomed. It doesn’t work. Too much feeling starved, too much overeating (the two can happen together, it’s all about the number of meals. the less, the better), harder to experiment, compare, easier to get bored I think, way less chill, more time consuming… And I may be able to skip a lunch at a relative (or only eat the right part that wasn’t enough while I had substantial lunches but okay now) if I am used to dinner OMAD, it’s important if I want to stick to my chosen woe… And as I always write, I consider dinner OMAD a very possible gateway to EF… But it’s easier to plan and eat too, I just need to eat everything at once. Or if I don’t want to track, I just stuff myself with right items, it can’t be too bad. More meals are way more dangerous, I can easily mess up a day that way. I still am fine with a nice TMAD but TMAD is about the hardest. If I can’t do OMAD, I often have 3-5 meals* and that’s just horrible. So it’s for me I am sure and it’s unfair I need to work for it but this is life sometimes :wink:

*If my first meal is after 5pm, I usually don’t need 5 meals, it’s neat. If I can’t do OMAD, I want to wait until 4-5pm with my first meal as it is beneficial already… But eating kind of late usually triggers a bigger meal so it helps OMAD a lot. But if I wait too long, my body enters its natural fasting time or what, it’s different if I didn’t eat earlier and it’s harder to eat a proper meal again. Hence my preferred time around 5pm. That is my best bet.

Sorry. I am pretty excited now as it seems to be working!!! (On some days but it’s good enough for now.) I wanted this since so, so long!

(Bob M) #23

Well, that’s good news that it seems to be working. I’ve seen a lot of people who have had great success with OMAD.

(Bob M) #24

Well, covid finally caught up with me. Didn’t feel great Tuesday and Wednesday, though I felt good enough to exercise. Thursday, I felt chest congestion, took a covid test, negative. Worse with fever on Friday, covid positive. It’s Monday, and I’m still positive, though my fever only lasted a day. Tired, though. Voice is raspy. Can smell things.

According to CDC guidelines, I have to isolate at least through Tuesday. Hope to exercise (at home, in basement) again Wednesday. We’ll see. Don’t feel that bad, but sleeping a lot.


I definitely didn’t feel strong enough to exercise or had a mood to get out to the frost with my bad throat and nose :frowning: But it seems a tiny thing enough and I am hopeful I heal soon!

No appetite but of course I still need to eat… So I won’t lose fat now either but it’s fine, I want energy and everything.

Get better, everyone! (Surely not only us 2 have some kind of problems.)

And I enjoy that I can smell things now :slight_smile: Better than my SO, actually :wink:
My possibly-Covid many months ago was worse than this no idea what.

(Michael) #26

Trying OMAD this month myself. Typical eating window is therefore between 2 and 3 hours depending. Overall I do not think this is working well, but I will keep it up for this month and re-evaluate. Yesterday I ate 3600 calories, which is a bit much. But if I do not eat that much I feel hungry before my next meal, whereas I will be fine today since I ate so much yesterday. Of course, it really is all mind over matter though.


My OMAD goes surprisingly well (and it’s not clean, a few kcals may happen elsewhere. I do try to clean it up but coffees interfere. I mostly drink hot water now though and it’s LOVELY!).
Sometimes I get hungry at lunchtime - and I easily manage to eat a proper OMAD meal then and don’t lose my nice satiation for the rest of the day… That was 10 hours yesterday… Wow. I did know a proper sized meal lasts long, actually, I just never could eat 2000 kcal for an OMAD lunch on extreme low-carb before… (A bit less should have worked but one can never know. I tracked afterwards, I just ate as much as I comfortably could, drank many calories too.)

So after trying it since the beginning of December (or maybe I started a day before?), it starts to go smoothly now…? I do have non-OMAD days but I never expected anything different. My body is definitely on board with it now :slight_smile: Yay.

(KCKO, KCFO) #28

I’m going to fast as long as I can, hopefully until the new year rolls in. I had a tiny bounce up but I would like to start out the new year at my goal. I hope doing this extended fast will help with that.

It is pretty quite in here, I hope everyone had a good keto friendly Christmas and will do the same for the New Year’s Day meals as well.


“Let’s hope it’s a good one without any tears” Yoko Ono

(KCKO, KCFO) #29

Good fast, I entered the New Year back at my goal weight. Hope that is a sign of more good things to come.

(KCKO, KCFO) #30

New, year, new month, please post over at the January thread.

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