Day 2 of 16/8, and

(Anna Hermsdorfer) #1

…I am so freaking hungry! All I had to do was cut out my morning coffee with hwc. Who knew that would make such a difference?

The hunger is supposed to level out, though, right?

(Tom Seest) #2

Eventually, you just won’t be hungry.

(Jason Webb) #3

This is the case for me as well. It’s a mental thing.

Do you drink ACV? I have a small bit of it as my “breakfast” and can usually go all day on it if I choose to do so.


The strategy that works for me is just drink the coffee black. Usually, my body just craves caffeine in the morning…and the signal for caffein gets confused with hunger instead.

(Anna Hermsdorfer) #5

Thanks for your tips! I’ll have to try the ACV. I’ve tried black coffee, and I just can’t tolerate it. I did find it easier to keep from snacking once my eating window started, though, so it’ll be much easier to hit my macros and not go over, which has been my main problem. I guess I just have to give it more time, and the fasting part will get easier too.

(nicholas duane zimmerman) #6

Hmm i’m the opposite I have a little hunger in my stomache I think, mainly because of all the sugar/carbs I used to eat but im used to it now and don’t really consider it “hunger”. I started with a 36 hour fast then went to 16/8 when I started Keto, sometimes it’s 24 hours, 1 meal a day.

(Joel Abdul) #7

Idk, maybe add some fat to your coffee. If you’re truly hungry maybe your body is demanding calories. Did you have a killer workout?

Eating some fat, it might feel like cheating, but the idea during a fasting window is to minimize the insulin response.

(Anna Hermsdorfer) #8

That’s what I was doing before and it worked great for maintaining my loss so far, but I need a little extra push for these last few pounds so I’m going for more of a water fast. Don’t know if it’s gonna work any better than what I was doing before, but it’s worth a shot.

(charlson.melissa) #9

I’ve found drinking a big glass of water when I feel hungry really works. I think our bodies( our minds?) confuse hunger and thirst. It always helps me.

(Guardian of the bacon) #10

Our hunger and thirst signals are often confused. I think part of this is due to the fact that most of us rarely experience true hunger. We have been sold on the fact that we need to snack constantly.


I find that the hunger is also your body being trained to eat at those times. It is expecting it out of ‘habit’. You are currently breaking that habit and I find that it’s two to three days to get used to 16/8 as far as hunger goes.