Dealing with the Gnawing Feeling in Stomach

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So Help me I can not find the right subforum to post this question. But, Basically sometimes (often is the norm) after I eat a next to no carb meal, 2-3 hours later I get a gnawing feeling in my Stomach that I suppose could be associated with acidity. But this for example wouldn’t happen; usually I would go 5-6 hours between lunch and dinner without that feeling. Now Keto practice days I find myself both hungrier in the A.M. and having a third meal or snack somewhere. I am trying to come up with the best solution for this occurrence. For example one idea is to make an alkalizing drink of Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda. Personally I feel this feeling is the biggest stumbling block to getting comfortable on Keto! Thanks for any ideas and help regarding this matter!

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When you mix the two it is probably making both neutral or inert (canceling each other out in PH) and doing nothing and I do mean absolutely nothing.

Your pancreas is already pumping out sodium bicarbonate (baking soda); what causes acid reflux to begin with.

What you need is a digestive bitter (to stimulate acid production in your stomach cells) to go along with the apple cider vinegar.

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) neutralizes the entire process of digestion but is released by the pancreas to keep the over production of stomach acid, it is that little bit of stomach acid that is being produced that causes the reflux because the sodium bicarbonate tells the stomach valve to stay open and then that spills over into the esophagus.

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Wow I have never heard that explanation; any chance you could point me to further reading. I have an occasional (been really good for a while now) Hiatal/Sliding Hernia and that was the only time I have ever experienced acid reflux. I thought valve disruption due to pressure or other mechanical interference was the primary culprit of such. It is a little confusing to me because when I think of Baking Soda I think sooner about Bile Reflux which is Alkaline. IF you could explain his further thanks…

However in my case I just want to neutralize that warm feeling in my Stomach becadur I know that it is not “real” hunger and I do not want to east when I experience it. IT happened again today almost on cue at 3 hours after a plenty of food sized very low carb meal! I found that a glass of water and literally a very small snack with a cup of tea did the trick.

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Basically I learned that from Dr. Eric Berg he just does not get into the digestive bitter part.

I personally have found very slowly chewing on cilantro stems and leaves or parsley stems and leaves like (like chewing on a tooth pick) or dandelion weeds to solve the problem. Especially when combining the three. It goes away instantly.

The bitter plant juice seems to stimulate that esophageal sphincter valve to close by stimulating more saliva to go down into the stomach to stimulate the production of HCL.

You want to slowly chew to mix the bitter plant juices with the saliva not just swallow it whole immediately.

Not enough saliva reaching the stomach is part of the problem with acid reflux because we eat so much food at once so fast.

There are a lot of beneficial biochemicals, enzymes and vitamins in human saliva that get ignored that are absolutely vital to the process of digestion.

Saliva helps breakdown food also besides hydrochloric acid, bile, peptides and digestive enzymes released by the pancreas.

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@plumsmooth Didn’t you start another thread about this today as well? :cowboy_hat_face: